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You are looking for a first-class technology experience to impress your guests and streamline operations. That’s where MDM Commercial comes in. As an expert in Pro AV solutions stacked with an experienced engineering team and direct access to state-of-the-art digital displays, we will help bring your vision to life.

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    Hotel Digital Signage

    →   Welcome Screens
    →   Large Atrium Displays
    →   Meeting Room Signs

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    Sophisticated Conference Rooms

    →   Interactive Whiteboard
    →   Integrated Audio
    →   Central Control

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    Restaurant Digital Menus

    →   Rotating Digital Menus
    →   Custom Content
    →   Easy Management 

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    Entertainment Venue Signage

    →   Large Scale DVLED
    →   Wayfinding Kiosks 
    →   Ultra Stretch Displays 

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About US

What Makes MDM Different

MDM Commercial truly is a one-stop shop, a place where you can find the cutting-edge technology you need; receive top notch professional consulting; benefit from expert installation services that dovetail with your unique needs; and then have access to outstanding ongoing support. When choosing MDM for your digital technology needs, you’re partnering with experienced pros who can manage and implement your project from start to finish.

We’ve provided facilities with technological solutions since 1990 and, because of our big buying power, we offer competitive pricing, which means you can equip your facilities with modern technology for an exceptional experience at a cost that fits your budget. When you choose MDM Commercial, count on unsurpassed levels of customer service as we deliver our cost-efficient solutions, no matter how big or small your facilities are across the entire range of project size.

When it’s time for your equipment installation, our expert team will be here for your organization whether you’re incorporating a type of technology for the first time or need a retrograde upgrade. We know that time is money, so we make every effort to ship express orders, same day, and offer factory-direct drop shipping and other cost efficient solutions along with typically delivered equipment.

No matter what you purchase and how it’s shipped, you can count on our professional assistance throughout the entire process. Plus, you can select packages that include the technology products plus consulting, installation, and customer support.

To ask questions or get started in building your own Pro AV solution, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.



MDM experts will be happy to discuss your needs and make customized recommendations that will fulfill your requirements and fit within your timeline and budget. When you first contact us, you’ll be given an account manager, a single point of contact who will serve you as a personal consultant. You can contact your account manager any time you have questions or need to place an order, providing assistance, post-selection.

Concept Creation

Our experienced professionals will help you design the system that optimally works for your organization, advising on component options and sharing how the technology will benefit your facilities. From start to finish, we can manage your technology installation and/or upgrade, keeping track of what steps are completed; which ones are ready to begin; and otherwise manage its progress from beginning to end.

Content Design

Through our content design services, we’ll design customized standout content that brings your branded vision to life both indoors and out. Each action we take will focus on an enhanced customer experience, collaborating with your marketing teams without adding more work for them. We can add multiple features to engage your audiences, informing them and improving their engagement with your content and brand.


To allow you to keep your focus on satisfying your customers and guests, MDM Commercial can install your new hardware and software, easily transitioning your organization from your outgoing equipment to your modern solution. This eliminates the frustration you might experience if having to handle this yourself.


After you select the video wall solutions that will spread your messaging, it’s important to integrate the technology into your current system. Our experienced installation team is well versed in seamlessly integrating the new LED-powered hardware as well as the operating software into your legacy solution.


To maximize your use of your new video wall technology, MDM Commercial offers training for the customized set up you’ve chosen for your facilities. This will save your team time on a learning curve and allow you to realize your return on investment more quickly. As a bonus, this technology is low maintenance, which will free up your team to focus on high value initiatives.



Maximize your guest experience with custom-branded content for your digital displays throughout your facility! Our expert Content Design team will create awe-inspiring visuals designed to drive visitor engagement and enhance your brand!


Commercial Digital Signage Displays


Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel digital signage empowers your hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities in multiple ways as you engage with guests, vendors, and other visitors as they interact with your brand through modern touchscreen technology. Besides enhancing your guest experience, you can welcome people to your facilities via outdoor signage and share important information to that audience.

You can advertise new services, both inside and out, share location and hours of your amenities (from pools to gyms, restaurants and more), which can serve as a new driver of revenue. When you offer advertising opportunities to nearby attractions, this can be another source of revenue.

Hotel digital signage is an ideal way to provide helpful maps for a seamless experience for people in your facilities. Then, if you need to send important messages, including real time and/or urgent ones, you can use the signage technology to do exactly that.

Because you can create uniquely personalized content, you can strengthen your brand through strategically used text, logos, images, videos, and more. You will meet guests where they are—both physically and by providing them with self-help kiosks that people are increasingly using, expecting, and appreciating—while also freeing up your staff’s time because, instead of repeating basic information to guests, they can focus on more important and/or urgent needs.


Conference Room AV Solutions

Whether it’s a conference room in a lodging facility or other types of venues that offer rental meeting space, a conference room at perhaps an office sharespace, or a company’s board room, today’s conference rooms need cutting-edge equipment. To create in-demand rooms for businesses, non-profit organizations, community planning committees, freelance professionals who need to meet with clients and more, leverage the appropriate technology. This includes the latest in Pro AV conference room solutions.

Each group may come with unique needs but, overall, elements appreciated or even required by those who would lease conference rooms include wireless presentation solutions, video walls, control solutions, quality audio, the ability to integrate information from multiple sources, and so forth.

Depending upon the size of conference rooms and their number, your facility may host conventions and conferences. If so, let the experts at MDM Commercial share flexible methods to leverage your technology for events that range from small ones to enterprise sized gatherings.

This can include global conferences or other types of conventions where not all attendees can actually be present, utilize the power of video conferences and more to satisfy all participants: those physically present and those checking in remotely.


Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

Promote your restaurant and its menus through video wall solutions with direct view LED technology. Attractive and eye-catching, digital menu boards allow you to seamlessly update content when the menu changes; what you’d like to market a special; or you have sold out of a particular dish for the day and will replace it with a new one.

You can modify pricing with a couple of clicks; offer health conscious diners the calorie and nutritional information they desire; list ingredients in each dish to assist people with allergies to order the most appropriate delicacies; and market your brand.

Restaurant digital menu boards provide a fresh and contemporary upgrade to your establishment; eliminate the need for printed menus and letter boards and the associated costs; and allow you to respond and engage with diners in real time.

In today’s times with added supply chain challenges, these video wall boards allow you to pivot, as needed, to advertise dishes where ingredients are plentiful and minimize attention on ones that are currently part of a supply chain delay.

Plus, to stand out from the crowd: Diners increasingly appreciate hearing the story of the ingredients sourced for menu dishes, including how they were grown or raised, whether organic, sustainably, or regeneratively. Insights into the chef’s creative processes can also intrigue and delight diners with snippets of these stories fitting in well on video walls.


Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage for schools can welcome students and their families on the first day of the year, offer wayfinding solutions to help visitors and vendors quickly and easily find the right locations in buildings, display cafeteria menus for the week, show scheduling for classes, field trips, assemblies, sporting events, book fairs, musical concerts, plays and other performances, parent-teacher conferences, PTO/PTA meetings, fundraising events, vacation days and holidays, and much more.

Highlight accomplishments and honors earned by students, using the digital signs to praise, motivate, and encourage them to reach even higher. Let them know when tryouts are for sports teams, plays, cheerleading, and so forth. Broadcast the winning poem and the name of the star poet; list sports scores; provide information about honor roll students, and so forth.

You can create real time content of value for students and teachers; regularly display emergency procedures to help everyone absorb them; flash alerts; and otherwise provide relevant content.

This is also an opportunity to provide youth with information about local, national, and international events; educate them about the power of technology; and otherwise engage them. Hold classes about video wall technology and share what type of education a student would need to enter relevant fields. Possibilities are limited by imagination only!


Sports Arena & Stadium Digital Signage

People love to cheer for the home team and outdoor stadium signage can display scores, time left on the clock, player names and numbers, information about the school, and more. On homecoming night, celebratory details can be shared and, on graduation days, students who receive their diplomas in the stadium can have their names and other information displayed as they walk across the field along with encouraging messages provided by family and friends.

Recruit the best athletes with sports stadium indoor digital signage that uses state-of-the-art technology. The fully-customizable interface allows you to provide exactly the right content for your coaches, players, alumni, fans, and more.

When sports, music, and other events are held in sports arenas and stadiums, audiences can be both large and quite engaged. This presents excellent opportunities for brands that want to get their products and services in front of plenty of potential customers to advertise.

This LED-powered signage is also the ideal place to promote home team merchandise for sale in the stadium or online. From shirts to hats and from mugs to pennants, you can benefit from the signage reach to sell these products. Sports fans and concert attendees are often hungry and thirsty, so list what’s available to eat and drink.

Outdoor stadium signage can play a key role in promoting the facility, overall, positioning it as one that serves up hospitality and puts people in the seats.


MDM for Video Walls and Direct View LED Technology

We always strive to serve as genuine partners for the people and companies that we serve through our top quality equipment, technology, and services. We source our equipment from top brands only, ones that are time tested and trustworthy. You deserve nothing less.

Key benefits of choosing MDM and our knowledgeable professionals include our large catalog of video wall equipment and technology; transparent, competitive pricing; financing options; prompt equipment installation and integration; friendly and respectful customer service; ongoing system maintenance and account management services; and more.

If your organization can benefit from video wall solutions, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741 even if you don’t see your specific application listed on this page. MDM Commercial offers customized solutions for a broad range of industries.


Partnering with the Brands You Know & Trust


Your vision + our expertise = world class 

Our hybrid distributor/integrator model provides you with one source for all your technology needs, allowing us to offer competitive pricing. No one else rivals our in-house expertise with the LG technology ecosystem, and we have a dedicated team to ensure you have a smooth end-to-end project experience. Just tell us what you need, and we will bring your vision to life!