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Hotel TV Equipment for Your Hospitality Facilities

Choosing the right hospitality television sets that please your guests will help to build their loyalty to your brand and enhance word-of-mouth marketing about your facilities. Fortunately, MDM provides exactly the right equipment and accessories for your needs, transitioning your hotels, motels, resorts, and more to in-demand, cost-effective, modern solutions.

Leveraging our big buying power to bring you the best equipment from today’s top hotel TV system suppliers, we can recommend the system that will dovetail with your requirements and budget along with the appropriate mounting equipment and more. MDM also offers installation services, in-room configurations, and tech support throughout the process.

Commercial Grade Hotel TVs

Before we delve into the commercial-grade hotel TVs available at MDM, here are definitions for some of the technologies mentioned in TV descriptions.

  • Pro:Centric is versatile technology developed by LG for hospitality television sets to optimize service options and visual impact. With this technology, there is no need for a set-top box, which streamlines the installation and maintenance of these sets along with reducing operational costs. Guests can connect with their portable devices through
  • Pro:Centric Smart TVs, which is a benefit that they appreciate.
  • Pro:Idiom is the encryption technology by LG that allows your facilities to securely deliver HD television and video-on-demand signals so guests can enjoy programming. Top digital television providers require this technology when a set-top box is not provided to protect against content privacy.
  • b-LAN: This technology eliminates the need for a set-top box while allowing you to continue to experience its benefits—a two-way technology to send and receive relevant signals. For example, if a guest selects a premium movie in their room, this technology electronically communicates billing information to your facility staff.
  • NanoCell technology: TVs with this technology contain a nanoparticle layer that helps to keep the purity of color and brightness by filtering out light wavelengths that would blur or bleed them.

As you explore some of the hospitality TVs available through our second to none connections to the industry’s hotel TV system suppliers, you’ll notice mention of these technologies. Here are a few benefits and features of the hotel televisions available:

LG LT560H Series HD TV for Hospitality with Pro:Centric, Pro:Idiom, EZ-Manager & USB Cloning

Provide an outstanding guest viewing experience with crisp and clear images while benefiting from energy-efficient LED technology, quickly and easily configuring guest room TVs through a centralized management system.

LG UM670H0 4K UHD Hotel TV – Smart 6 Series

Pro:Centric solutions empower your facilities to manage customized content for guests with numerous value added features: voice recognition/IOT, bluetooth sound sync, magic remote compatibility, and more. Count on true color accuracy and AI sound in this slim profile/bezel model.

LG LT570H Series HD TV for Hospitality with Pro:Centric, Pro:Idiom, B-LAN EZ-Manager & USB Cloning

Benefit from the Pro:Centric content management solution along with Pro:Idiom and embedded b-LAN technologies, which allow your staff to efficiently and centrally configure, update, and otherwise manage your hospitality in-room television sets.

LG LT340H Essential Commercial TV with Commercial Grade Stand

Looking for cost-effective, reliable TV solutions for your facilities? This model is ideal, delivering clear images with energy-efficient LED technology and an external set-top box. It comes with a quick menu and public display mode, USB data cloning, and more on a commercial swivel stand; they come with external speaker out compatibility with speakers sold separately.

LG UN343H Series Essential Commercial TV with 4K Active HDR

Your facilities benefit from the ease of management with these commercial TVs via 4K UHD while your guests benefit from vibrant viewing thanks to the sets’ ultra-high resolution.

LG UN560H Series Pro:Centric Direct Hospitality Ultra HD TV

Hospitality televisions in this series have the same benefits as the UN343H series with Pro:Centric Direct and Pro:Idiom benefits.

LG UN570H Pro:Centric Direct Hospitality UHD TV with Embedded b-LAN

This series benefits from all of the technologies described: Pro:Centric, Pro:Idiom, and b-LAN, providing virtually lifelike picture quality and four times more pixel accuracy as full HD.

LG UR347H Series Essential Commercial TV With NanoCell Display

These hotel television sets deliver images of vibrant color while also offering features that allow your facilities to optimize your management of the content and the guests’ viewing experience alike. This can be used as a two-piece solution with an external set-box top.

LG UR577H Series Economical NanoCell Hotel TV With Pro:Centric Direct

Maximize your guests’ satisfaction and convenience with this series through the content management software, image quality, and technological superiority of this model.

LG UR577H Series Essential Commercial TV with NanoCell Display

Deliver a brilliant visual experience to your guests with a broad spectrum of colors and lifeline accuracy with this advanced technology television set series.
LG UR760H Series 4K Smart Hospitality ProCentric Slim Non bLAN TV

Blend into any interior with this smart hospitality TV to deliver uninterrupted quality and an immersive viewing experience for guests.

LG UR770H Series 4K UHD Hospitality TV with Pro:Centric Direct

This slim bezel series blends into your hospitality facilities’ interior to seamlessly provide an immersive viewing experience. Guests can enjoy viewing without interruption.

LG US660H Series Smart 4K Hospitality TV

Enjoy efficient content management with this series while providing clear images through Ultra HD technology. Benefit from the new webOS 5.0 to meet and exceed guest expectations.

If you don’t see what you want and need here, just reach out to us, and our experts will leverage their experience to source your hotel televisions from top-quality hotel tv system suppliers within our deep and wide industry network.

Hotel TV Mounts, Accessories, and Remotes

MDM also offers quality accessories to allow guests to relax as they kick back in their rooms on a comfortable bed. Although the guests may not consider which hotel television mounts are used, they are a crucial behind-the-scenes part of an optimal TV viewing experience. When TVs are incorrectly placed or angled, the result can be uncomfortable viewing and even neck strain. With the right hotel television mounts, you can provide guests with the ultimate in comfort; strategically position TVs to lower glare from light coming in from windows and from room lighting to prevent eye strain; and more. MDM has the mounts you want and need along with hotel TV accessories like wireless AV multi-display systems, quick release hardware, and universal cable kits—as well as TV remotes.

Choose MDM for Your Quality Hotel Televisions and Accessories

We offer competitive pricing through our big buying power as we offer outstanding LG equipment from today’s top hotel TV system suppliers, helping you to select exactly the right size and type of system to fit your needs and budget. We also offer valuable guidance on the appropriate mounting equipment and hardware configurations plus installation services to provide a top-quality viewing experience. So, improve your guest satisfaction and gain an edge over competing brands by allowing our professional team to guide you toward precisely the right hospitality TV system. Simply reach out to us online or call 800-359-6741 today.

FAQs About Our Hotel TV Solutions

Today’s modern hospitality TVs of quality typically have one or more high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) ports to allow guests to plug in their electronic devices. Devices typically plugged in include smartphones, computers, laptops, game consoles, digital cameras, camcorders, blu-ray and ultra HD players, and so forth. HDMI ports provide yet another service of convenience for guests to enhance their opinions of your brand and their stays with you.

Hotels use television sets that are specially manufactured for the hospital industry, which are different from consumer television sets in multiple ways; these are explained in the answer to the FAQ below: What's the difference between a hotel TV and normal TV? MDM offers the trustworthy, leading brand of hospitality television systems—LG—with links to recommended models on the main part of this page.

Hotel television sets are designed to be long-lasting even with significant use; some are even built to run around the clock. These TVs by top hotel TV system suppliers come equipped with technologies, including encryptions, to seamlessly, remotely, and centrally deliver high-resolution content to multiple rooms in secure ways. They often come with anti-theft systems to prevent the hotel television from being physically tipped/moved or removed from the room by guests; plus, they have features that prevent guests from adjusting certain key settings or blasting the volume and can automatically wipe out personal information entered into smart apps when guests check out. They’re easy to use and maintain, greatly reducing the amount of time that your staff will need to spend helping guests with the hotel TVs or making repairs. Plus, they can come with warranties designed for anticipated heavy usage. Each of these attributes mentioned differentiates quality hotel TVs from typical consumer ones.