Hotel Mini Fridges & Microwaves

Quality Refrigerators and Microwaves For Premier Guest Experiences

If you’re looking for top-quality products from a company that provides unparalleled customer service, you’ve found the right place. MDM Lodging provides premier equipment specifically for the hospitality industry.

We’re proud to offer Danby® mini-refrigerators and microwaves available in a variety of sizes to uniquely fit your hospitality company’s needs.

The equipment we sell allows your guests to conveniently keep and reheat snacks and leftovers right in their rooms, as well as store drinks, medications, and baby bottles in the fridge throughout their stay.
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Hotel Equipment & Accessories FAQs

What models of hotel refrigerators and microwaves are available?

Besides hotel room refrigerators, we offer beverage can centers, including silhouette style ones with French doors. MDM Lodging also offers the MicroFridge®, Darby’s unique hotel microwave-fridge combination that offers numerous advantages to your guests, and to your facility.

What are some advantages of the MicroFridge®?

Advantages include how this can help to eliminate the electrical problems that can occur when plugging in numerous appliances in a room. This is accomplished through the use of a single plug. Besides facilitating safer operations, this can reduce your energy consumption and allows you to use the freed-up outlet space for other in-room items.

As a guest-friendly bonus, the MicroFridge® comes with a dual-outlet charging station that can be used to recharge mobile devices. This freestanding hotel room refrigerator-hotel microwave combination fits well into any guest room, with reversible doors to allow it to be easily installed in right-side and left-side guest rooms alike.
Whether you’re building a new hotel, renovating motel rooms with new appliances, or replacing units at your resort, MDM Lodging has the energy-efficient products that can meet your needs, in the style and size you want, in prices within your budget.

What other hospitality equipment can you provide?

MDM Lodging offers a wide range of hospitality equipment and accessories at competitive prices, including commercial-grade televisions and mounts, in-room air conditioners and PTACs, ice dispensing machines, air purifiers, digital signage, and more. Besides providing the equipment, we offer hassle-free installations by experienced professionals.

Why should we choose MDM Lodging?

We’ve been providing a full range of hospitality equipment since 1990, creating custom solutions, so you can rely upon MDM Lodging for equipment needs for all types of lodging facilities. You can also benefit from our top-quality professional services that include assistance in finding the right products for your facility, plus:

  • Professional installations of your upgraded equipment to ensure seamless transitions
  • On-call customer service from knowledgeable representatives
  • Ongoing IT support if you ever need to troubleshoot issues

Contact us online, email us at, or call us at (800) 359-6741.