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Medical professional reviewing patient records on LG diagnostic monitor for comprehensive care.

10 Reasons Why LG’s Venture into Medical Monitors is a Game Changer

21 Mar 2024

In the world of healthcare technology, innovation is key to improving patient care, streamlining workflows, and enhancing medical professionals’ capabilities. Renowned electronics brand LG has launched their line of medical monitors, and there are numerous reasons to be excited about the potential advancements and benefits they bring. We’ve put together ten…

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Catena TV System Installation - Professional setup for seamless entertainment

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience with MDM Commercial’s LG Pro:Centric Catena TV Solutions

02 Mar 2024

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience with MDM Commercial’s LG Pro:Centric Catena TV Solutions                                        LG’s Pro:Centric® Catena platform simplifies the management of multiple TVs simultaneously, enabling hospitality venues to effortlessly enhance their guest…

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"LG digital signage featuring Art Republic artwork"

MDM Commercial Announces Partnership with ArtRepublic Global to Bring Museum Quality Digital Art to Public Spaces

28 Feb 2024

MDM Commercial, the country’s largest dealer of LG commercial products, is excited to announce its partnership with ArtRepublic Global, a premier digital art curation platform. This collaboration aims to transform the way art is incorporated into commercial environments, offering clients curated art experiences and exhibitions. MDM Commercial has built a…

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Image of a patient engaged with an LG hospital-grade smart TV connected to an IP network. The visual depicts a healthcare setting where patients benefit from advanced technology, enjoying personalized content and interactivity. The LG smart TV is seamlessly integrated into the IP network, providing a modern and connected healthcare experience for patients.

Guide to Purchasing Healthcare TVs in 2024

05 Jan 2024
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Guide to Purchasing Healthcare TVs in 2024                                    State-of-the-art equipment holds immense importance in the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology. As we step into 2024, there’s a lot to consider when acquiring healthcare TVs.…

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hotel exterior digital signage

Ultimate Guide To Digital Signage Content Management Systems

02 Jan 2024

Choosing the optimal digital signage hardware is crucial when you want to broadcast your brand’s content in highly efficient and meaningful ways, but the hardware is only half of the equation when you want a powerful digital signage solution. You’ll also need the ability to seamlessly manage your content across…

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An LG Smart Hotel TV in action, seamlessly streaming television content through an advanced IPTV network to enhance the in-room experience for hotel guests. The television displays vivid images, showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technology to provide guests with an immersive and personalized entertainment experience.

A Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Consumer IPTV and Hotel IPTV Solutions

26 Dec 2023
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A Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Consumer IPTV and Hotel IPTV Solutions                                   The way individuals consume TV content has changed rapidly over the past decade.  According to Nielsen, streaming services overtook cable TV…

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hotspital tv patient satisfaction

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction With In-Room Hospital TVs

12 Dec 2023

When someone is admitted to the hospital, they may well feel stressed and anxious—perhaps uncertain about what medical tests will uncover or worried about upcoming procedures and surgeries. Or, in some cases, patients are bored, feeling frustrated over having little to do, or they’re lonely because they don’t have many…

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An image illustrating the forefront of healthcare technology trends in 2024, showcasing advancements such as robust data security, IPTV systems, IoMT integration, addressing health disparities, and personalized preventative medicine. MDM Healthcare leads innovation with cutting-edge solutions for a patient-centric and technologically advanced healthcare landscape.

5 Healthcare Technology Trends in 2024

05 Dec 2023
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5 Healthcare Technology Trends in 2024  As we approach the conclusion of 2023, the trajectory of healthcare revolutionization through technology becomes increasingly evident. The surge in transformative healthcare technologies, fueled by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, is poised to continue reshaping the industry in 2024.  As hospitals look…

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child in hospital

Entertainment Options in Pediatric Wards: The Importance of Child-Friendly Hospital TVs

17 Nov 2023

When people are hospitalized, it’s natural for them to experience some fear and stress—and this can be especially so when the patient is a child whose routine has been disrupted in ways they may not understand. A study published by the National Library of Medicine has in fact demonstrated that levels of…

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