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Video Wall Solutions: Maximize Your Messaging for Optimal Impact

Video walls can optimize your healthcare facility’s ability to educate, entertain, and communicate effectively with patients, their friends and family members, visitors, vendors, and staff. People are increasingly expecting to encounter and use these digital displays for information and the programming they enjoy in public spaces, including reception areas and waiting rooms.

If you’re seeking the optimal video wall solutions for your hospitals, senior living centers, and/or other healthcare facilities, contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our expert team can help you to select exactly the right solutions for your needs, providing second to none customer service and ongoing technical support.

Capabilities of Video Walls

You can use your walls to display one single image to focus people’s attention on a core message. You can display multiple images within one screen, stream live video, and so on. This type of digital wall offers healthcare facilities with a significant amount of flexibility to dovetail their usage to achieve goals. As you increase the number of devices displayed in a particular location, you automatically expand your ability to scale up and down, as needed, and maximize creative possibilities.

Some facilities start small, using two to four screens, while others use as many as one hundred. A video wall has the flexibility to allow people to watch multiple viewings at one time, such as live television while also viewing other messaging of importance to you—which could include targeted advertising to boost revenue. And what’s being viewed can be changed in a matter of seconds with our web-based software. This allows you to post timely announcements, including emergency messaging.

Video Wall Solutions at MDM Commercial

Options include:

  • 49VL5B-B 49″ LG Video Wall: This option comes with a stable panel; super-narrow bezel; wide viewing angle; and SuperSign W-Lite for content management.
  • 49VM5C-A 49″ LG Video Wall: Benefits of this narrow bezel choice include a clear viewing angle and uniform brightness; built-in SoC and synced playback; and a web OS 2.0 system. SoC stands for “system-on-chip” and it’s smart technology that integrates crucial computer components into just one board.
  • 55LV35A-5B 55″ LG Video Wall: This unit comes with a super-narrow bezel; wide viewing angle; and higher brightness uniformity. Its 500 nit display is ideal for 24/7 operation and this wall comes with our SuperSign software for remote control and advanced color adjustment.
  • 55VH7B-B 55″ LG Video Wall: Specs and features of this wall include webOS 2.0; quad core with built-in SoC; brightness level of 700cd/m²; a bezel of under 2.0mm, B-to-B; an SoC-based sync playback; and image gap reduction.
  • 55VH7B-H 55″ LG Video Wall: Benefit from a super-narrow premium display (less than 2mm); LAN daisy-chain performance; and a 700 nit display for 24/7 operations.
  • 55VM5B-B 55″ Video Wall: This narrow bezel option offers clear viewing angles and uniform brightness, with a webOS 2.0 system, built-in SoC, and synced playback.

MDM Commercial for Digital Display Solutions

No matter which integrated solution you choose, your facility can display real-time data in targeted, engaging, effective messaging. To help, MDM Commercial can provide your healthcare facility with our proprietary content management software, and we also offer content creation and graphic services that strategically express your unique brand.

For personalized assistance in choosing the right wall solutions, please contact us online, email or call us toll free at 800-359-6741 today.

Video Wall FAQs

This type of system has two or more screens (often, many more) that are joined together to either display multiple images or one larger combined image.

In general, bigger displays grab people’s attention more easily than smaller ones. With digital walls, as each video screen is added, the overall resolution of the total display increases, making it even more attention grabbing. Plus, this is a scalable solution because you can continue to expand the total surface without reducing the quality of any images.

A processor sends your desired content to the digital screens in your wall and allows you to scale and adjust it in real time, arranging the images so they can work as an integrated whole.