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Hotel PTAC Air Conditioner Units


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Hotel In-Room AC Units

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GE Vertical PTACs


GE Zoneline® PTACs Air Conditioning Units for Hotels

Hotel AC Units

More than ever, hotels, motels, resorts, and other types of facilities are choosing GE Zoneline® air conditioning units, and for good reason: Guests and residents can control their own comfort and your facility will benefit from savings on energy costs and the latest air conditioning technology. Designed for exceptional reliability and consistent performance, you will also save on operational costs related to service maintenance and repairs.

Every GE Zoneline® unit features a super seal system that maximizes energy savings by reducing air filtration cycles. Digital controls and electronic temperature limiting help your management team reduce the operating costs of your hotel room air conditioners while protecting unoccupied rooms from excessive seasonal temperature changes. General Electric designed the Zoneline air conditioners to take full advantage of the latest technological innovations, universal components and improved flexibility of installations for new construction, renovation or single-unit replacement.

GE has also recently introduced vertical packaged terminal unit models. These ZVACs, as they’re called, have a top-side air discharge which can be ducted into a single room or multiple rooms for senior living rooms, hotel or resort suites. ZVAC units’ unique vertical configuration allows them to be installed in a corner enclosure. Both the Zoneline PTAC and PTHP models are the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems available on the market. With features such as the better weather barrier, smooth curves and contemporary designs to complement any decor, it’s no wonder they’re the preferred hotel AC units.

For immediate assistance with GE Zoneline®, vertical packaged terminal, or LG HNR standard sleeve air conditioning units, contact MDM at 1-800-359-6741 to speak directly with a senior living or hospitality account representative. Our team will work with you to tailor the hotel AC solution that delivers the greatest benefits to your hospitality facility.

Hotel Air Conditioner FAQs

A PTAC is a self-contained heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system that’s usually installed in masonry walls and window walls and used instead of central heating and air. They’re most often used in buildings and facilities such as condominiums, apartment buildings, dormitories, hospitals, senior living facilities, hotels, motels, and resorts. As a “package,” it’s an all-in-one heater and air conditioner.

There are several reasons why these types of systems are used in hotels, motels, and more:

  • PTACs don’t require ductwork. This makes installation more straightforward and saves the costs of installing a central heating and air conditioning system.
  • They are compact, so they save space in guest rooms.
  • Because they heat and cool just one room, there’s no energy wasted on heating and cooling large, unused spaces.
  • PTACs are individually controlled, so guests can set the temperature that’s comfortable for them.
  • The latest PTACs are more energy-efficient than ever and are long-lasting.
  • PTACs operate quietly, which helps improve your guests’ experience.

Quiet and efficient, GE Zoneline® products have a number of features that benefit facilities, including:

  • A simplified and streamlined structure that makes servicing fast and easy.
  • Special corrosion protection coatings that keep all parts in peak condition and in operation longer.
  • Integrated structural components for simpler maintenance and support.
  • Service diagnostic ports that allow technicians to easily and quickly diagnose any problems.
  • Quick connection of thermostats, central desk controls, and external fans for simplified installation and servicing.

In addition, the Zoneline® has a sleek, slim appearance and updated look that blends well in any room design or decor. It has a shallower depth that takes up less space, a guest-friendly display with large, white LED lights, and an automatic dimming feature that ensures its lights are not too bright at night

Our full range of hotel room air conditioners and services includes:

  • Hotel PTAC air conditioner units
  • Hotel in-room AC units
  • Vertical packaged terminal air conditioners
  • Accessories and guest interfaces
  • Expert installation and consultation

We offer all of the latest Zoneline® products, including:

  • GE Zoneline® 6500 230V hotel PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE Zoneline® 6500 265V hotel PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE Zoneline® 4500 230V hotel PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE 11600 BTU through-the-wall room air conditioners
  • GE 6400 BTU through-the-wall room air conditioners
  • GE 8900 BTU through-the-wall room air conditioners
  • GE Vertical Zoneline® 12,0000 BTU vertical PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE Vertical Zoneline® 9,000 BTU vertical PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE Vertical Zoneline® 17,000 BTU vertical PTAC air conditioner units
  • GE Vertical Zoneline® 18,000 BTU vertical PTAC air conditioner units

MDM Lodging’s decades of experience providing comprehensive solutions to the lodging industry allows us to develop customized plans to meet every client’s unique needs. From your first discussion with us, to installation and beyond, you will have a dedicated account manager providing personalized assistance every step of the way. Working with us is easy, whether you’re ordering new products, need a system upgrade, or have service needs.

In addition to hotel AC units, we offer a full range of hospitality supplies and equipment to help you provide an exceptional experience for your guests, including commercial grade TVs, microwaves, mini refrigerators, ice dispensing machines, and much more. As our client, you’ll benefit from competitive prices on our products, which help ensure your investment will pay off more quickly.

We invite you to get in touch with our experienced team of hospitality experts to learn more about all of our cost-efficient equipment solutions.