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Interactive Patient Systems: Seamless Education Delivery

With so much advancement in the medical field in recent years, it’s important to keep patients up to date on the most modern and effective methods of treatment. However, educating patients is not without challenges. Doctors often find it difficult to keep patients engaged in their treatment and may struggle to find ways to make the information easily digestible. Moreover, many doctors struggle to overcome language barriers, which can greatly hinder the relay of information.

Fortunately, hospitals across the country can turn to MDM Commercial to provide the tools they need to improve patient engagement. At the center: Journey PX, an interactive patient education software that makes information easily accessible to your patients. To find out how this interactive patient system can help your healthcare facilities improve quality of care, please contact us online, give us a call at 800-359-6741, or click the button below to book a free demo.

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Journey PX for Interactive Patient Education

Journey PX provides patients with an easy to use, reliable resource for information about their specific conditions and treatments. Contrast that to situations where they’re forced to perform internet searches to get information, what they find on the internet may not be accurate, relevant, or up to date—and you can quickly see the benefits of accurate medical information through interactive patient education systems, such as Journey PX.

As another example, when your healthcare facilities offer readily available, condition-specific education, patients won’t be as likely to reach out to family and friends who, despite their best intentions, may provide them with misinformation.

Journey PX allows for translation into many different languages, helping you break down barriers and deliver necessary information quickly and efficiently. This also helps to eliminate wasted time spent by caregivers who might otherwise need to repeat information. Not only is it accessible from hospital televisions in patient rooms, it can also be accessed from virtually any mobile device, making it easy for your patients and their families to get the information they need.

Benefits of Journey PX includes:

  • Efficient and effective patient education: Having a comprehensive library of educational materials readily available means you can provide your patients with relevant information about conditions and treatment plans quickly and efficiently.
  • Reducing costs: Using Cloud technology to deliver patient education as well as your healthcare organization’s specific brand, and patient specific information to multiple devices, makes this a low cost solution that’s also extremely user friendly.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction: Engaged patients enjoy a better experience and report higher levels of satisfaction with the care they have received. This makes them more likely to choose your facility in the future and to recommend it to their friends.
  • Encouraging better communication: Our patient education solutions help patients understand their conditions so they can ask the right questions and communicate effectively with their physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals.
  • Improving health outcomes: Patients who take an active interest in their own health are more likely to participate in making decisions about their healthcare and adhere to their long-term health goals.

This interactive patient solution can interface with your existing clinical systems and is distributed via in-room television, email, and/or text to reach your patients whenever and wherever is most effective. Our Journey PX software is scalable, interactive, and affordable so that you can easily meet your patient engagement goals.

MDM Commercial will also work closely with your facility, providing turnkey implementation services. We will install all of the necessary equipment and software and show you how to use them, so that you can start making the most of your investment immediately. We even provide remote help desk support for our products.

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Essential Patient Engagement

Perhaps, in the past, patient engagement was a “nice to have” item on your list. However, today it’s essential to the success of your hospital or other healthcare facilities, which is why increasing numbers of healthcare providers are exploring and using interactive patient systems. They’re looking for systems that alleviate concerns and provide solutions for patients and care providers alike so they can boost patient satisfaction and engagement, and communication with family members.

In fact, many of the leading hospitals around the country are already utilizing these types of systems, and we expect that their value will soon be recognized by all healthcare providers. Our prediction? They will become a must-have in every medical facility sometime in the near future.

Choosing Among Interactive Patient Education Systems

There are many interactive patient education systems out on the market, and it can be difficult to discern what their differences are. While we can’t speak for other systems, we can tell you that there is no other system like the Journey PX. Not only does our software integrate easily with existing clinical systems, but it’s accessible to patients and families whether they’re in a hospital bed or they’re hundreds of miles away on their smartphone. Everyone can use it and everyone can benefit.

That’s why we’re so excited to be one of the leading companies offering an interactive patient system, one that’s scalable and affordable and easy for patients and caregivers to understand and use. And, when patients and their families understand relevant medical conditions and treatment options, this can help to provide them with peace of mind as they confidently make their healthcare decisions.

Benefit from Patient Feedback

When patients have questions or concerns about their hospital stay, they don’t always know how to express it to people who have the ability to help them with the issues. Journey PX delivers customized satisfaction surveys to patients to help your facility improve the patient experience and overall service—which is just one more reason why Journey PX is such a valuable system for healthcare facilities like yours.

Contact MDM for Your Patient Education Solution

MDM Commercial has decades of experience in providing healthcare facilities for solutions that enhance the patient experience and we can guide you every step of the way. From sharing the benefits of our system to hassle-free integration of the technology into what your facilities currently have and ongoing technical support, our expert team is here to help you engage with and educate patients. Contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741 to get a quote.


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