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Digital Signage Content Management

The Power of Autora DSM

In Spanish, "Autora" translates to "Author" in English, symbolizing the creative force behind literary, artistic, or intellectual works. Autora stands as your intelligent solution for effortlessly managing digital signage content across a diverse range of screens. Our cost-effective, user-friendly platform offers seamless plug-and-play functionality, perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor signage requirements. Effective content control is pivotal in the realm of digital signage, making the choice of the right Digital Signage Management (DSM) platform paramount.

Autora is a robust digital signage content management platform that streamlines the entire process of content creation, organization, scheduling, and updates. Autora DSM was created for users by users (along with some very smart programmers.) Autora DSM is a world-class platform that provides you with the tools to accomplish everything on your agenda. With Autora, your content's journey, from its inception to playback on media players, is seamlessly orchestrated, simplifying content organization and customization through a unified platform.

  • Audience Engagement

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Revenue Growth

  • Brand Awareness

Exceptional Digital Signage Content Management System

Whether you are venturing into the world of digital signage or a seasoned pro, Autora delivers exceptional service you can rely on. We are dedicated to your success, enabling you to concentrate on business growth and superior customer service. Join forces with us and embrace the confidence that stems from our unwavering commitment to elevating your brand.

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Experience the Benefits of Autora DSM

Affordable Annual Subscription: Affordable cost per license with volume discounts available.

User-Friendly Platform: Navigate our intuitive, user-friendly platform with ease.

Effortless Remote Management: Seamlessly control screens remotely on multiple displays

Premium Support: Access premium support when you need it most.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: A notable feature is Autora's compatibility. Our systems are developed to be compatible with numerous software and hardware solutions including open source platforms. This means that we can guarantee your content will reach the widest possible audience without technical issues.

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Unlock the Power of Autora

  • Engage Key Audiences: Effectively connect with your target audiences.
  • Dynamic, Branded Creativity: Harness the power of dynamic, on-brand creative content.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Elevate your customers' overall experience.
  • Real-Time Content Updates: Swiftly and remotely update your content for real-time changes.

Master Scheduling with Autora DSM

  • Effortless Event Management: Manage one-time, recurring, and continuous events effortlessly.
  • Precision Scheduling: Create precise playlist schedules, allowing subscribers to schedule content based on specific dates, times, and display preferences.
  • Seamless Dayparting: Utilize Dayparting for seamless and convenient scheduling control.
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Creative Freedom Awaits: Explore Autora Digital Signage Content Management

Unlock the creative potential across your organization with Autora. Autora DSM empowers individuals of all design and technical backgrounds to effortlessly craft compelling, brand-aligned content. Enjoy comprehensive centralized governance controls, ensuring your content remains dynamic, pertinent, and localized, all without the need to oversee every minor edit.

Autora simplifies the complexities of content management for digital signage by offering a comprehensive suite of features. Here's how Autora enhances the digital signage content management process:

Layout Designer: With Autora, users can effortlessly design within the platform's intuitive interface.

Content Organization: Autora's content management system provides an organized structure for your digital signage content. You can categorize content into playlists, folders, or categories, streamlining your management process.

Scheduling: Autora offers powerful scheduling capabilities, allowing you to precisely control when and where your content is displayed. This ensures that your messages reach your target audience at the right time.

Remote Management: Autora enables remote content management, allowing administrators to upload, edit, or remove content from screens located in various physical locations, saving time and resources.

Content Versioning: You can maintain multiple versions of content in Autora, making it easy to update content for seasonal changes.

Content Playback: Autora ensures that your content displays correctly on digital signage screens by providing tools to adjust display settings, resolution, and aspect ratio to match screen specifications.

Content Integration: Autora seamlessly integrates with external data sources and dynamic content feeds, such as news updates, social media feeds, weather information, or live event data, ensuring your content remains dynamic and up-to-date.


Incorporating Autora into your digital signage content management strategy empowers your organization to deliver dynamic, effective messages in diverse environments, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels. corporate offices, transportation hubs, and public spaces. With its user-friendly interface and feature-rich capabilities, Autora elevates the management of digital signage content, enhancing the impact and relevance of your messages to your audience.

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Autora DSM FAQs

Digital signage consists of two main components—hardware and software—and the screens are the hardware and the CMS is the software. The digital signage CMS software and its applications allow your organization to remotely schedule content; display text, images, graphics, and more on your screens; stream audio and video; update content; and otherwise manage what you display. A CMS for digital signage comes with a dashboard that can allow you to seamlessly manage your system. The quality of your digital signage content management system, its interfaces, and levels of security clearly matter, and so does compatibility with the hardware—so it’s important to use trustworthy brands like Autora.

A digital signage content management system allows you to develop, schedule, distribute, and update content across digital signage displays. With the digital signage CMS software, you can manage all those actions quickly, conveniently—and remotely. If you’d like, you can think of the digital signage hardware as a vehicle with the CMS software serving as the fuel that powers it to accomplish all that it does.

Aurora DSM comes with a layout designer within an intuitive interface for effortless designing; a content organizer to create structure for the content; a scheduling tool to control precisely when and where content is shown; a remote management tool that allows you to upload, remove, or edit content without having to be in the same location as your screens; content versioning, which allows you to maintain multiple versions of your content for seasonal and other updating; content playback with tools to adjust settings; and content integration to integrate social media feeds, weather reports, news updates, live events, and more.

The Autora digital signage content management system is designed to be user-friendly and, when you get digital signage solutions from MDM, our expert team offers training services as well as options for ongoing support. We’ll teach your staff how to deploy content and manage it efficiently and well; provide guidance on how the CMS tools work; and share best practices for content management. We’re committed to your success!

Yes! Autora’s digital signage content management system is both robust and flexible, allowing you to seamlessly manage multiple screens. This allows you to simultaneously provide your target audiences with a range of content. For example, if being used in a sports venue, you could have some screens sharing the live action while others can show replays of key plays. In a school setting, some screens could display menus and event schedules while others could provide wayfinding guidance. Each organization will have unique reasons to display diverse content across its screens, and Autora’s powerful capabilities allow you to maximize the possibilities.

You can, which makes Autora’s digital signage CMS software especially efficient and convenient to use. From a central location, you can seamlessly schedule content and campaigns in advance and update them as desired. Here’s a bonus: whoever schedules the content doesn’t need to have a deep understanding of technology to make that happen. Autora is a user-friendly digital signage CMS software that’s designed for ease of use. Plus, when you get your digital signage solutions from MDM, powered by Autora, our expert team can provide training so you can optimize your usage of CMS for digital signage.

Absolutely! Autora allows you to remotely manage your content, including uploading, removing, and editing content on screens in multiple physical locations. Autora’s digital signage CMS software allows you to do so quickly and easily, which saves your organization time and money—and eliminates the frustration that can exist with clunkier systems. This flexibility allows you to elevate the customer experience, share your brand, and engage your targeted audiences in dynamically creative ways. You can effortlessly manage one-time, recurring, and continuous events through remote management.

Autora’s digital signage content management system makes it quick and easy to seamlessly integrate live data and social media feeds into your content—and doing so can come with plenty of benefits. You can save time and money by creating content once and then spreading it through multiple channels through your digital signage content management system. Plus, because people are accustomed to gleaning information from social media—and appreciate real-time live data—they’re familiar with and comfortable with receiving information in these ways.

Just about any industry that can benefit from seamless communication with its target audiences can also benefit from using Autora DMS. This can include healthcarehospitalityeducation, retail, IT, arts and entertainment, sports, banks and financial services, governmental agencies, the military, restaurants, religious organizations, transportation, manufacturing, and more. Said another way, if your business or organization would benefit from digital signage, then Autora will likely be ideal as your digital signage CMS software.

You can display text, images, logos and other graphics; stream audio and video; integrate social media feeds and live data, including emergency bulletins; and so forth.

Depending upon your needs, you can share engaging information with customers, visitors, vendors, students, patients, staff, and more. You can entertain, engage, and inform for a premier experience; welcome people to your buildings with outdoor signage and lobby signage; guide people through your facilities with wayfinding content; share information about your services; broadcast emergency alerts and bulletins; promote special offers; and so much more.

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