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Direct View LED Display

A DVLED (direct view LED) display uses advanced technology unlike anything else available today. In fact, direct view LED TVs actually eliminate the LCD panel that uses liquid crystals, using an LED surface array instead. The result? Vibrant colors and incredible contrast that’s several times beyond what LCDs can provide. To discuss your needs, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.

Benefits of Direct View LED TVs

Direct view LED TVs are incredibly versatile, ideal for indoors and out because they can be configured in just about any size you can envision—including ones of 100 feet and more. Designed without bezels, you can leverage this technology to create seamless video walls for eye-catching images. As LG, the leading DVLED/direct view LED display brand, notes, you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

Here’s a brief comparison and between liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and DVLED  panels. LCD panels require a light source that’s located either behind the glass or at an edge. This is typically a light emitting diode (LED) that provides white light that goes through a shutter and is tinted to backlight the panel. LCD panels emit more heat and are bulkier to handle.

DVLED/direct view LED displays, though, don’t need backlights or edge lights, directly lighting panels without shutters or filters. The result: direct view TVs are lighter; emit less heat; and last longer.

LG 136″ LAEC Series All-In-One DVLED Display

This 136” LG direct view LED TV offers a complete turnkey solution for your lobbies, meeting rooms, and more. Your customers and guests will enjoy a wider range of vivid colors and greater contrast as you broadcast content, provide entertainment, display art, offer wayfinding help, and so much more.

LG LSBB012-GD Fine-Pitch Series Indoor DVLED

This direct view TV series offers a sleek solution with pixel pitch of 1.25mm and brightness of 600 nit. Easy to handle and service, this model comes with an additional controller and power unit. If a signal transmission error even occurs, this advanced redundancy system prevents a blackout error.

LG LSCB015 Indoor DVLED Ultra Slim Series

The ultra-slim design of this direct view TV model allows for significant diversity in usage, so this technology can be installed in a wide variety of venues. In fact, its front-side management system means that you won’t even need room behind the screen for maintenance.

MDM Commercial for Your DVLED/Direct View LED Displays

Benefit from the cutting edge technology of modern direct view TVs—as well as our expert consultation services, quality technology from trusted brands, big buying power that translates into competitive prices for your business, and our expert installation services, customer service, content and graphics services, and more.

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