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LG Hospital TVs

TVs in hospitals provide opportunities to entertain, inform, and engage with patients and their families and improve the overall patient experience—with LG hospital TVs being designed exclusively for use in healthcare facilities in patient room environments. Hospital TVs must be safe, rugged, and reliable while meeting regulatory standards. Once again, LG hospital TVs check all of the boxes and more through their outstanding features and benefits.

LG Healthcare TV Features

In-demand features include the following:

  • LG healthcare TVs come with quality displays that offer high resolution with vibrant images. This creates an enjoyable and engaging viewing experience for patients; when educational materials are being broadcast, both staff and patients can benefit from the clarity of information displayed on the television sets. LG displays are easily visible, too, from multiple viewing angles.
  • They’re designed to meet infection control standards with easy-to-clean features.
  • LG healthcare TVs seamlessly integrate with existing technologies in hospital settings with MDM specialists able to discuss and confirm the compatibility between your healthcare facilities’ systems and LG hospital TV models.
  • They can come with Pro:Idiom, which is an encryption technology to enhance security and privacy.

Benefits of LG Hospital Grade TVs

LG hospital grade TVs are intentionally designed for patient comfort and to improve the patient experience. Entertainment provided by these televisions can help patients feel more like they’re at home, watching their favorite programs or cheering on their sports teams, and can reduce their levels of worry and stress about medical issues.

As noted above, LG hospital grade TVs can smoothly integrate with existing systems in your centers, including hospital equipment and your electronic medical records (EMR) brand of choice. Plus, LG hospital grade TVs are durable—holding up well even in the round-the-clock hospital environment.

They are Underwriter Laboratory (UL) certified to reassure hospitals of the safety of the technologies used, which allows their medical teams to put their focus where it belongs: providing world-class patient care.

LG is also Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant; this directive restricts the use of certain hazardous chemicals in electronic devices. If any of your healthcare facilities are in California, note that they’re California Energy Commission (CEC) compliant.

Because of their environmental practices, LG has earned the designation of “Leader in the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program 22-23.” The MSAP ratings acknowledge manufacturers who incorporate sustainable practices and serve as environmental and social leaders.

LG Hospital TV FAQs

Answering the second part first, hospital TVs are different from consumer grade televisions because they’re designed with the patient’s needs at the forefront—which means they can deliver both entertainment and patient education materials. Quality TVs incorporate two-way communication systems with nurse stations, can have pillow speakers, and so forth. Because hospital TVs can have long hours of usage when compared to regular ones, they must be manufactured in especially safe yet rugged ways while being easy for patients and staff alike to operate. They also must be simple to sanitize. To reach the standards of a hospital TV, the televisions must meet the stringent requirements associated with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

As for LG healthcare TVs, this trustworthy brand meets rigorous demands as they design and manufacture their hospital televisions. They prioritize safety (even in oxygen-rich environments), reliability, and customization in patient-centric ways and meet all regulatory requirements. Because of LG’s long-standing reputation for excellence and commitment to quality, MDM offers LG healthcare TVs.

LG hospital grade TVs are designed to be compatible and seamlessly integrate into existing technologies at healthcare facilities, including hospital equipment and EMR systems. To talk about your specific systems and to confirm that your LG healthcare TVs of choice will mesh with your facility’s technologies, just reach out to MDM. Our expert team is here to talk through the technical specifications with you for peace of mind. Plus, we offer professional installation services to streamline the process of using your new LG hospital grade TVs.

LG healthcare TVs will not have openings that will allow spilled liquids to enter, which eliminates that breeding ground for germs. Plus, they are easy to sanitize and come with recommended instructions on cleaning procedures.

MDM offers LG hospital grade TVs as well as LG hospital TVs with smart technology. Both options are UL Hospital Grade Listed with all of the protections that this designation confirms. The first choice comes with a reliable nurse call system, and it is pillow speaker ready—complete with a Pro:Centric V solution. This platform, developed by LG, allows you to enhance visual impacts; eliminates the requirement of a set-top box; reduces operational costs and, therefore, total cost of ownership; maximizes connectivity; and more. Available sizes include 24”, 28”, and 32”.

Besides being UL Hospital Grade Listed, the second choice—the smart TV—is RoHS and CEC compliant. Features include built-in pillow speaker ports, MPI ports, and pillow speaker compatibility. Options include Pro:Idiom encryption technology and NanoCell technology; the latter uses particles that absorb undesired wavelengths, which means that red and green colors in images have enhanced purity on the screen. LG smart hospital grade TV systems come in these sizes: 32”, 43”, 50”, 55”, and 65”.

We make it easy! Simply contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741 where you can communicate your needs, timeline, budget, and any special considerations to a member of our expert team. After listening carefully to your requirements, we will make recommendations based on your specs. MDM has big buying power and deep industry connections, which allows us to bring you today’s top hospital television models at highly competitive prices.