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Z-Band Hospital TV Distribution Systems

MDM Healthcare is proud to offer Z-Band video distribution systems to hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the nation.

Z-Band's state-of-the-art, patented Z-TV RF video distribution system consists of two main components: the Z-Distribution ZHC hub and the Z-Balun UNV. In addition to eliminating the need for traditional coax cable, the Z-TV system stands out for its ability to automatically slope, amplify, and attenuate the video signal to deliver a consistent, quality picture at each individual end-point.

Unlike an IPTV system, Z-Band's Z-TV system is not incorporated into the enterprise’s server/switch and because it passes an RF signal, the system has zero impact the network bandwidth in a facility. The TV signals are distributed on a Category 5e or better cabling infrastructure that adheres to the “568″ international wiring standard.

At MDM Healthcare, we can help you understand the full range of features that Z-Band distribution systems have to offer. With this integrated distribution system installed in your hospital or other healthcare facilities, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Network cable is less expensive per foot than coax.

  • Equipment utilizes rack space instead of wall space, so plywood backboards are not required.

  • Only two pieces of Z-Band equipment are needed: a video hub in the IDF closet and a balun at each TV location.

  • With only one signal level to set and monitor, you’ll no longer need RF engineering support.

  • With the Z-Band solution, it requires less support to manage and balance your RF distribution system.

  • Z-Band eliminates the need to keep balancing the distribution amplifiers.

With the enormous challenges in providing healthcare today, MDM Healthcare can upgrade your existing TV system, design and implement a new state-of-the art high definition RF distribution system with video-on-demand capabilities that transforms your healthcare environment into one with patient entertainment and learning, and staff productivity enhancements can drive the bottom line.

To learn more about Z-Band distribution systems or any of the other products and services we offer, contact MDM Healthcare today to schedule a site assessment and quote!


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