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Hotel In-Room AC Units

GE 11600 BTU Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner (AJEM12DCD)

GE 11600 BTU Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner (AJEQ12ACD)

GE 6400 BTU Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner (AJEQ06LCD)

GE 8900 BTU Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner (AJEQ09DCD)

GE 9900 BTU Through-The-Wall Room Air Conditioner (AJEQ10DCD)

GE® 115 Volt Built-In Cool-Only Room Air Conditioner – AJCM08ACG

GE® 115 Volt Built-In Cool-Only Room Air Conditioner – AJCM10ACG

GE® 115 Volt Built-In Cool-Only Room Air Conditioner – AJCQ06LCG

Hotel Air Conditioners: Provide Cost-Efficient, Cool Comfort to Your Guests

When you install in-room AC units from MDM Commercial, you’re empowering guests and residents in your hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities, allowing them to enjoy their stay at their preferred room temperature. Meanwhile, your facilities will benefit from energy cost savings as well as reduced operational costs, making these hotel air conditioners the ideal win/win solution. To discuss your needs with one of our experienced hospitality account representatives, please call 1-800-359-6741 or contact us online.

Benefits of GE Hotel/Motel Air Conditioners

MDM Commercial only works with top, time-tested, trustworthy brands, and General Electric is well known for its continual innovations and laser focus on creating technologies that improve people’s lives.

The exceptionally reliable and consistent hotel AC units from GE provide your guests with what they want—the ability to conveniently control the temperature of their rooms—and are constructed with today’s cutting-edge technologies. Built-in models provide a better weather barrier than typical window AC units, ratcheting up efficiencies and cost savings ever further. Some of our in-room models also provide heat for chilly months, expanding their value, year-round.

No matter which GE units you choose, you’ll benefit from their super seal system that reduces air filtration cycles to maximize your energy savings. You can reduce operating costs through the unit’s digital controls and electronic temperature limiting and protect rooms that are currently unoccupied from excessive seasonal temperature changes. Because these units are so well built, maintenance and repairs are needed less often throughout their lifespan.

These hotel/motel air conditioners are built in a way to enhance the ease of installation and come with universal components for convenient part replacements, when needed. Plus, their sleek and contemporary design blends in well with any decor, operating quietly for your guests’ enhanced relaxation in their rooms.

To maximize the benefits of your choices in hotel AC units, simply contact us. Our team will work directly with you to personalize the solution that will be optimal for your hospitality facilities.

Choose MDM for Your Hospitality Solutions

Our decades of experience allow us to provide uniquely tailored, comprehensive solutions for lodging facilities, whether you need hotel air conditioners for a brand new facility; want to replace all of your old units; are ready to put new units in some rooms; or need to make some upgrades.

From your initial consultation to the installation of your hotel AC units and beyond, the assigned dedicated account manager will be with you throughout the process, offering top-notch personalized service. You’ll benefit from our buying power, too, receiving competitive pricing that allows you to pay off your investment more quickly. To get started, please call 1-800-359-6741 or contact us online.

Hotel In-Room AC Unit FAQs

Models include GE through-the-wall units with 11,600 BTUs, 9,900 BTUs, 8,900 BTUs, and 6,400 BTUs. There are 115 volt units with heating and cooling capabilities, and ones with AC only. The same is true with 230/208 units. We’d be happy to make recommendations.

MDM Commercial also offers through-the-wall hotel/motel air conditioners from LG, another highly respected, in-demand brand. LG is also known for providing energy efficient solutions for lodging facilities.

Just contact us! You can share your goals, your budget, and any challenges, and we can create a customized plan for your facilities. MDM Commercial offers a wide range of GE in-room AC units, including ones right for your hotels, motels, and more.

For example, if you’re looking for 11,600 BTU units that also offer heat, then the model AJEM12DCD may be the right selection. Want the heat with 8,900 BTU? Then AJEQ09DCD may be the motel/hotel air conditioners of choice for your brand. If you need the AC but not the heat, then AJCM08ACG could be the best recommendation. For a free, no-pressure conversation that focuses on your unique needs, please call 1-800-359-6741 or contact us online.