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LG Large Screens Commercial TVs

LG Large Screens Commercial TVs

LG Healthcare Grade Televisions

LG Healthcare Grade Televisions

LG Healthcare Grade Televisions


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PDi Healthcare Televisions


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Personal Display TVs


Commercial Grade Televisions for Healthcare Facilities

MDM Healthcare provides commercial grade hospital TVs to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other types of medical facilities across the U.S. Since 1990, we have grown to become one of the country’s largest suppliers of healthcare TV solutions, all of which are designed to withstand rigorous use while meeting the standards that healthcare environments demand.

In addition to a comprehensive selection of hospital grade TVs, our healthcare clients enjoy expert support from our technical and customer service teams, ensuring that your experience is seamless from planning to implementation and beyond.

All of MDM Healthcare’s hospital patient TV systems help improve your facility’s patient experience with functions and features that support the safety of patients, as well as being easy to use. Our commercial grade TV product catalog includes these choices and more:

Long-Term Care TVs

The LG Commercial Lite TV is ideal for assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities. Special features of our long-term care TVs, such as large-font volume, channel, and date/time displays as well as simplified interfaces make it easier for residents and patients to use their televisions without assistance.

LG Commercial Grade LED TVs

MDM Commercial is one of the nation’s leading providers of LG commercial televisions. Our LG healthcare grade TV line offers a modern design and exceptional picture quality, and most of the LG commercial televisions we provide are full high definition. Models include the popular LG 4K UHD Hospital Grade Smart TV, Smart HD Hospital Grade TV, and standard hospital-grade TV.

LG Large Screen Commercial TVs

MDM Healthcare provides large screen TVs for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These high-resolution screens can be used for digital signage, presentations, broadcasting events, and more. Our selection includes the LG 65” HDTV, LG 84” LED commercial HDTV, and both the 72” and 84” LED HDTVs.

PDi Healthcare Televisions

PDi, the nation’s largest maker of healthcare grade entertainment solutions, offers UL-listed wall-mounted and arm-mounted HDTVs. Our PDi healthcare television selections include medTAB Bedside HDTVs and tablets with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience, medTV 16” and 19” arm-mounted TVs, and the PDi A-Series Enhanced Entertainment Healthcare-grade flatscreen HDTV.

We are always expanding our line of healthcare grade products, so be sure to contact us at 800-359-6741 to learn about our newest products. Our experienced team will work with you to plan your system, and we take care of every stage of installation and implementation. MDM Healthcare professionals will also remain available 24/7 to help with any issues you may have or answer your questions.

Healthcare Television FAQs

Television systems that meet the standard of healthcare-grade or hospital-grade equipment must be safe for patients, clinicians, and staff to use and easy to operate and sanitize. Unlike non-commercial, or consumer-grade TVs, equipment made for hospitals and healthcare facilities is also manufactured to withstand continuous use.

In addition to high durability, TVs made for hospitals and healthcare facilities have features such as advanced heat dissipation that allow for around-the-clock use. They are also designed with patients’ safety and overall experience in mind, as well as being efficient and easy to operate and maintain.

TVs intended for use in patient rooms must meet Underwriter Laboratories (UL) safety regulations, which require reduced risk of fire, hazardous radiation, and electrical shock. Our products, including our LG healthcare TVs, are UL-listed and also offer convenient features such as access to your facility’s cable or satellite TV service, built-in pillow speakers that work with your nurse-call system, and wide viewing angles.

Whether you manage a long-term care facility, hospital, or other healthcare institution, MDM Healthcare can meet your needs with a wide range of hospital and healthcare TVs. Designed just for use in a healthcare environment, our TV products and accessories can help enhance your patients’ stay.

Our selection includes swing-arm, personal, and compact TVs, and our systems are easy to integrate with the systems you have now. MDM Healthcare’s healthcare grade TVs include these LG and PDi models and more:

  • LG Smart HD Hospital Grade TVs
  • LG Standard Hospital Grade TVs
  • LG 4K UHD Hospital Grade Smart TVs
  • LG 15” Personal Healthcare SmartTouch Screen TVs
  • PDi A-Series Enhanced Entertainment Healthcare grade Flatscreen HDTV
  • PDi medTAB 14” Bedside HDTV-TABLET with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience
  • PDi medTAB 19” Bedside HDTV with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience
  • PDi medTV16 16” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV
  • PDi medTV19 19” Arm-mounted Patient HDTV

If you’d like to know more about our current selection of healthcare televisions or need assistance choosing the products that best meet your facility’s specific needs, please call us at 800-359-6741.

As an MDM Healthcare client, you will have continuous, expert support from your first engagement with us. We assign an experienced account manager to each client, who will provide personal service during and after the sale. You will be able to reach your dedicated account manager directly at any time of day, including after hours. We invite you to call us at 800-359-6741 or send an email to customerservice@mdmcommercial to find out about our solutions and how we can help your facility provide an exceptional patient experience.

MDM Healthcare a range of in-room equipment and technology, including pillow speakers, TV remote controls, and TV mounts and brackets. We also offer high-definition headend systems and DirectTV®, interactive patient education solutions, and digital signage solutions.

Yes. We have several flexible payment options that help meet your financing needs, including one- to five-year financing, prepayment by check, end-of-lease purchase options, and more.