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Patient Engagement Software That Can Help Improve Your Level of Care

Effective patient education is essential to the success of virtually any medical treatment, particularly extended forms of treatment. Here at MDM Healthcare, we’ve developed Journey PX — a unique patient engagement software that allows patients and their families to access relevant and accurate information about their health conditions. Journey PX can also provide them with numerous additional tools to enhance their overall experience and satisfaction in your medical facilities, including relaxing soundscapes, games, and entertainment programs.

For more information about how this can benefit your healthcare facilities and the people you serve, please contact us online, call 800-359-6741, or schedule a free demo today.

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Benefits of Patient Engagement in Your Healthcare Facility

Hospitals are increasingly looking for ways to provide patient-centric care with quality education at its center. That’s because well-informed patients can have a better understanding of their health conditions and then make better decisions about their treatment options. Educated patients will, overall, follow through more consistently with agreed-upon treatment plans and are less likely to abandon taking prescriptions.

As treatment plan compliance increases, efficiencies increase. This in turn can reduce overall costs for patients and facilities alike while also reducing liability of healthcare providers. Plus, this education helps to boost patient satisfaction with their healthcare providers and overall care—which can also benefit everyone involved.

The degree in which these benefits are realized, of course, depends upon the quality of the patient education tools used.


Improve Patient Education and Satisfaction With Journey PX

Journey PX solves many commonly held problems that are experienced by healthcare organizations. For example, time-pressed physicians from all around the country can struggle to provide premium care when there is a lack of educational tools in a facility and this lack can lead some patients to turn to the internet to get the information they need.

Reliability of the information they would find on Google is uncertain at best—and, because faulty information can harm a patient’s treatment, this isn’t a risk that a doctor should be willing to take. Contrast that with the information found in the Journey PX database, which is continually updated with the latest medical developments, and you can quickly and easily see why this is where patients should turn to for accurate information.

This patient education software also helps facilities like yours to overcome language barriers. When patients aren’t able to access instructions in a language they understand well, it can be incredibly challenging to provide them with the levels of care they need and to prevent misunderstandings from taking place. Journey PX is available in a wide variety of languages to help solve that problem and closed captioning is available to assist the hearing impaired.

Ease of access can also be a challenge with some systems, but the Journey PX patient education software is easy and convenient for anyone to use with its cloud-based technology making it accessible from virtually any mobile device, nearly anywhere in the world. Plus, its features have been specifically designed to make it easy to implement in nearly every facility and intuitive for patients and their family members to use.

Journey PX is the turnkey patient education software solution that can fulfill all of your needs, with the assistance from our talented professional team at MDM Commercial allowing you to optimize its usage to provide top quality education to patients.

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Personalized Patient Education

Being in the hospital can be stressful, in part because patients and their families feel as though they have a lack of understanding of relevant medical conditions. Journey PX can be customized to target and deliver precisely the information needed for each individual patient.

A brief verbal explanation may appease some patients, however, most need more in-depth information. Because busy physicians often struggle to find enough time to fully explain conditions and treatment options, patient education tools can be crucial. The intuitive interface provided by MDM Journey allows patients to access vital information about their condition and explore it with ease in greater depth.

Utilizing Relaxation Tools in Your Healthcare Facility

According to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, evidence shows that exposure to certain soothing sounds can boost health outcomes while decreasing stress and helping patients to feel safe. Appropriately targeted acoustics can, the science organization shares, help people to gain control over their state of mind and thereby facilitate recuperation.

Journey by MDM includes soothing soundscapes within the software to help patients respond more effectively to treatment while also incorporating forms of entertainment within the tool. The more relaxed state of mind induced by these features can make it easier to communicate with patients about their health conditions and treatment plans, making this a win-win software system.

Patient Education Software Implementation

As your partner, our experienced team will assist with the installation of all the necessary hardware and software so that your facilities. Once installed, we’ll help your facility make the best use of these innovative patient education tools. Additionally, our well trained help desk support can help you to address any issues that arise throughout the installation and implementation.

MDM: Experienced Choice for Healthcare Facilities

We’re the best choice when your healthcare facilities need upgraded technology, thanks to the quality products and premier customer service that we offer and our ability to leverage our buying power to offer competitive pricing to your hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

When you choose MDM Commercial, you can count on personalized assistance from start to finish for a truly seamless experience. For comprehensively integrated end to end services and one stop shop convenience, we can also manage your broadband internet, facility television needs, digital media, and content creation requirements.

Our product specialists are ready to answer whatever questions you have about our engagement/education tool that allows you to personalize the patient experience while also helping them to reduce stress levels and more. We can help you to select, install, and implement the system for maximum success. Simply contact us online or call us at 800-359-6741.


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