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In today’s patient-centric environment, one where quality care is only one factor that people consider when selecting a healthcare provider, it’s more important than ever before to strategically use tools and technologies to enhance their overall experience. In a world where patients are increasingly being considered as “consumers,” having the right patient experience solutions can therefore be crucial—which is why MDM Commercial offers a uniquely innovative solution, Journey PX.

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patient engagement in healthcare

Engagement Challenges in Healthcare

The industry continues to face more regulations and increasingly tighter restrictions at a time when many patients are wanting a more enhanced experience—where they feel as though their doctors and caregivers are a part of their family. Additionally, patients don’t want to feel left in the dark without answers to their questions while physicians, nurses, and other key staff are pressed for time.

The solution? Technology-enhanced software that helps build and maintain patient satisfaction.

Patient Engagement Solutions For Hospitals

Educating patients helps them to become more engaged in their healthcare choices, which is why it’s important to be able to share information with them through an accessible and easy-to-understand platform. As they learn more about their health conditions and treatments, this moves them along the engagement journey, which comes with plenty of benefits for both providers and patients.

This can help facilitate provider-patient collaboration, which in turn improves relationships between physicians and the people they treat, helping to boost patient retention. This can also lead to two key benefits—improved care and better patient outcomes—while lessening the likelihood of ER visits.

Patient engagement solutions for hospitals and the improved patient-provider relationships they help to create can then enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness alike. This includes fewer no-shows and a better maintained patient base, along with enhanced revenues through more efficient care.

Benefits of Journey PX

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a patient experience software, so it’s important to choose the one that truly allows you to engage with and educate your patients, which is also affordable, accessible, and easy to install. MDM Commercial offers Journey PX, a cutting edge patient engagement solution (available on-demand or network-based) that staff members and patients will love.

Journey PX is an innovative software, while also being user-friendly and beneficial towards your goal of patient retention. This application can interface with your current clinical systems, and we’re so confident in its capabilities that we believe every medical office in the country could benefit from one of these systems. Why? This technology allows your healthcare facilities to elevate patient care while also reducing the workload of your medical teams.

Journey’s educational content comes from numerous trusted suppliers and your healthcare facilities can even have your own licensed content loaded onto the system. Educational content can be prescribed by a care provider and is delivered electronically at a time of the care provider’s choosing through email, text, and in-room television. Plus, relevant documentation can also be seamlessly inserted into patient files. Most importantly, education can be extended beyond the hospital experience across the entire continuum of care by having relevant articles and messages sent to the patient at home.

Journey PX provides patients with two-way communication channels to their caregivers with cloud-based technologies, making information easy to access from just about any mobile device around the globe. You can also inform patients of relevant events and news taking place in the hospital or medical facility. Finally, these solutions can extend to include the patient’s family so that people who are most important to them can be involved in their healthcare, according to patient preferences. Information is available in multiple languages and has closed captioning to assist the hearing impaired.

Patient Education Library

Your healthcare facilities will have access to a comprehensive, continually updated patient education library through MDM’s cloud-based media system. This library will provide you with a consistent patient education message that improves health literacy. Using cloud technology to deliver patient education and patient engagement tools, our content library gives hospitals the flexibility to prescribe and deliver education to the patient’s hospital bed as well as extend that delivery of education to associated clinics and to the patient’s own personal devices pre- and post-discharge.

The Journey Patient Education library consists of thousands of video options (also available in other languages) that provide hospitals, clinics, and care teams with engaging patient education content that is consistent in helping them address regulations from The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Measures, Core Measures, and Meaningful Use. Our library includes information on most diagnoses, conditions, and treatments with topics that range from pain management to help with sleep.

Content includes but is not limited to:

  • Patient safety
  • The Joint Commission Speak up Series
  • Advance directives
  • ICD10 codes and DRGs
  • Pain management
  • Medication education
  • Pediatrics
  • Mother-Baby
  • New family
  • Pre- and post-operative care

Questions about comprehension and patient satisfaction can be included after each video to determine and track if the patient or family member needs further information.

Health systems are encouraged to upload their own patient education content, welcome videos, and any other patient education video or text-based communication pieces that facilitate patient engagement. Journey PX includes an intuitive uploading tool for all clients.


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MDM has been helping hospitals across the United States to provide optimal care to patients since 1990 by being a leading distributor of television equipment, video distribution systems, digital signage displays, and more—including the innovative Journey PX technology.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with healthcare facilities, helping them take their care to the next level. To incorporate Journey PX into your facilities, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our experienced team can also help you to install and optimize this patient engagement technology and provide help desk support.


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