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Pro-AV Video Walls

Pro-AV video walls are the ultimate in digital wall displays with multiple monitors being configured to flexibly provide customized information, entertainment, and advertising. To discuss your brand needs, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.

Benefits of Digital Wall Displays

Today’s video walls use the latest technology for high-definition resolution. LED video wall panels, for example, are just one form of direct view technology that allows you to provide viewers with incredibly clear images. Plus, because video walls have multiple monitors, you can use them to create an especially large and eye-catching image or project a variety of content types. Strategically used, digital wall displays can engage viewers in ways that other technologies simply can’t.

You can use them to transform lobbies and waiting rooms, add beauty to virtually any wall, and broadcast content in awe-inspiring ways. You can use LED screens for stage productions as well as at art shows, caucuses and conferences, stadium shows, sports competitions, malls, airports, and so much more.

Your digital wall displays can be configured in ways that are unique to your venue to meet your specific needs as you stand out from the crowd. Here are examples of products that MDM Commercial offers from top, trustworthy brands.

LG VL5F Series Video Wall Display

Provide your customers with all-encompassing screen immersion that’s suitable for just about any business environment with the VL5F digital wall display. This ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel choice is 55”, providing clear images from any angle, thanks to its outstanding IPS panel. Businesses love this design because it’s extremely attractive while also being highly functional.

LG VM5E Series Even Bevel Video Wall

For maximum multi-purposing, choose these VM5E LED video wall panels. Couple this extremely narrow 0.9mm bezel with a state of the art smart signage platform, and the solution becomes exponentially more powerful. Raise brand awareness in creative ways with these modern technologies. This is available in two sizes: 49” and 55”.

LG VM5J-H Series FHD Video Wall

VM5J-H LED video wall panels offer a seamless viewing experience with an image improvement algorithm to reduce image gaps among tiles. Objects on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for an outstanding presentation. These digital wall displays are 55”.

MDM Commercial for Your LED Video Wall Panels

Pro-AV solutions provide the first-class technology that you want and need to bring your vision to life. Use them to impress customers and guests, streamline business operations, promote your brand, and so much more. Experts at MDM Commercial will consult with you to ensure that you select exactly the right technologies for your goals.

Choose us as your one-stop shop: from top-notch professional consulting to solutions that leverage today’s cutting-edge technologies, and from expert installation to content and graphics services, technical support, outstanding customer service, and more.

MDM Commercial has been providing companies with technological solutions for more than 30 years, using our big buying power to secure our customers the most competitive pricing possible. Contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.