Hotel Air Conditioner Units

GE Zoneline® PTACs Units for Hotels

More than ever, senior living facilities, hotels, motels, and resorts are choosing GE Zoneline® air conditioning units for year round comfort with individual climate controls for each guest room. Every unit features a super seal system which maximizes energy savings by reducing air filtration cycles. Digital controls and electronic temperature limiting help your management team reduce operating costs while protecting unoccupied rooms from excessive seasonal temperature changes. General Electric designed the Zoneline air conditioners to take full advantage of the latest technological innovations, universal components and improved flexibility of installations for new construction, renovation or single unit replacement.

GE has also recently introduced vertical packaged terminal unit models. These ZVACs, as they’re called, have a top-side air discharge which can be ducted into a single room or multiple rooms for senior living rooms, hotel or resort suites. ZVAC units’ unique vertical configuration allows them to be installed in a corner enclosure. Both the Zoneline PTAC and PTHP models are the most energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems available on the market. With features such as the better weather barrier, smooth curves and contemporary designs to complement any decor, it’s no wonder they’re chosen more often.

For immediate assistance with GE Zoneline®, vertical packaged terminal or LG HNR standard sleeve air conditioning units, contact MDM at 1-800-673-0929 to speak directly with a senior living or hospitality account representative.