MDM Healthcare offers a wide range of technology products that are ideal for numerous types of healthcare facilities, including those with oxygen-enriched environments. With each of these products, we leverage our significant buying power to offer you highly competitive pricing, and we promise to provide the highest levels of customer service.

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Healthcare Technology Products and Services

MDM Healthcare offers a wide range of technology products that are ideal for numerous types of healthcare facilities, including those with oxygen-enriched environments. With each of these products, we leverage our significant buying power to offer you highly competitive pricing, and we promise to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Our team offers personalized assistance to help you select what you need, and we’re highly experienced in installing our products and systems to provide a seamless experience for your facility. For end to end services, we can also manage your facilities’ television and other digital media and content initiatives.

We’re your one-stop shop for the technology, products, systems, and consulting services for your hospital or other healthcare facility. To discuss what you need, please contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741 for a prompt, professional response.

Patient Engagement

Patient Experience Solution

A cutting-edge, cloud-based patient experience platform that elevates patient engagement throughout the continuum of care. This scalable, cost-effective software will work for any size facility and help streamline care team operations.

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PX Space: A Patient Experience Podcast Devoted to the Human Side of Healthcare

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Comprehensive Solutions for Hospitals, Senior Living Centers and Other Healthcare Facilities

Patient Engagement Solutions

Our Journey PX Patient Experience Solution helps to educate and engage patients as your facility distributes information through an in-room hospital TV, or via email or text messaging. This information can be viewed in the hospital or clinic, or at a patient’s home, whether the goal is preoperative or postoperative education, or to provide
information about a disease, wellness, or safety. Benefits of our easy-to-use patient engagement solutions are numerous, including the following:

  • Your care teams can consistently and effectively educate patients.
  • Your staff can view content from the patient education library before prescribing treatments.
  • Documentation from the materials can be used in patient health records.
  • You can continue to provide patient education by sending relevant materials to former patients through emails or texts after they’ve been released from the hospital.
  • You can soothe patients through relaxation content provided, which can help with pain management while also addressing concerns about noise.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys can be delivered to assess overall engagement.
  • You can provide educational and marketing information to healthcare facility guests that enlightens them about events and offerings.

Journey PX can interface with your hospital’s existing clinic systems, such as your EMR/EHR and ADT, allowing the software to seamlessly follow the patient during department transfers within your facility.

Since patients are becoming more selective about the health systems they use for their care, it’s increasingly more important to enhance their experiences and build their loyalty. Because Journey PX is cloud-based, we can help you to meet your facility’s strategic initiatives in a cost effective way.

Hospital TV Systems

MDM Healthcare offers healthcare-grade television systems—meaning they’re safe to use, and easy to operate and sanitize. These systems meet the needs of patients, staff, and clinicians, and are able to withstand continuous use.

We’ve been offering hospital TV systems for decades across the United States, including assisted living facilities and nursing homes, along with other long-term health care and medical facilities. Special features that make these televisions easier for patients and residents to use without assistance include their simplified interfaces and large font displays for volume, channels, and date/time.

Types of healthcare TV systems we have available include:

  • LG Commercial Grade LED TVs: These televisions provide exceptional picture quality in a modern design, with most of the options being fully high definition.
  • LG Large Screen Commercial TVs: These systems come with high-resolution screens that can also be used to broadcast events and presentations, and also serve as digital signage.
  • PDi Healthcare Televisions: This manufacturer is the country’s largest producer of healthcare-grade entertainment solutions, with choices available between wall mounts and arm mounts.

Besides offering a range of healthcare television systems, we also provide technical support and excellent customer service. This means that, from the planning stage to implementation and beyond, you can enjoy a seamless experience when you upgrade your television systems or install them in new facilities.

Healthcare Digital Signage

With our healthcare digital signage, you can quickly and easily share important information with patients, staff, and visitors at hospitals, senior living facilities, and more. This easy to use technology can also display high definition television content. More specifically, this signage can be used to:

  • Broadcast educational and marketing videos about the services you provide
  • Display eye-catching digital artwork
  • Provide entertainment in waiting rooms
  • Promote specials in gift shops, cafeterias and more in your facilities
  • Guide patients through your facility via maps and directories
  • Circulate bulletins and other pieces of important information
  • Train new members of your staff
  • Communicate with staff members for better efficiency

When patients and their families feel more informed, this can lead to making their stay more comfortable, which will improve satisfaction scores.

MDM Healthcare offers a wide range of options to fit your precise needs, with each choice using cutting-edge technology, including OLED displays, interactive touch/multi-touch options, medical kiosks, ultra HD screens, and much more. You can easily manage the content that appears on your facility’s digital displays through a user-friendly, web-based platform—and we offer professional installation services.

Don’t have a graphics design department? No problem! We offer top quality content and graphics creation services that allow you to transform your vision into eye-catching messaging.


From hospital digital signage & patient TV systems, accessories, and more, you’ll find what you need at MDM.

First, here are healthcare technology solutions that can significantly improve the patient experience: healthcare-grade TVs.


Healthcare grade TVs must meet rigorous Underwriter Laboratories (UL) standards to ensure their safety for patients and clinicians while also being easy to use and keep sanitized; they must be durable, too, able to handle continuous use. For this to happen, the TVs must have advanced heat dissipation features. Meeting UL requirements, meanwhile, will ensure that they have a reduced risk of hazardous radiation, fire, and electrical shock.

Ideally, they also come with convenient features, which include but aren’t limited to access to your cable or satellite TV service. These features can also include wide viewing angles and built-in pillow speakers that are integrated with your nurse call system.

Types available at MDM include the following:

  • LG Commercial Grade LED TVs: This line provides an outstanding image quality within a modern design. We’re one of the country’s leading providers of LD commercial televisions, and most of ours are full high definition. Besides LG hospital grade TVs, we also offer LG smart hospital grade TVs.
  • LG Large Screen Commercial TVs: These are, in fact, combined hospital digital signage & patient TV systems. Besides using them to provide education and entertainment, they can be leveraged for broadcasting events, delivering presentations, and more.
  • PDi Healthcare Televisions: MDM also provides the PDi brand, the largest maker of entertainment solutions for healthcare settings. Also UL listed, choices include arm-mounted and wall-mounted high definition TVs.
  • Personal Display Televisions: One example is the LG 15” Personal Healthcare Smart Touch Screen TV, intuitive to use with preloaded apps, including gaming ones. Powered by the Pro-Centric information management solution, these are Journey PX ready. (Find out more about Journey PX later in the page.)


As the second component of hospital digital signage & patient TV systems, these electronic signage systems benefit your healthcare facilities in multiple key ways. First, they can be used to provide high definition television programming to patients and their families as well as to visitors and staff. You can also use the digital signage to broadcast information, including facts about your facilities, emergency notifications, weather alerts, bulletins, and more.

Additional uses of hospital digital signage include wayfinding; helping patients, visitors, vendors, and more to easily navigate your facilities can greatly reduce stress and increase efficiency. You can also provide entertaining programming in your lobbies and other public spaces; promote cafeteria and facility shop specials; and even train staff members.

Options for these healthcare technology solutions include:

Each of these hardware solutions can be powered by digital signage software—a content management system—to seamlessly create and conveniently manage your content. Digital signage software from MDM can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Leveraging this content management system allows your hospital team to use your in-room TVs to deliver interactive patient education as well as urgent messaging. You can also use it in your wayfinding system and to market and advertise your services to grow revenue.

Besides text, content can include audio, video, logos, images, and animations. For added convenience, with our graphic and content services, MDM’s talented team can work alongside your in-house team to bring your branded vision to life. We’ll collaborate with you in customized ways that won’t add more work to your marketing teams and other staff.


Quality accessories enhance the benefits of your hospital digital signage & patient TV systems. At MDM, we offer the pillow speakers and remotes you need for an exceptional patient experience.


Located right where the patients will be, pillow speakers are intuitive and convenient. Your staff can quickly show patients how easy they are to use; then, patients can seamlessly connect with their healthcare team, gain some control over their environment, and easily access entertainment options. Pillow speakers provide outstanding sound quality and, in most cases, other people won’t hear it, providing a personalized experience without creating a noisy environment for others. Plus, being designed for ongoing usage, these hospital pillow speakers are uniquely designed to protect them against dirt and fluids being easily cleaned.

MDM offers a variety of top quality Curbell options:

  • Curbell Gen 4 Digital Pillow Speaker: UL-listed and safe for oxygen-enriched environments, this model is one of the most advanced ones available today, providing safety for patients while meeting the highest levels of regulatory compliance in the nurse call industry.
  • Curbell Gen III Analog Pillow Speaker: When looking for more streamlined hospital technology solutions, this model is ideal. It provides basic TV functions and nurse call capabilities, being simple to operate; ADA compliant; and customizable. This comes with a sealed overlay to provide protection in oxygen-enriched environments.
  • Curbell Gen III DirectAccess Pillow Speaker: Designed much like remotes people use at home, with easy to read keypads and large buttons, this is an excellent choice when you offer a wide variety of cable or satellite TV options to patients. To tailor the pillow speaker to your facility’s needs, custom designs are available.
  • Curbell Gen III DPS Pillow Speakers: These can be configured to mesh with existing wiring in your patient rooms, and you can use these pillow speakers on both cable and satellite systems.


MDM also offers remotes specifically designed for the healthcare environment, including ones by BrightStar, Curbell, and Clean. The BrightStar Universal TV Remote is pre-set to use for LG, Magnavox, Panasonic, Phillips, RCA/GE, Quasar, Visio, and Zenith brands. With programming, it can work on more than 250 other brands, including for flat-screen TVs and HDTVs. The sturdily constructed model has easy to use buttons. Clean remotes, meanwhile, are compatible with more than 250 television brands with no menu buttons, preventing patients and other guests from changing the settings.


Pillow speakers, paired with remotes, empower patients in numerous ways and improve their experience. The name of this technology describes the product well; they are pillows containing embedded speakers, being conveniently located right where the patients are. When a patient needs to call their nurse, change the TV channel, lower its volume, or adjust their room lighting, they can often do so through the easy to use, intuitive pillow speaker/remote combo.

Hospital staff can quickly show a patient how to use their pillow speaker/remote, devices that are designed for heavy hospital use in ways that also help to protect them against dirt and fluids and are safe in oxygen-rich environments. Sound quality is excellent and, because these pillow speakers typically use intrasound technology, other people can’t usually hear the sounds. That’s because the sound isn’t transmitted through waves in the air; instead, the sound goes through the patient’s bone and body tissue before being sent to the ear.

MDM offers pillow speakers that come with in-demand benefits, being durable and sturdy while also lightweight enough for patients to comfortably use them. Large, raised, colorful buttons on the associated remote make it even easier to understand and use. Some patients like their remotes to have an audible click to verify their usage; MDM offers some with this feature.

These pillow speaker-remote combos can be customized for your facilities’ specific needs and are easy to clean and sanitize. Plus, we offer both wired and wireless options.

Kiosks are a convenient form of interactive digital signage that boost efficiency in healthcare settings. For example, patient check-in kiosks allow people to enter data that boosts accuracy by eliminating errors that can occur when reading someone’s handwriting. It therefore streamlines these administrative functions. At least one study found that more than half of the patients who used the kiosk found the process preferable to filling out paper forms. This process also helps to reduce the amount of time that healthcare staff would interact with an ill patient who is checking into, say, an urgent care center.

Healthcare organizations can deliver videos and other types of healthcare information to patients through kiosks who can also use this technology to quickly find answers to their questions about a healthcare condition, hospital procedures, and other relevant topics. 

Benefits of kiosks in healthcare settings include:

  • More efficient use of staff time, which can be especially crucial in today’s healthcare staffing shortages
  • Verification of patient information by the patient themselves in real time, which can reduce errors and streamline the claims process
  • The ability to quickly gather patient insurance information and, as needed, provide information about financial assistance options

Kiosks can also be used as part of a telehealth device. As the Library of Medicine notes, although it would seem that the increase of personal smart devices and internet access would make this type of kiosk use redundant, recent reports suggest otherwise, predicting a growth in this market.

Hospital digital signage & patient TV systems are actually closely related, using the same kinds of technology—hardware and software—for a variety of purposes. Digital signage content can be used to educate and entertain patients and their families. As far as entertainment, they can watch their favorite shows, which can make a hospital room seem a bit more like home.

Education-wise, JourneyPX can deliver targeted information about a patient’s healthcare condition, treatment options, and more across the entire continuum of care, including when a patient goes home. This can include information in video form, and they’re available in multiple languages.

Digital signage content that’s available through a whiteboard will close the communication gap between patients and their care teams. That’s because, instead of manually updating information on a dry-erase board in a patient’s room, which can lead to errors, real-time information is always available on the whiteboard for the next shift of caregivers. This interoperable system seamlessly integrates with most electronic health record systems.

Besides assisting busy healthcare workers, the patient and family can continually be apprised of restrictions, precautions, the daily care plan, goals, progress, and much more. Plus, patients can video chat with friends and family through a SMART patient TV system and pillow speaker. This eliminates the need to use smartphones or tablets with surfaces that may contain pathogens while also facilitating encrypted, secure conversations.

MDM carries a wide range of hardware for hospital digital signage & patient TV systems and can also provide access to JourneyPX to offer the targeted digital signage content you need to share with patients and healthcare teams alike.

Benefits of patient portals are actually quite numerous for patients and healthcare providers alike. For patients, they allow them to conveniently access real-time healthcare information around the clock, which can lead to better two-way communication between doctors and patients—which has demonstrable positive effects on outcomes. Patient portals streamline the process of patients receiving targeted educational materials, which enhances engagement. Plus, past lab results, prescriptions, and so forth are all accessible in the patient’s electronic health records.

For providers, doctors can streamline their communications with patients and rely upon real-time, accurate data when making treatment recommendations. Patient portals show progress over time, as well, rather than a single snapshot of information. This ease of data access can help with patient outcomes and their satisfaction levels with treatments as they engage more fully with healthcare workers. Financially, digital patient portals streamline administrative tasks and optimize daily workflows, thereby contributing to better bottom lines. In addition, the electronic health records system that houses the patient portal will satisfy meaningful use standards and otherwise help to keep healthcare organizations within regulatory compliance. 

To discuss how MDM can help with digital communications between healthcare teams and hospitalized patients—as well as when patients are outside the four walls of a medical facility—simply contact us online or call our experts at 800-359-6741.

Besides a wide array of hospital digital signage & patient TV systems and our patient engagement solution, we offer accessories for the equipment, such as TV mounts, pillow speakers, and remotes.

We also offer cost effective RF video distribution and consulting services. As with each of our services, our technical staff will glean a thorough understanding of your goals, timelines, and budgets. We’ll examine and analyze your current RF distribution system, too, before developing a customized solution for your facilities.

MDM will then facilitate your health care teams’ ability to consistently and effectively educate patients. This includes how your hospital staff can systematically search the patient education library and review content; then, this information can be shared with the patient who needs this information before treatment is prescribed. Other types of information you can share can focus on pre- and post-op topics as well as ones on disease, wellness, safety, and more. You can then create and insert relevant documentation into the patient’s electronic health record.

The system is easy for patients and the care team to use with the ability to continue to inform patients after they’ve been discharged through emails or texts. This has been shown to reduce the number of patient calls, visits, and readmissions.

MDM can offer affordable solutions when you’re planning the system and when it’s being installed, thanks to our direct relationships with top manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, MDM experts will ensure that your RF system operates at peak levels. To find out more about our services, which include consulting, design engineering, patient education platform, digital signage, cable upgrades, customizable messaging systems, and more, simply reach out online or call 800-359-6741.

First, we offer a wide range of healthcare technology solutions, including products and hardware as well as software, that are ideal for the healthcare environment. Our expert team is committed to helping you find just what you need and leveraging our significant buying power to bring you the most competitive pricing possible.

In addition, we offer the highest levels of customer service throughout the process, starting with the moment you first contact us. We’ve got significant experience in seamlessly installing our products and services with as little disruption as possible. Then, we can manage your facilities’ digital media and content initiatives.

We also offer graphic creation services to bring your vision of your digital displays to life. Our dedicated team of talented professionals will work hand in hand with your in-house teams without adding work to your to-do lists. Through our creative services, your healthcare organization can personalize the look and feel of your interfaces in relevant, eye-catching, branded ways.

When you choose MDM, you’re selecting a one-stop shop for your healthcare technology solutions: products, systems, and consulting services. To discuss your unique needs, just reach out online or give us a call at 800-359-6741 for a prompt, personalized response.


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