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digital signage enhance hotel guest experience

Using Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage to Enhance Guest Experience

27 Jul 2022

Hotel digital signage allows you to share in-demand information to guests in streamlined ways, providing what they want to know when they need to know it. This can include text, images, video, and more with the signage being a combination of hardware (LED and LCD screens, for example) and software…

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do hospital tv matter to patients

Do Hospital TVs Really Matter to Patients?

23 Jun 2022

Here’s the short answer: yes. Having quality hospital grade TVs also matters to healthcare organizations—and here’s how they benefit patients and hospitals alike. Hospital TVs: Patient Perspective When people are in the hospital, their emotions can range from boredom to worry, anxiety, and fear. When there isn’t something to distract…

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Help Hotel Guests Find These On-Property Locations With Digital Wayfinding Signs

17 Jun 2022

Even though your facilities have attractive, comfortable rooms and in-demand amenities—ranging from fitness centers to pools and from restaurants to gift shops and more—guest satisfaction will dim if rooms and amenities are hard to find. Studies have shown how people have limits in how many turns they can recall in…

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types of hospital tvs and benefits

Different Types of Hospital Televisions and Their Benefits

09 Jun 2022

Although hospital grade TVs, at first glance, can look like consumer grade TVs, important differences exist. Hospital televisions are specifically designed for heavy use within a healthcare environment and they come with numerous benefits. Overall, hospital grade TVs: Are built to make them safe and easy for patients and clinicians…

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bridge communication gap with patient education software

How Patient Education Software Bridges the Gap of Communication Barriers

09 Jun 2022

Communication is key—in personal relationships and business interactions, and between healthcare providers and patients. Effective communication allows people to build a sense of mutual trust and an understanding of the best directions to take. Clear communication allows people to engage with one another in productive ways and paves the way…

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hotel digital wayfinding sign in lobby

Best Locations to Place Your Hotel Digital Wayfinding Signage

25 May 2022

When people arrive at your lodging facility, they may have been driving for quite a while or just come off a stressful flight. Perhaps they’ve got a big business presentation to make the following morning. So, they want to get a comfortable room, as soon as possible, simply to relax.…

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Chase Natoli Elevated to EVP of Technical Sales

06 May 2022

May 6, 2022 MDM Commercial CEO Steve Austin has announced the recent promotion of Chase Natoli to Executive Vice President of Technical Sales for MDM Commercial and LG Fulfillment. “Chase has been a tremendous presence in helping our company’s full service technical expertise evolve,” Austin said. “I am proud of…

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benefits of digital signage in hospitals

Nine Benefits of Utilizing Digital Signage in Hospitals

04 May 2022

Digital signage solutions for healthcare facilities serve as exceptionally versatile communication tools for hospitals, clinics, physician buildings, and more. This post guides you through nine key benefits realized by healthcare organizations who leverage the power of healthcare digital signage—and, because each facility is unique, yours may have additional benefits that…

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choose hospital grade tv

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hospital Grade TVs for Healthcare Facilities

04 May 2022

Hospital TVs provide numerous benefits for patients and their families—from providing welcomed entertainment during difficult times to serving as the source of relevant health-related information and much more—as well as for your staff and facilities. To choose the right healthcare TVs for your needs, consider your goals, intended usage, and…

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