Hotel Ice Machines & Dispensers

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Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers For Lodging Facilities

The hotel ice machine has become standard operating equipment whenever we travel. At MDM Lodging, we are huge fans of the models from Manitowoc, which offer the latest design technologies and customer friendly features. Attractively styled to complement any lodging decor, all models of Manitowoc’s high-volume commercial ice dispensers feature the company’s patented “push for ice” actuator and paddle-wheel technology.

Specifically designed for standard ice buckets, the rocking chute dispense mechanism reduces the ice spillage and has an oversized drain pan to capture larger quantities of ice overflow. A favorite add-on feature of hotels is the optional coin operated or room card dispensing control options.

Manitowoc’s hotel ice machine uses non-CFC refrigerants and operates at reduced noise levels, making it a great fit for most hotels, motels & resorts. Since the company’s beginnings in 1964, Manitowoc has been a leader in supplying appliances like these to the hospitality industry. Today, Manitowoc is America’s #1 selling commercial ice machine. Let MDM Lodging help you select the best unit to satisfy your location’s needs.