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Are you ready to elevate your healthcare facility's connectivity and security to a whole new level? MDM Healthcare introduces the LTE Network Solution, tailored to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. Discover a comprehensive suite of features and benefits that will empower your facility like never before.

Network Features & Benefits 

Seamless Mobility 

  • Transparent Connectivity 
  • Zero-Wi-Fi Login (SIM) 
  • External Cell Handovers 


  • SAS-Protected Deployment 
  • No Spectrum Purchase Required 
  • Certified Partner to Deploy CBRS Networks 

Secure Healthcare Solutions 

  • HIPAA Compliant with Hospital Content Filtering 
  • LTE Air Encryption and Secured by SIM 
  • IoT-Enabled Inventory Tracking, Staff Smartphones/Tablets, EKG Machines, Fusion Pumps 
  • Data Segmentation for Enhanced Security 
  • Air Encrypt with Zero Interference 
  • Integral IoT: NB-IoT & CAT-M 
LTE Network Solution

Unlocking the Power of Healthcare Connectivity 

At MDM Healthcare, we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare connectivity to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your healthcare facility is always at the forefront of innovation. Discover how our expertise can transform your healthcare infrastructure: 

Benchmark & Optimization Our testing and optimization processes guarantee that your facility meets and exceeds coverage requirements, delivering a seamless healthcare experience. 

Strategic Consulting We are your trusted partner in wireless solutions. Our expert team helps you select the perfect connectivity solution, and our project management ensures timely implementation. 

Custom CBRS/Private LTE Networks Tailored to your unique needs, our CBRS networks provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity, setting the stage for future growth. 

Professional Installation & Design Our skilled construction and engineering teams deliver top-notch installation and design services for a seamless integration into your facility. 

Maintenance & Monitoring Post-installation, our system performance experts optimize your system, collaborate with your teams, and provide ongoing maintenance and 24/7 alarm monitoring. 

Experience the future of healthcare connectivity with MDM Healthcare. Contact us today to learn how our Private Network Solution can transform your healthcare facility. 


MDM - Product Quote

LTE Network For Hospitals

When you choose MDM Commercial for your professional services, including LTE network solutions, you enable your staff to focus on their core responsibilities while we take care of the technological aspects. Our commitment to unsurpassed levels of courteous, quality assistance remains unchanged, and we look forward to discussing how these new services can benefit your organization.

Please reach out to us online or by calling 877-228-5310 for a free consultation on our professional services, including LTE network solutions. Let us help you take your hospitality or healthcare facility to the next level of connectivity.

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, and it's a high-speed wireless communication technology. In hospitals, LTE is crucial for ensuring reliable and fast connectivity for various healthcare applications, such as telemedicine, patient monitoring, and data transfer.

 LTE networks provide hospitals with high data speeds, low latency, and reliable connections. This supports real-time monitoring of patients, quick access to medical records, and improved communication among healthcare professionals.

LTE in hospitals is used for remote patient monitoring, video consultations, mobile EHR (Electronic Health Records) access, asset tracking, and IoT (Internet of Things) device connectivity.

LTE networks are designed with security in mind, using encryption and authentication protocols to protect patient data. However, hospitals must also implement additional security measures to safeguard patient information effectively.


The coverage range of LTE networks within hospitals depends on factors like the building's structure and the density of devices. Hospitals may need to install signal boosters or distributed antenna systems to ensure comprehensive coverage.

LTE is likely to continue evolving to support emerging healthcare technologies, such as 5G integration, edge computing, and AI-driven healthcare applications, further enhancing patient care.

Implementing LTE in a hospital involves costs for infrastructure, equipment, and ongoing maintenance. Hospitals should conduct a cost-benefit analysis to assess the long-term advantages of improved connectivity.  MDM Commercial can assist in evaluating your hospital's specific needs, providing expert guidance on cost-effective LTE solutions, and helping you make informed decisions to optimize connectivity while managing costs effectively. Contact us today to explore how MDM Commercial can support your hospital's connectivity goals.


CBRS networks are secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solutions. MDM Healthcare customizes CBRS networks to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities, setting the stage for future growth.

MDM Healthcare provides professional installation and design services through skilled construction and engineering teams, ensuring a top-notch and seamless integration into healthcare facilities.


After installation, MDM Healthcare's system performance experts optimize the system, collaborate with healthcare teams, and provide ongoing maintenance and 24/7 alarm monitoring to ensure continuous reliability.

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