MDM Lodging is a comprehensive hospitality solutions provider with decades of experience serving lodging industry. We offer a complete line of in-room and common area equipment, including commercial-grade TVs and accessories, mini-fridges and microwaves, and in-room air conditioners, as well as ice dispensing machines, PTACs, and many other products to fulfill your hotel’s equipment needs.

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About US

Hospitality Supplies & Solutions

MDM Lodging is a comprehensive hospitality solutions provider with decades of experience serving the hotel and lodging industry. We offer a complete line of in-room equipment, including commercial-grade TVs and accessories, mini-fridges and microwaves, and in-room air conditioners, as well as ice dispensing machines, PTACs, headend systems, and many other products to fulfill your hotel’s equipment needs.

In addition to offering an extensive selection of products, we provide exceptional customer service from start to finish. When you first contact MDM Lodging, our dedicated account managers will offer personalized assistance to help determine which hospitality products best suit the unique needs of your hotel or lodging facility. We make ordering new products easy and also offer complete setup and installation services. Thanks to our experienced professionals, your new system will be upgraded or installed without any hassle, ensuring you get up and running quickly. Plus, our technical support team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns after your new hotel TVs, headend system, or other hospitality equipment is in place.

Our experience in the lodging industry gives us an unsurpassed advantage, and our unrivaled customer service and competitive prices are extremely beneficial for our customers. You can count on our professional staff to work with you to plan, implement, and manage your facility’s television and other equipment initiatives.

We want to be your one-stop shop for the hospitality products, systems, and consulting services you need. Call 800-359-6741 to get in contact with an MDM professional today.

GUEST Experience


Maximize your guest experience with custom-branded content for your digital displays in-room and in common areas! Our expert Content Design team will create awe-inspiring visuals designed to drive guest engagement and enhance your property's marketing efforts!


TV Systems, Digital Signage, AC Units and More For The Lodging Industry

Hotel Air Conditioners

Guests in your lodging facilities appreciate customized comfort, which is why we offer GE Zoneline® air conditioning units that empower guests with the ability to control temperatures in their rooms. These hotel air conditioners, created with the latest technology, also benefit your facility by:

  •  Providing exceptionally reliable and consistent performance
  • Saving you money on energy costs by reducing air filtration cycles
  •  Saving you money on service maintenance and repairs

GE Zoneline® units come with digital controls, along with an electronic temperature limiting feature that allows your facility to reduce your operational costs while preventing excessive temperature fluctuations as the seasons change. These hotel air conditioners use cutting-edge technology with universal components, and they can seamlessly be installed as part of new construction or during upgrades and renovations, as well as when a single unit replacement is needed.

Vertical packaged terminal units, called ZVACS, can be installed in room corners for a single room or, because of their top-side air discharge construction, ducted into multiple rooms for hotels, resort suites, senior living rooms, and more.
Types of hotel air conditioners available include:

Our experienced team can help you make the right choices for your facilities.

Hotel Digital Signage

Quality signage can help your lodging facilities in multiple ways, from expanding your marketing reach and strengthening your brand to improving the overall guest experience. More specifically, here are ways to leverage our commercial grade hotel digital signage:

  • Welcome your guests interactable with digital content you provide through touchscreen technology.
  • Provide easy-to-follow maps of your facilities for guests, while also conveniently sharing maps of the surrounding area.
  • Display guest amenities and advertise new services, enhancing the experience of your guests.

At MDM Lodging, you can find the digital signage you need for hotels, motels, resorts, and more, each with the latest technology. By using them, you can free up your staff to focus on more important or urgent guest needs.

Our Peerless kiosks come in a wide range of styles, features, and benefits—designed to robustly hold up under public use. We have options that can be retrofitted over existing units, as well as for new construction.

We also offer expert planning services, and can set up and install your hotel digital signage with a focus on providing premier customer service. Then, if you’d like our talented graphic designers to create the content that brings your vision to life, just let us know. We offer a full range of graphic and content creation services.

Hotel TV Systems

Upgrading the hotel television systems in your facility with modern technology can truly enhance the guest experience. Because this can be a significant investment, we leverage our buying power to provide the most cost-effective solutions.

Our hospitality televisions are built by a leading brand, LG, with cutting-edge features in an innovative design, offering up crisp sound and excellent picture quality.

  • Available products include:
  • The latest line of HD TVs from LG
  • Home theater quality television systems
  • Small, dresser-top high definition TVs
  • Lodging LG Pro:Centric® Smart

Those with Pro:Centric applications allow guests to quickly locate programs they want to watch from the comfort of their own rooms. This allows you to enhance the guest experience while saving on time and labor costs because your team will no longer need to visit individual rooms for configuration updates.

Besides offering the best rates on our hospitality televisions, we also streamline the transition by offering installation and setup services, plus ongoing technical support.

MDM Lodging also offers a wide range of television mounts that are lightweight yet robust. Wall mounts can hold television sets in landscape or portrait orientation, providing a professional look with hidden hardware that matches your décor. We also offer pivot mounts, either wall or tabletop, for seamless viewing from just about any angle, with security screws preventing tampering or theft.

Hotel Ice Machines

Travelers expect to find hotel ice machines in their choice of lodgings, we offer high volume commercial ice dispensers from Manitowoc. These models have the latest in design technology, including Manitowoc’s patented actuator to push for ice, and they are attractively styled with customer friendly features for ease of use.

These hotel ice machines use standard sized buckets. To help prevent any spillage of ice, the dispensers have a rocking chute dispensing mechanism, and their oversized drain pans can capture a greater amount of ice overflow. If you choose, you can add on a dispensing control option—either making these machines coin operated or room-card dispensed.

Manitowoc’s ice machines operate more quietly compared to competitor ice machines, making them ideal for the lodging industry, and they use non-CFC refrigerants. Your facilities can also enjoy savings on your energy costs, with more than 97 percent of Manitowoc’s commercial ice machines meeting or exceeding energy performance standards. These include strict ones from Energy Star® and CEE.

Our range of commercial ice dispensers have different capacities, with options just right for a broad spectrum of hotels, motels and more. We also offer ice storage bins for your hotel, motel, or other kind of lodging facility. Our 30-inch B570 model holds 430 pounds of ice, with a design that’s attractive and highly styled.


Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel digital signage empowers your hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities in multiple ways as you engage with guests, vendors, and other visitors as they interact with your brand through modern touchscreen technology. Besides enhancing your guest experience, you can welcome people to your facilities via outdoor signage and share important information to that audience.

You can advertise new services, both inside and out, share location and hours of your amenities (from pools to gyms, restaurants and more), which can serve as a new driver of revenue. When you offer advertising opportunities to nearby attractions, this can be another source of revenue.

Hotel digital signage is an ideal way to provide helpful maps for a seamless experience for people in your facilities. Then, if you need to send important messages, including real time and/or urgent ones, you can use the signage technology to do exactly that.

Because you can create uniquely personalized content, you can strengthen your brand through strategically used text, logos, images, videos, and more. You will meet guests where they are—both physically and by providing them with self-help kiosks that people are increasingly using, expecting, and appreciating—while also freeing up your staff’s time because, instead of repeating basic information to guests, they can focus on more important and/or urgent needs.


Partnering with the Brands You Know & Trust

Why Choose US


At MDM Lodging, we are your comprehensive provider of hospitality equipment, offering a wide range of products at competitive prices as well as hassle-free installations. Featuring a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, MDM Lodging can create a custom solution that suits the size and scope of your hotel’s needs, with products that include:

  • technical-support

    Commercial-grade televisions

  • tools

    Microfridges and microwaves

  • analysis

    In-room air conditioners and PTACs

  • profile

    Ice dispensing machines


This is the type of question that you might get asked by guests at your hotel, motel, or resort. The fact that people ask means that it’s important to them to safely store snacks, leftovers from meals, medicines, drinks, and more while staying at your locale. By offering this type of hospitality equipment—meaning, mini-fridges—in guest rooms, you can boost satisfaction and help to increase loyalty, your brand’s reputation, and positive word of mouth as guests share their experiences with friends and family.

Types of mini-fridges that appeal to guests include those from Danby, available in a range of sizes: 1.8 cubic feet2.5 cubic feet, and 4.4 cubic feet among others. (You can even offer apartment-sized refrigerators, which are ideal for long-term guests.)

From the hotel’s point of view, mini-fridges are excellent solutions—being cost effective and space saving while pleasing guests. Plus, today’s technologies allow the mini-fridges to operate in energy saving ways, running quietly. Their stylish designs allow them to blend in well with your lodging room décor. For the ultimate in convenience and space saving, you can also consider microwave-fridge combos.

Returning to your specific question, yes, you can have an arrangement where you provide mini-fridges to guests who request them. That said, guests today no longer consider having a fridge in their rooms as a luxury as they did in the past. Instead, it’s something they expect from a quality lodging facility. So, in today’s competitive market, you can include them in all the rooms for an optimal guest experience.

HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air cooling.” This is the system that hotels use to maintain a comfortable temperature for guests throughout the seasons, which includes the proper levels of air circulation. In today’s times, guests expect quality HVAC systems in the hospitality brands where they stay. Focusing specifically on the cooling function for the moment, it’s crucial that brands choose just the right hotel AC units for their facility.

Types of hotel AC units to consider include:

  • PTAC units: These packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units by GE Zoneline® are created to maximize your savings through digital controls, electronic temperature limiting, and a super seal system that reduces the cycles of air filtration. Guests, meanwhile, are empowered to manage their rooms’ temperatures without affecting people staying in other rooms; your staff can control the temperatures in unoccupied rooms. PTAC units are perfect for new construction, hotel renovations, or single-unit replacements because of their universal components.
  • Vertical PTAC units: A specific type of PTAC unit, this one is self contained and can be installed in closets and other out of the way places. Vertical PTACs can control the temperatures in one or more rooms in your facility while still giving guests the ability to adjust theirs for the ultimate in comfort.
  • In-room hotel AC units: Constructed with today’s cutting edge technologies, MDM Commercial only works with time-tested, trustworthy brands, offering exceptionally reliable GE Electric models. Some of them also provide heat, which expands their year-round HVAC value.

In general, an icemaker draws from a source of water, a pump, and it’s chilled by a cold evaporator and poured over a tray that determines the size of the cubes. As the water freezes, ice forms in layers. Once layers are thick enough, the ice machine will switch to a mode that harvests the cubes from the tray, providing ice for people to use.

At MDM Commercial, we offer the Manitowoc brand of hotel ice machines, the number one brand of commercial ice machines in the United States. Why? Because Manitowoc offers the latest in design technologies with features that are easy for guests to use. Plus, their attractive look will complement any lodging décor.

More specifically, Manitowoc’s high volume commercial ice dispensers, designed for standard sized ice buckets, use a patented actuator for people to “push for ice,” leveraging paddlewheel technology. Benefits of these ice machines include the rocking chute dispenser mechanism; you’ll appreciate how it reduces the amount of ice spillage along with the oversized drain pan that captures bigger quantities of overflowing ice. If you choose, you can use the coin operated option or one that’s activated by your guests’ room cards.

Operationally, these hotel ice machines have reduced noise levels, which guests appreciate. Plus, they use eco-friendly non-CFC refrigerants with more than 97 percent of them meeting or exceeding energy performance standards. For your convenience, the ice machines come in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your specific needs.

This is another question that guests may ask you, and it gives you an opportunity to talk about the filtered water being used and the hygienic nature of your ice machines and related equipment. Perhaps you offer ice for free or maybe your machines are coin operated or triggered through using room cards; you can also share that information. To get top quality hotel ice machines from MDM, please contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741. Our experts will be happy to listen to your needs and recommend the best products for you.

Two key areas that we haven’t yet mentioned in these hospitality equipment FAQs are hotel TV systems & digital signage options. Choosing the right TV system will modernize your facilities as you enhance the guest experience. At MDM, we have the latest line of LG HD TVs; television systems with home theater quality; dresser-top HD TVs; and much more. We offer the right mounts for comfort and security along with the best TV remotes. One question we’re asked about TVs: what are LG Pro:Centric servers? This technology allows hotels, motels, and resorts to directly provide unique content to each guest's television set while also sharing corporate branding: a win/win.

Here are specific examples of hotel TV systems that we offer:

  • LG Commercial TV (LV340H): Features of interest include embedded customizable templates, a new quick menu, multiple channel spooling, and much more. Available sizes are as follows: 32″, 40″, 43″, 49″, and 55″.
  • Pro:Centric® Enhanced Hospitality 4K UHD TV (UV560H): This option is a guest favorite, offering high dynamic range. These TVs are available in the same sizes as the Commercial Lite Guestroom TV.
  • OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV (65WU960H): Picture this! Perfect black, intense colors, cinematic sound (Dolby Atmos®), and 4K Cinema HDR.

The second half of hotel TV systems & digital signage options are the electronic signage choices that can transform your brand and serve as a true difference maker. Digital signage refers to relevant hardware and software alike as it broadcasts content to guests, visitors, vendors, and more. Hardware can range from lobby-based HD TV monitors, a video wall in your facilities’ bars and restaurants, hotel LED signs, and more. The software is a content management system used to program and distribute content to these hardware screens.

Good places to position your digital signage can include these locations:

  • Hotel concierge/front desk
  • Special events locations
  • Restaurants/bars/gift shops
  • Gym/spa/pools
  • Children’s clubs/playgrounds
  • Exit locations/elevators/parking garages
  • At intersections in your hotel
  • By elevators, stairs, and exits

Consider also asking someone unfamiliar with your facilities to walk through and tell you where they could have used the guidance of digital signage. Benefits of electronic signage include how they enhance guest interactivity with touchscreen technology; welcome people to your facilities; seamlessly share information with them, including real-time data; advertise your facilities and their amenities; provide wayfinding signage for easy navigation; and much more.

MDM is a comprehensive solutions provider for the hospitality industry with decades of experience, offering commercial grade hospitality equipment for individual guest rooms as well as in lobbies and other common areas: TV systems & digital signage, hotel AC units, mini-fridges, microwaves, ice makers and dispensers, and much more.

Besides offering an extensive product range, MDM provides outstanding customer service from the day you first contact us onward. Our dedicated account managers will listen carefully to your needs to determine what hospitality equipment and products would benefit your facilities the most, providing personalized recommendations based on that information and our industry know-how. The ordering process is seamless.

Next up: our comprehensive, hassle-free setup and installation services that will get your facilities up and running quickly with your top quality, brand new products. If you have questions, our tech support team is available to answer them and address any concerns.

Benefit from competitive pricing through our big buying power, and enjoy an unsurpassed advantage through our experience and deep industry connections. Don’t see what you want? Let us source it for you.

In short, we can plan, implement, and manage your hospitality equipment, your one-stop shop for your products, systems, and consulting. To get started, contact us online or call 800-359-6741.