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Patient Engagement Technology: Enhance The Journey

MDM Commercial has developed a unique software, Journey PX, which can benefit both healthcare facilities and patients alike by providing engaging and educational material to patients and their families. This software allows patients to access targeted, accurate information about their medical conditions while enhancing their healthcare experiences through relaxing soundscapes, games, and entertainment programs. MDM also offers second to none patient education videos that boost engagement.

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Patient Education Challenges

Although medical professionals across the country can agree that patient education is valuable, they often struggle to find enough time. Patients may resort to the internet and do their own research, sometimes coming across information that’s less than reliable. This can lead them to take actions that aren’t in the best interests of their health, which isn’t a risk that medical professionals would want them to take.

Plus, language barriers can make the process more difficult when sharing information about health conditions and treatments; so can the work involved in keeping patient education tools up to the date with the latest information. This is where proper technology is the solution.

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Innovative Patient Engagement Technology in Healthcare

When targeted, easy-to-understand healthcare information is provided to patients, their knowledge and understanding of their health conditions increases. This enhanced awareness can help bolster the patient's desire to become more involved in their healthcare choices, which moves them further along the engagement journey.

This interest and engagement makes it easier for physicians to collaborate with their patients as healthcare decisions are made, naturally improving relationships between patients and providers, while helping to boost patient retention. This in turn leads to improved care and opportunities for better patient outcomes, including but not limited to fewer ER visits.

From an efficiency and cost-effectiveness point of view, benefits can include:

  • Reduction in no-shows because of improved patient-provider relationships
  • A well-maintained patient base because of increased satisfaction in care
  • Increased revenue through more efficient care

Benefits of Patient Engagement

Journey PX is an innovative turnkey patient engagement technology that’s easy for healthcare facilities of any size to implement. The application allows you to elevate patient care while reducing the workload of doctors, nurses and other staff members, including a feature that allows healthcare staff to seamlessly insert relevant documentation into patient files.

This scalable, interactive, cutting-edge application can interface with your current clinical systems and is easily distributed to patients through email, text, and in-room television. You can choose methods that are most effective for you and your patients throughout their continuum of care.
It’s also easy for patients and their families to engage with, thanks to its user-friendly interfaces, giving them a sense of control and reducing anxiety. Plus, its cloud-based technologies make it accessible from just about any mobile device around the globe.

This software empowers patients with the ability to self-schedule appointments; routes them to the right location to get answers to questions; provides specific responses in a timely way; and informs them of new care options, whether virtual communications or telehealth appointments.

The software’s information database is continually updated so that it contains the most accurate information and details about the latest developments, available in a wide variety of languages with closed captioning capabilities to assist the hearing impaired. Plus, when your facilities need help in installing and optimizing this patient engagement technology, the talented team at MDM is here to assist, including our knowledgeable help desk support.

Relaxation tools are also embedded within the software. Studies have shown that reducing stress levels can help people respond better to their treatments and manage pain, making soothing soundscapes an important part of patient care and recovery in healthcare settings. Journey PX also contains multiple forms of entertainment, as well, to further help create a more positive patient experience.

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LG Healthcare TV with Doctor and Patient

JOURNEY PX Patient Experience Solution

Scalable, Affordable, Multi-Accessible Patient Education & Engagement

Comprehensive Library of Patient Education Videos

Here at MDM Commercial, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive library of up-to-date educational videos to complement the care provided by medical professionals. These educational videos help your healthcare facilities provide consistent messaging across departments; facilitate provider-patient communications; and maintain a competitive edge. Plus, hospital staff can refer to them for the latest in medical information.

From a regulatory perspective, this video library helps your hospital address issues related to The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Measures, Core Measures, and Meaningful Use.

Our library covers a wide range of healthcare topics, including:

  • Pediatrics
  • Mother-baby and new family information
  • Pain management
  • Medication education
  • Patient safety
  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • The Joint Commission Speak Up Series
  • and more

To personalize videos, you can have comprehensive or satisfaction questions added to the end to measure engagement and inform your team of any follow-up information that may need to be provided to the patient. For even more customization, our patient education platform allows your healthcare facilitates to add welcome messages, and even your own educational content.

No matter what you need, our skilled healthcare and technology experts will ensure that your brand and its values are clearly conveyed. We’ll work with you every step of the way from the design stage to implementation. We can even help with maintenance when it’s needed.

Choose MDM for Patient Engagement in Healthcare Facilities

Our company has partnered with hospitals, senior living facilities, and other healthcare organizations across the United States, providing the best possible care to patients and residents since 1990 with technologies ranging from television equipment to video distribution systems, and from digital signage displays to our Journey PX technology.

Let us be a partner that helps your healthcare facilities to grow, thrive, and take patient care to the next level. To get started with the technology solution, Journey PX, that helps to boost patient engagement, contact us online or call 800-359-6741.


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