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As patients become more selective about where they seek care, healthcare facilities are constantly looking for ways to increase patient loyalty—and one key way to attract, engage, and satisfy patients is through efficient, user-friendly, quality hospital patient education solutions. That’s exactly what MDM Commercial offers healthcare providers with its Journey PX Patient Experience Solution that’s distributed via in-room television, personal email, and/or text–and can be viewed in the hospital, at a clinic, or at home.

To discuss how this interactive patient education software will take your hospital’s patient experience to a new level, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Challenges for patient
And families

Hospital stays can be a stressful experience for patients and their families as they try to understand relevant health conditions and treatment options. One of the goals of your healthcare teams is to help make each stay as comfortable as possible—helping patients and their loved ones understand what’s going on, health-wise, can reduce levels of stress.

A percentage of patients are fine with a brief verbal explanation but, for many others, they want and need more in-depth knowledge about their condition and treatment plan. Busy doctors can struggle to find enough time to provide all the information that these patients desire and this can lead some patients to frantically search on Google for the answers to their healthcare questions. This can create misunderstandings, affect the patient’s decision-making abilities, and add to their stress levels.

Education is Key

The solution, overall, is quality education about the health conditions and treatment options. As a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study notes, “Patients must have a deep understanding of the impact healthy interventions can have on their present and long-term health.” In other words, they need to have appropriate education to develop what NIH calls “patient health literacy.”

When patient health literacy is developed, there are “documented improvements” in a patient’s ability to manage “goals, tasks, and challenges regarding one's health. Clinical benefits have been seen in trials of lifestyle intervention within a wide range of conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, heart failure, and rheumatoid arthritis.”

NIH also makes the following statement: “Critical to any educational process is time.” When physician time is limited (and, really, when isn’t that the case?), we’d like to suggest that quality hospital patient education technology can be the health literacy solution that satisfies patients, helps them to manage their conditions and make appropriate decisions, and builds loyalty for your facilities. That solution is called Journey PX.

Benefits of hospital patient education software

The intuitive, easy-to-use Journey PX solution delivers exactly the right education at the right time to uniquely engage each patient in your healthcare facilities and systems. Benefits of Journey PX products include how they:

  • Provide care teams with the ability to educate patients in a consistent and effective manner

  • Allow hospital staff to search the patient education library and view content prior to prescribing treatment.

  • Can create documentation that can be inserted into the patient’s health record

  • Are easy to use for the care team as well as the patient

  • Provide pre- and post-operative education as well as disease, wellness, and safety education modules

  • Extend the patient education solutions provided beyond the hospital stay by sending relevant content via email or text message to the patient at home

  • Can lead to a reduction in patient calls, visits, and admissions

  • Interface with your existing clinical systems, such as your ADT and EHR, so that the solution can follow the patient as they are transferred within the facility

  • Can provide soothing relaxation content for aiding in pain management and addressing noise concerns

  • Deliver patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys so you can assess overall patient engagement

  • Can improve the performance of your facilities

  • Have the ability to market, inform, and enlighten all guests of the healthcare facility about other events and offerings above and beyond patient education

Journey PX patient education solutions are scalable, robust, affordable, and interactive, designed specifically to provide the ultimate patient experience. As patients gain more information about their specific health conditions and available treatment options, they can make better, more informed decisions. The education process allows them to build trust with their healthcare providers and can increase a patient’s motivation to work towards health-related goals.

To incorporate the hospital patient education platform that fits your budget and your unique requirements, please contact our experts at 1-800-359-6741. We will promptly answer all of your questions and recommend a customized system that dovetails with your needs as it educates, engages, and improves patient experience and outcomes throughout the complete continuum of patient care.


Hospital Patient Experience Software: Journey PX

Healthcare teams use our Journey PX solution to effectively and consistently educate patients in the hospital through swing-based monitors. You can then extend the educational opportunities through the platform’s robust cloud-based capabilities to continue to send content to patients at home via email or text messages. Content is available in numerous languages to further extend its reach, break down frustrating barriers, and help to prevent any language-based confusion.

Types of education that can be provided through our patient education systems include:

  • Patient care information to both patients and their families
  • Pre- and post-operative education
  • Disease, wellness, and safety education


Additional in-demand features include the following:

  • Patient education platform content is available in video format, developed at a 5th-grade level or below
  • Video education is designed for all types of learners
  • Closed captioning is available
  • More than 5,000 videos are currently in our library
  • Clients can easily upload their own content to supplement what’s in the library

Because Journey PX is cloud-based, it also provides plenty of crucial benefits for your healthcare facility, including how it:

  • Delivers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for large servers and racks
  • Lowers operational costs by reducing maintenance needs and decreases the cost of managing in-room computers
  • Eliminates the burden on your IT department for hardware and software administration and support, and for managing security and antivirus protection

A wide range of materials is available through the easily searched Journey PX Patient Education library, which includes informational videos on these topics and others:

  • Diagnoses, conditions, and treatments
  • Pain management
  • Patient safety
  • Pediatrics
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Mother-baby and new family
  • Medication education
  • Advance directives
  • Relaxation techniques
  • ICD10 Codes and DRGs

This content is consistent with the regulations of The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Measures, Core Measures, and Meaningful Use. Information in our Journey PX Patient Education library is kept up to date with the most recent developments and discoveries.

Hospital patient education solutions delivered through Journey PX has these additional features:

  • Relaxation tools that help reduce patients’ stress levels and respond better to treatment, plus entertainment programs and games
  • Navigation by in-room pillow speakers, phone, auto prescribe, and scheduled play options
  • Education videos can be assigned based upon diagnosis, treatment, physician, DRG-ICD10 codes, or safety risk
  • Two-way communication between the patient and staff
  • Integrations such as EMR, ADT, single sign on, dietary and more
  • Real-time reporting to monitor usage at every level
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • More than 5,000 patient education videos to choose from
  • Information is personalized and delivered in real-time
  • Engaging patient television screens are created based on your brand, pediatrics, adult patient, mother-baby, veterans, and other unique patients
  • Comprehension assessments with feedback
    Focusing on just one of these—relaxation tools—can help to demonstrate how powerful Journey PX really is. The system includes relaxing soundscapes and entertainment options that, in turn, can help increase patient receptivity to treatment, which boosts overall effectiveness.

According to the NIH, an analysis of 13 different studies, each focusing on relaxation techniques and their role in after-surgery pain, found that relaxation techniques actually helped to reduce pain. They’ve also noted how it can help with anxiety associated with surgery.

These insights focus on just one of the bullet points listed about Journey PX features and benefits. We’d be happy to talk with you about other ones, as well. Just contact us and let us know what interests you and where you’d like more information.

Installation and intergration

Our hospital patient experience software can be seamlessly integrated and implemented into just about any facility’s existing infrastructure and systems. Our expert team will partner with you to install all of the necessary hardware and software so that you can optimize treatments through patient education and engagement solution.

For personalized assistance in designing patient education systems for your hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

MDM Commercial for Your Healthcare Technology Solutions

Our company has equipped healthcare facilities like yours with cost-effective quality equipment and technology solutions since 1990. We leverage our networks and buying power to provide your hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare organizations with competitive prices so that you can provide top-shelf patient experience within your budget.

No matter the size of your project or the number of your facilities, you can count on exceptional, accessible customer service from start to finish, from the initial consultation to the delivery and seamless installation of technology. We promise professional, courteous assistance with every order, from patient education software to a broad range of other products and services.

Let our expert team handle your technology needs so that your healthcare teams can focus on providing patients with top quality care. We’re your healthcare facilities’ one-stop shop for technology, products, systems, and consulting services, offering established accounts with flexible payment options.

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Patient Education Software FAQs

Patient education involves providing relevant information to patients in ways that enhance their knowledge of topics related to their health. When effectively done, it can provide the patients with health literacy skills and influence their behavior in ways that can help them to better manage their health conditions and live healthy lifestyles. When patient education is appropriately delivered, this can also improve the doctor-patient relationship, build trust between them, and help the patient to make informed decisions about their own healthcare.

Patient education software can supplement the information provided by healthcare workers (who are typically quite busy) by allowing patients to interact with engaging materials that give them a better understanding of their own healthcare issues. Information provided through software can be consistently delivered and designed in ways to address all important points. Plus, quality technology like JourneyPX can be accessed wherever the patient is: in their hospital room or clinic—and it’s even available when the patient is at home through their smart device, email address, and patient portal.

Patient education technology allows patients to be active participants in their own healthcare journey, which can help them to become more committed to taking their prescriptions, following their healthcare plan, and living a more healthy lifestyle. Patient education technology can be customized to a particular patient, which allows them to receive precisely the right information at the right time for their needs at their level of health literacy in languages they are comfortable with using. Plus, it supports busy doctors and nurses, allowing them to have more informed discussions with their patients.

With JourneyPX My Stay, thousands of videos are available on demand, covering a vast amount of medical conditions and treatments. Healthcare facilities can provide exactly the right videos to patients, educating them in engaging, interactive ways. Patients can order meals based on current options available that dovetail with their nutritional needs, use relaxation tools, and more. In addition, patients and staff can view vital health-related information on a digital whiteboard solution.

With JourneyPX, healthcare facilities have access to a large video library of health-related information. Documentation can be inserted into a patient’s health record and can interface with your ADT and EHR so the solution can follow the patient through facility transfers. Information can also be emailed or texted to discharged patients at home. Topics in JourneyPX’s patient education software include pre- and post-operative education and modules about disease, wellness, and safety. You can also deliver patient satisfaction and comprehension surveys to address their overall engagement.

Patient education technology can meet patients where they are: where they are physically located and in terms of their health literacy levels. This interactive form of information delivery can help patients to better understand their health conditions and participate in their own healthcare journey as well as enhance the trust relationships with their medical providers. The National Library of Medicine notes that digital physician-patient communication “has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, promote adherence to preventative and treatment recommendations, improve clinical outcomes, and lower medical costs.”

A key benefit of JourneyPX is how healthcare facilities can streamline their clinical workflows and integrate patient education software into already existing technology like the organizations’ ADT and EHR systems of choice. This allows the healthcare organization to automate patient education in ways that support the delivery of care. To see more specifically how this works, just schedule a free, 30-minute demo of Journey PX.

Digital patient education allows healthcare facilities to provide highly targeted information to patients in their own languages and at the appropriate levels of healthcare literacy. Digital methods free up busy doctors and nurses to address urgent healthcare needs while enhancing the ability of medical professionals and patients to discuss relevant healthcare issues in more meaningful and helpful ways.

Digital patient education technology allows healthcare information to be flexibly presented around the clock, being just clicks away from being conveniently delivered. This technology allows information to be imparted in a variety of learning styles with its interactivity helping to engage patients in ways that static information simply can’t—and can allow healthcare facilities to leverage the power of a combination of digital and traditional patient education.

Absolutely! Customization is another key benefit of JourneyPX. You can deliver content that’s personalized for the patients’ needs and even customize the look and feel of patient interfaces to blend your brand throughout the patient engagement features in ways that fit your budget. You can add multiple features to engage, educate, and improve patient outcomes throughout the care continuum—and MDM has an entire healthcare team of patient educators and designers that can expertly customize your interface for you.

A key goal of patient education is to inform patients in ways that will help them to participate in their own health journeys. So, it’s crucial to impart that information in ways they can understand and absorb. To successfully accomplish this, healthcare professionals can observe how the patient learns best and analyze their current health literacy levels and belief systems; challenges, including visual or auditory impairments or language barriers; and so forth.

Empowered with this information about the patient’s learning needs and status, the medical team in charge of imparting patient education can collaborate with them to formulate goals—perhaps short term, intermediate, and long term. They can also prioritize the information to be provided, starting with the most important, and select the optimal strategy to reach goals. Keeping the intended outcomes front and center, they can then create the material.

It quickly becomes clear how time intensive this process is, which highlights the value of hospital patient education solutions such as Journey PX. You can choose what to present to the patient with the choices providing information about the relevant diagnoses, patient goals, and intended outcomes. The information will be logically organized, covering all the key points for that session’s goals to enhance health literacy.

This greatly streamlines the entire patient education process, keeping your healthcare team from continually having to reinvent the wheel and freeing them up for other urgent and important patient health care initiatives. Patient engagement software like Journey PX allows your healthcare organization to flexibly impart the appropriate levels of information using the right levels of language. It’s important to remain flexible because what’s appropriate could change based on new diagnoses or treatments—or because the patient is absorbing information more slowly or more quickly than originally anticipated.

Information included in the patient education plan can also involve family members who could benefit from a better understanding of the diagnoses, treatments, goals, and expected outcomes.

Hospital patient education solutions are designed to engage the patient in the material presented. It also allows you to get feedback and assess the patient’s understanding of the material, which may trigger the need for a modified patient education plan—perhaps including additional material.

Patient engagement software allows healthcare organizations to incorporate the teach-back method, which involves checking the levels of a patient’s understanding in their own words; this strategy is recommended by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. They note a statistic that emphasizes the importance of boosting health literacy: 40 to 80 percent of the medical information that is provided to patients during office visits is immediately forgotten; almost half of what is retained is actually incorrect. This also highlights the value of patient education software as it interactively measures a patient’s understanding of the material as the process progresses. Note that this is not intended to test the patient. Rather, it’s a way to determine if the patient’s education is being properly delivered, which can be modified.

Schedule your free Journey PX demo today!

Because JourneyPX is a cloud-based patient education technology solution, it’s easy for patients to access the information. The solution seamlessly integrates with the healthcare facilities’ already-existing WiFi infrastructure, allowing patients to access the information at their hospital bed, on their personal devices, and more. This technology can also be deployed over a hospital’s private LTE network; patients won’t need to see below the hood and understand the connectivity to interact with and benefit from its power.

Simply schedule a free, 30-minute demo of JourneyPX online! This is step one of transforming your healthcare organization through the powerful—and empowering—world of quality patient education technology.

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