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Pro-AV Video Walls

Pro-AV video walls are the ultimate in digital wall displays with multiple monitors being configured to flexibly provide customized information, entertainment, and advertising. To discuss your brand needs, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.

Benefits of Digital Wall Displays

Today’s video walls use the latest technology for high-definition resolution. LED video wall panels, for example, are just one form of direct view technology that allows you to provide viewers with incredibly clear images. Plus, because video walls have multiple monitors, you can use them to create an especially large and eye-catching image or project a variety of content types. Strategically used, digital wall displays can engage viewers in ways that other technologies simply can’t.

You can use them to transform lobbies and waiting rooms, add beauty to virtually any wall, and broadcast content in awe-inspiring ways. You can use LED screens for stage productions as well as at art shows, caucuses and conferences, stadium shows, sports competitions, malls, airports, and so much more.

Your digital wall displays can be configured in ways that are unique to your venue to meet your specific needs as you stand out from the crowd. Here are examples of products that MDM Commercial offers from top, trustworthy brands.

LG VL5F Series Video Wall Display

Provide your customers with all-encompassing screen immersion that’s suitable for just about any business environment with the VL5F digital wall display. This ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel-to-bezel choice is 55”, providing clear images from any angle, thanks to its outstanding IPS panel. Businesses love this design because it’s extremely attractive while also being highly functional.

LG VM5E Series Even Bevel Video Wall

For maximum multi-purposing, choose these VM5E LED video wall panels. Couple this extremely narrow 0.9mm bezel with a state of the art smart signage platform, and the solution becomes exponentially more powerful. Raise brand awareness in creative ways with these modern technologies. This is available in two sizes: 49” and 55”.

LG VM5J-H Series FHD Video Wall

VM5J-H LED video wall panels offer a seamless viewing experience with an image improvement algorithm to reduce image gaps among tiles. Objects on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for an outstanding presentation. These digital wall displays are 55”.

MDM Commercial for Your LED Video Wall Panels

Pro-AV solutions provide the first-class technology that you want and need to bring your vision to life. Use them to impress customers and guests, streamline business operations, promote your brand, and so much more. Experts at MDM Commercial will consult with you to ensure that you select exactly the right technologies for your goals.

Choose us as your one-stop shop: from top-notch professional consulting to solutions that leverage today’s cutting-edge technologies, and from expert installation to content and graphics services, technical support, outstanding customer service, and more.

MDM Commercial has been providing companies with technological solutions for more than 30 years, using our big buying power to secure our customers the most competitive pricing possible. Contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.

Pro-AV LED Video Wall FAQs

Digital walls consist of a series of wall display panels, perhaps LCD or LED, that can be joined (tiled) together to form one large piece of content. Or, these panels can provide multiple types of content, one on each individual screen, while being physically aligned with one another on the wall. With today’s technology, with either usage, these images can be incredibly crisp and clear. 

Interactive digital walls, meanwhile, display images or videos on screens in either of these formats that users can connect and engage with via touches, swipes, or other motions. Because of their size, flexibility, and interactivity, a commercial video wall can be incredibly eye-catching—used for a wide range of purposes that can be of value to a whole spectrum of industries. Because of the interactive digital walls’ content management system, content can seamlessly be streamed to viewers. 

This technology first began to emerge in the 1960s, but those screens were small and expensive. They also weren’t especially colorful. It took a couple more decades before larger (bulky!) CRT screens became available to further the technology—and then another decade or so before LED technologies with flat screens started to come to the forefront. By the early 2000s, video walls existed and, since then, they’ve continued to develop into today’s exceptional technologies. 

As far as touchscreen capability, in 1965, E.A. Johnson of the United Kingdom invented the foundation of the version used in today’s tablets and smartphones. Five years later, an American named Dr. G. Samuel Hurst created the type that could be used with computer monitors.

For an optimal experience, commercial video walls rely upon the quality of the hardware and software with sensors facilitating the users’ ability to interact with the digital walls. As people engage with the screens through sound, sight, and touch, they can become more connected to the messaging provided through them.

People typically appreciate the ability to use touchscreens. Accustomed to using them in everyday applications, such as with their smartphones, they enjoy the convenient, modern experience with interactive wall display panels in commercial video walls. When you can make the process of using them simple and intuitive, you’ll typically get much more engagement with your target audiences. 

LED wall panels allow your business or organization to communicate high-definition messaging internally and/or externally, presenting text, images, audio, video, and more in incredibly memorable and eye-catching ways. Digital wall displays can be configured in streamlined ways, too—especially when leveraging a powerful content management system. You can flexibly stream content, indoors and out, changing what’s being displayed when desired, and scaling up when needed by adding more panels to the display. Plus, modern LED video wall panels facilitate a degree of interactivity and adaptability that once was only dreamed about, permitting you to increase your engagement with target audiences in creative ways that reinforce your brand with just a touch.

The ability to flexibly stream context in multiple formats has revolutionized the ability of businesses and organizations to communicate with target audiences in real-time—making scalable LED wall panels a vast improvement over the static signage of yesteryear.

Going back in time, before LED technology existed, incandescent and fluorescent lights were used, which were less energy efficient than LEDs. Lights using LED were invented in 1961 and, over the next few decades, they continued to be improved upon, which has led to a reduced need for electricity to power the technology. In retrospect, previous lighting systems were much clunkier than what’s available today with modern LED video walls using lights that provide businesses with crisp, clear signage with greater color rendering and improved heat dissipation. They're much more versatile, durable, and interactive—and the technology continues to improve.

Applications of digital walls are far reaching, and the best use is the one that dovetails with your needs. Ways in which they’re used include corporate uses with commercial video walls greatly enhancing a company’s ability to hold conferences, deliver presentations, train employees, and more. The beauty of this approach is that digital walls can suit the learning styles of just about anyone. Visual learners can appreciate the video; auditory ones can listen to what’s being presented; readers and writers can seamlessly take notes of what they learn; and, when a digital wall is interactive, kinesthetic learners who engage with activities with the sense of touch can benefit. Commercial video walls can be placed in lobbies and other public places in the business to engage with customers.

In the first paragraph, we referenced business conferences. This type of usage can expand into exhibitions at trade shows, with images easily seen by attendees; it can also be used by conference organizers to list schedules of presentations and their room numbers while providing the necessary wayfinding information.

Wayfinding signage can actually be a benefit for a wide range of organizations, ranging from healthcare organizations to hotels, motels, and resorts to schools and more. Studies show how being uncertain about how to navigate locations can lead to significant amounts of stress; wall display panels containing directional information can help to eliminate those feelings of stress and enhance the site visitors’ ability to get where they need to go.

In schools, including universities, wall display panels can be ideal in large classrooms and lecture halls, auditoriums, and more. This allows participants, no matter where they find a seat in the room, to easily hear and see the material being presented, helping to lead to successful student outcomes. Digital walls are used with good effect in entertainment venues, as well, including sports stadiums, theaters, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, and more.

Let the experts at MDM know how you plan to use your digital walls, and we will make recommendations for your specific situation. Please contact us online or call 800-359-6741 for a prompt and courteous response.

Absolutely! That’s one of the key benefits of today’s video wall displays. You can expand the overall size of your displays by simply adding more LED wall panels. Although a large display is made up of multiple smaller ones, to customers and guests viewing the result, it appears to be one huge, eye-catching presentation—thanks to advanced technology that includes ultra-thin bezels. Then, with MDM’s powerful content management system, you can smoothly configure your multi-panel setup to form the overall image in ways of your choice.

From hotels, motels, resorts, and other hospitality systems to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, possibilities are nearly endless for the use of video walls and digital wall displays. Schools—ranging from elementary schools to high schools to colleges and universities—also benefit from this technology. So do sports stadiums, retail establishments, a wide range of businesses, and more. They’re ideal in the arts: for concerts, theater productions, and live broadcasting of events. Video walls and digital wall displays have numerous uses in government, telecommunications and other IT applications, security, finance, transportation, and more, transforming lobbies, meeting rooms, and more into true communication centers.

They are, yes. The technology and equipment used in LED video walls have both indoor and outdoor applications and are designed in the same way. In general, though, ones that will be used outdoors will need to be larger with greater brightness with exceptional waterproofing capabilities. Placement and positioning also need to be considered as you maximize the viewing experience for passersby. When making your selections, it’s important to choose the products that dovetail with your needs, including where the LED wall panels will be used, and our professional team at MDM can provide expert guidance. So, just reach out online or by calling 800-359-6741 to let us know your specific needs.

Like with so many modern technologies, LED wall panels are forms of hardware that are powered by software. When choosing the hardware—the video wall panels themselves—consider the size of the panel and the brightness capabilities, bezels (which have an impact on how smoothly the panels will blend), depth of images, and the interface of the particular model along with the mounting hardware, cables, and so forth.

The system will be powered by a processor and content management software, so be sure to ask questions about the capabilities and potential of the ones in your video wall solution of choice.

Video walls are powered by a special kind of software that allows you to choose and stream content on your video wall in real-time from a centralized location. Typically, you can use the software to control brightness and contrast, and scale, crop, and zoom in the text and images as desired. The best video wall software is intuitive to use with flexible options like data and graphics overlays, transparency layers that can provide up-to-date information on top of the streamed content, multi-display options, mixed orientation display options, and more to provide just the presentations you desire in modern, eye-catching, and engaging ways.

Given that your content management system allows this (which is what you’ll get at MDM), you definitely can display multiple sources of content simultaneously. Video walls are made up of individual screens with thin bezels, allowing you to display one large image on the combined units. As desired, though, you can send varied forms of content to different LED wall panels to achieve the intended effect.

We offer a wide range of modern solutions; as just one example, there is the LG VL5F Series Video Wall Display: extremely attractive, this all-encompassing 55” screen and excellent IPS panel provides the clear images you want from any angle. Deliver information, advertising, and more by using this choice as a commercial video wall.

The LG VM5E Series Even Bevel Video Wall offers an exceptionally immersive experience with a robust, state of the art platform. Viewers can engage with smart signage that expresses your brand in uniquely satisfying ways.

As another option, the LG VM5J-H Series FHD Video Wall reduces gaps between tiled images in seamless ways when streaming video—thanks to its cutting-edge image improvement algorithm.

Ready to talk about your specific needs? Reach out online or call 800-359-6741. We’re here to help!

We do! MDM is your one-stop shop for video wall setups: from customized product selection to timely delivery to professional installation services, tech support, content and graphics services, and more—each delivered with the utmost of quality customer service. When you choose MDM for your video wall setups, you benefit from our extensive experience, deep industry connections, and big buying power that translates into the most competitive prices possible. To get started, just contact us online or call 800-359-6741 today.

The price of an interactive wall can vary greatly, depending upon the size, number of wall panel displays, technology (both hardware and software) used, quality of the wall, and so forth. When determining the price, you’ll need to factor in mounting hardware and any other necessary accessories. At a high level, an interactive wall could cost as little as a few thousand up to tens of thousands. 

For a customized estimate for the technologies you want and need, simply contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our experts have deep knowledge and connections in the industry and can work with you to get the system that suits both your needs and your budget.