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Digital Signage Content and RF Distribution

MDM Commercial goes beyond providing, installing, managing, and supporting top quality products for the healthcare and hospitality industries, also offering expert services from seasoned professionals: graphics and content creation for digital signage and RF video distribution services.

If you’re in need of these services, please contact us online or by calling 800-359-6741 to discuss specifics for your facilities.

Graphics and Digital Signage Content Design Services

Carefully crafting your messaging—from content to graphics—can play a key role in growing your healthcare or hospitality brand, both inside and outside of your facilities. MDM Commercial takes on the heavy lifting, customizing content that dovetails with your vision without adding more work to your marketing teams and other staff. The focus throughout is to help you engage with your visitors, guests, patients and more—and to improve their overall experiences with your brand and facilities.

Our talented team can customize the look and feel of customer-facing interfaces in a wide range of signage solutions, adding features that enhance engagement. Content can include the following: text, images, audio, video, animations, logos, and more. Digital signage technology available at MDM Commercial allows healthcare and hospitality facilities to effectively manage this content from any internet-connected device, from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices.

Your facility can benefit from our digital signage content design services in numerous ways, including:

  • Patient education systems

  • Touch displays

  • Media players

  • Menu boards

  • Wayfinding kiosks

  • Video wall solutions

  • And more

Our professional team will work with you from start to finish to bring your branded vision to life, allowing you to take your content to the next level.

hospital digital signage

Healthcare Digital Content Benefits

Patient Satisfaction

Patient education content has numerous benefits. As the National Institutes of Health notes in MedlinePlus, patient education allows patients to play a more significant role in their own care.

When patients more effectively understand their medical conditions, compliance with treatment is likely to increase, both while the patient is in a medical facility and when they are at home. Compliance, naturally enough, can lead to better outcomes, including increased patient satisfaction with their care. This, in turn, can contribute to more cost-effective healthcare and can decrease the medical provider’s liability. Continuity of care is more likely to continue to be more successful when patient education content is effectively provided.

Experienced professionals at MDM Commercial have expertise in helping healthcare facilities to create content that patients can more readily understand, translating complex medical conditions and treatments into relatable language

Digital Messaging & Entertainment

Patients, friends, and family members look for ways to reduce anxiety while in hospital rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, and more. Engaging television programs can help to distract them through entertainment—and today’s technology allows for healthcare facilities to intermingle this programming with educational and marketing-based messaging, including the use of split screens where both television programming and messaging are available for viewing.

Because digital signage content that’s managed by modern software can be changed in a matter of seconds, this can be a highly effective way to broadcast emergency messaging. Also, because large numbers of people can spend time in healthcare lobbies, informative content can be shared that can build loyalty to your medical facilities, which in turn increases revenue.

MDM Commercial can professionally craft just the right messaging for your goals and objectives, including internal content for staff communications, training, and more through our digital signage content design.

Hospitality Content Benefits

Satisfied guests will return to your hotel, motel, or resort more often, also recommending your lodging to friends and family members. This type of return business and word of mouth marketing is invaluable to hospitality venues—and carefully targeted and crafted content can go a long way in building that loyalty.

Digital Wayfinding

First impressions are crucial, so digital wayfinding content in the lobby can put guests at ease, empowering them to find just what they need without stress. Plus, no matter how well researched a trip may be, guests will appreciate maps of the surrounding area, along with recommendations and directions for restaurants, tourist attractions, local events, and more. Making this information clear and easily accessible will also free up your staff to handle more important or urgent tasks as they need to answer more commonly asked questions less frequently.

Content can reinforce your brand as one that cares about guests and it allows your facilities to share information about available amenities, broadcast gift shop and in-house restaurant specials, and otherwise cross-market your hotels, motels, and resorts. You can describe and encourage participation in loyalty rewards programs, highlight other locations of your hospitality facilities and their amenities, and much more.

Messaging Distribution

Plus, because so many people enter lodging lobbies—from guests to visitors, vendors, and more—marketing messaging that appears on signage can boost revenue. This is also an ideal way to share emergency broadcast information, which can include weather alerts and more.

Besides the content intended for guests and visitors, MDM Commercial can also create the internal content you need for staff purposes.

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RF Video Distribution Services

Consultants at MDM Commercial can provide your medical facility with a comprehensive RF distribution system, custom designing, upgrading, or refreshing your current solution to meet your needs for today and tomorrow. Our expert team works with hospitals, senior living centers, and other types of healthcare facilities to create up-to-date, cost-effective solutions to address their unique challenges. We can provide the commercial-grade TVs and equipment you need while also supplying the RF distribution system.


  • An upgrade in electronic medical record systems;
  • provide educational content to patients and their families;
  • display information about gift shop hours and specials, cafeteria hours and menus and more;
  • entertain and engage patients and visitors;
  • divide the facility into different zones to broadcast appropriate content in each of them;
  • put the content on a schedule to enforce quiet times;
  • and more.

RF video distribution redesign

  • Design the appropriate RF distribution system for your facility’s needs.
  • Build this system, ensuring that it delivers the necessary high-definition signals.
  • Develop the applicable education platform that’s suitable for patients and staff.
  • Select the proper devices to ensure technological compatibility with HD video content.
  • Conduct another gap analysis to check if any more hardware is necessary to support high-definition programming.
  • Install hardware properly to ensure a premier experience.
  • Configure the hardware appropriately.
  • Test the network and evaluate its performance while also balancing electronic devices.

Services include

  • Consulting and design engineering services
  • Cable upgrades
  • Customizable messaging channels
  • A patient education platform
  • Digital signage solutions
  • Customer support for RF distribution and digital satellite systems

Maintenance of TV systems

  • Custom-designed digital headend systems
  • Digital Satellite System (DSS) options including DirecTV®
  • Compatible device selection
  • Support of high-definition content
  • Verification of system performance
  • Complete digital TV systems solutions
  • Ongoing technical support

Our professional team provides the same quality of customer service to all healthcare facilities, no matter the size or numbers of locations. Our goal is to always provide convenient one-stop servicing to create and maintain integrated solutions. In short, our experienced technical team will ensure that your RF video distribution system and more functions at peak performance.

Choosing MDM Commercial for Professional Services

MDM Commercial has been serving as true partners for our clients in the hospitality and healthcare industries since 1990, providing them with the competitively priced products and services they need to run smoothly. We help facilities of all sizes and numbers of locations, and we invite you to contact us today to discuss the professional services you need. No matter what services you need, you can count on unsurpassed levels of courteous, quality assistance.

When you choose MDM Commercial to handle your professional services, whether that’s our digital signage content design services or RF distribution services, this frees up your staff to focus on getting their jobs done and allows them to prioritize other projects and tasks.

Please contact us online or by calling 800-359-6741 for a free consultation about our professional services.