Hotel Digital Signage Solutions

Hotel Digital & Wayfinding Signage Solutions

Digital signage can support your success in nearly every area of your business. It can help strengthen your brand, expand your marketing reach, and offer an improved experience for your guests. MDM Lodging has commercial-grade digital signage for every type of facility, including hotels, motels, resorts and more.

When you have MDM Lodging meet your digital signage needs, you get more than the latest technology—you will also have expert planning, setup, and installation services, plus personal customer service.

These are just some of the ways you can use our hospitality digital signage solutions:

  • Enable your guests to interact with your digital content with our interactive screens with touchscreen technology.
  • Advertise new services, display amenities and their locations, and provide maps of the area and your facility.
  • Welcome guests and display important announcements on outdoor products.
  • Free your staff from time spent on providing basic information, allowing them to focus on meeting your guests’ more urgent or important needs.

At MDM Lodging, we offer a full range of the latest digital signage products and professional services to help you enhance your guests’ experience throughout your facility. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our TV monitors, outdoor hotel TVs, hotel kiosks, video walls, and more.

Hospitality Digital Signage FAQ

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is an umbrella term that includes all types of signage, from TV monitors in corporate lobbies that display marketing content to video walls in major retail outlets and store directories in malls. In addition to hardware such as LED and LCD screens, a digital signage system may also include software that provides the means to program and distribute the content that’s displayed on the hardware.

What types of hospitality digital signage displays does MDM Lodging offer hotels?

When you work with MDM Lodging, you have a full selection of state-of-the-art displays to meet your facility’s needs. Our cost-effective digital signage solutions include these premium products and more:

  • Full HD hotel HD TV monitors from 22” to 43”
  • Interactive hotel TV monitors from 10” to 86”
    OLED 55” hotel TVs
  • Outdoor hotel TVs, including Peerless Ultraview™ UHD outdoor TVs and Peerless Extreme™ High Bright outdoor displays
  • SuperSign™ hotel TVs from 43” to 65”
  • Ultra HD hotel TV monitors from 43” to 55”
  • Ultra Stretch 86” hotel TVs
  • Hotel video walls from 49” to 55”
  • Outdoor hotel kiosks
Can MDM Lodging help with creating content for digital signage?

Yes! Our graphic designers can make sure your vision is realized or we can work with your in-house design team. We have a full range of graphic creation services and content creation expertise. Please call us at 877-957-5957 to learn more or get a quote online.

What are some ways my hotel can use digital signage?

Today’s travelers increasingly rely on digital platforms to make their trips and hotel stays more enjoyable and go more smoothly. They also expect opportunities to interact with service providers via technology, and digital signage is designed to make it easy for you to meet those expectations. The digital signage solutions you use throughout your hotel can help ensure that your facility is just as tech-savvy as your guests.

Digital signage can be used for marketing, education, and anything in between. These are a few ways that digital signage solutions from MDM Lodging can support your success and provide a seamless guest experience:

  • Welcome guests upon their arrival
  • Make your guests’ wait time entertaining
  • Help guests and visitors find their way around your property
  • Generate new revenue by providing information on special offers in your restaurant, spa or fitness center, or shop
  • Provide the day’s schedule of events
  • Alert guests to important messages
  • Display restaurant menus to entice guest visits
  • Showcase your facility’s amenities and how to access them
  • Offer weather forecasts and conditions
  • Provide listings of interesting local attractions and maps
  • Offer information on local transportation
  • Access loyalty programs
  • Provide information for specific meetings, conferences, and group visits

MDM Lodging also offers one of the leading virtual fitness platforms on the market. Fitness On Demand™ allows you to deliver premium fitness programs and media to your guests, including hundreds of virtual fitness classes from popular fitness instructors.

What customer support services does MDM Lodging offer?

From your first contact with us to post-installation, you will enjoy unrivaled customer service from our dedicated account managers. We begin by learning about your unique needs and vision, then work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan with the products that are just right for you.

MDM Lodging can provide end-to-end services that include complete setup of your new hotel digital signage solution and expert installation services. Your system will be up and running quickly and you can upgrade at any time without any hassle. Our experienced technical support team will remain available to answer your questions and address any concerns or needs you may have.

How can I get started with an MDM Lodging digital signage solution for my facility?

With years of experience in the lodging industry, MDM Lodging has created a one-stop-shop that meets all of your needs for hospitality products, systems, and consulting services. Call us at 877-957-5957 to get in touch with an MDM professional or click the chat box at the lower right to chat with one of our experts now. You can also download our lodging PDF brochure to learn more about all of our offerings for the hospitality industry.