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Improving Patient Experience and Satisfaction to Build Loyalty

In the past, patients became loyal to their healthcare providers because of the length of their relationship or the quality of service. While these still may factor into a patient’s decision, there’s more to it than that. Today’s patients are looking for the complete package—the best overall patient experience.

This change in patient mentality didn’t happen overnight. For the most part, it’s a result of changing insurance standards. Nowadays, more and more patients belong to insurance plans with more restricted networks and higher deductibles, which means more money is coming out of their pockets.

Now that patients are becoming more involved in paying for their healthcare costs, they’re more or less shopping around for the best deal. This means that you’ve got to stand out from the rest—with patients appreciating facilities that offer the complete package, the total experience.

So, what’s your patient experience strategy? What steps are you taking to improve your patient’s overall experience? To talk about how MDM Commercial can help, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

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Putting Yourself in a Patient Experience Mindset

While no strategy is 100% proven to work for every medical facility, there are a few suggestions that almost everyone can agree on. For starters, a patient experience strategy should always be patient-centric. Put yourself in their shoes and consider what you want to see. Think of the questions your patients ask you every day or the concerns they’ve presented to you in the past and consider ways that you can solve them. You may discover some simple solutions you can begin implementing right away.

Empowering Patients with Journey PX

One thing is true of every patient: they want to feel in control of their own health. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for many patients to understand what their care providers explain to them about their conditions—and, because physicians can be so busy, the doctors often aren’t able to spend as much time as they’d like with each patient. To add to the challenges, many patients have difficulties with high-level medical words and concepts and/or they may not be fluent in the language used by your staff. This is a recipe for miscommunication and, when patients seek out their own answers on the internet, the problem can worsen.

This is where our proprietary patient experience solution, Journey PX, is so beneficial. Journey PX helps health care providers increase a patient’s level of comprehension by providing targeted educational material through a variety of digital platforms to make them feel more confident about their healthcare decisions. It can also provide family members with in-demand health information with all of this available in easy to understand formats in multiple languages.

Journey PX goes beyond educating patients. It’s a solution that truly engages patients in numerous ways. It can be used for two-way communication between the patient and staff in a hospital room and also as a way to provide soothing relaxation content for helping patients with pain management or noise concerns. Plus, if you’d like to see whether your patient experience strategy is working, Journey PX can deliver customizable patient satisfaction surveys for you to glean targeted insights and make incremental improvements.

If you’re considering a patient experience solution and would like to learn more about Journey PX, please give us a call today or click the button below to schedule a free demo.

Comforts of Home: Modern Hospital Grade TVs

Modern, hospital grade televisions offer patients the comforts of home while simultaneously enabling doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators to guarantee that vital information reaches the patient in a format that they can understand, increasing both quality of care and patient satisfaction.

At MDM Commercial, we specialize in providing healthcare facilities with TVs and other electronics designed to improve patient comfort and make healthcare professionals’ jobs easier. Some of the products we offer include the following:

  • Large HD TVs let patients relax comfortably and come equipped with modern touches like intelligent brightness sensors and remote management capabilities. Since they are hospital-grade, these TVs are designed to be used for thousands of hours and are safe to operate even in oxygen-rich environments.
  • Pillow speakers give patients access to speakers, a TV remote, and nurse-calling capabilities in one device. Designed for hospital environments, they are fully-sealed and easy to disinfect between patients.

Upgrading the electronics in your facilities can be beneficial to both patients and staff. When everything in your facility is digital, facility managers, nurses, and doctors can all access relevant information and interact with patients more efficiently and quickly.

Plus, because patients spend the majority of their time in their rooms, providing modern amenities can significantly help in improving patient experience. In fact, wall-mounted, high-def TVs, DVD players, in-room or pillow speakers, and customized digital entertainment can all help contribute to higher patient satisfaction.

Digital Signage Paves the Way

By upgrading your existing signage to digital signage, a new world of possibilities opens up for you and your patients. Important information and bulletins can be posted immediately, digital wayfinding can help patients and their families to find their way in simple, understandable terms, and interactive displays can provide new ways to engage patients. You can promote specials in cafeterias or facility shops, offer entertainment in waiting areas via high-definition television content, train new staff members, and much more while helping to improve patient experience and to assist their families.

Improving Patient Experience With MDM

In the competitive world of patient care, medical facilities have to not only ensure proper treatment but also account for patient satisfaction. Fortunately, MDM Commercial has decades of experience to guide you along every step of the way. From assistance in choosing the right electronics from trusted brands to hassle-free installation of equipment to ongoing technical support, MDM has everything you need to upgrade your facility to improve patient satisfaction.

Plus, getting started is easy, which means that boosting patient satisfaction doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The dedicated team of professionals at MDM Commercial will make sure that the selection, installation, and implementation of equipment is quick and easy, and that your new system continues to operate flawlessly. Contact us online or call 800-359-6741 today to get a quote or start an order. Leverage our experience to benefit your facilities!


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