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Hotel Television Mounts

Peerless-AV DesignerSeries™ Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount

Peerless-AV DesignerSeries™ Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount (SUA747PU)

Peerless-AV Hospitality Wall Arm Mount with STB Enclosure (HA746-STB)

Peerless-AV KIP Series Portrait Digital Signage Kiosk Enclosures

Peerless-AV Paramount™ Articulating Wall Mount (PA762)

Peerless-AV Pull-Out Pivot Wall Mount with Tilt (SP840)

Peerless-AV SA740P TV Mount (OSHPD Pre-Approved)

Television Mounts for Hotels & Resorts

Guests at hotels, motels, and resorts appreciate the ability to kick back and relax by watching television in their rooms. They look forward to resting in a comfortable bed as they enjoy their favorite programming. When the experience satisfies them, they’re more likely to return to your facilities and to spread the word to friends, family members, and business colleagues.

That all makes good sense—but one often overlooked element of this experience are quality hotel TV mounts. When the mounts are incorrectly placed or angled in the wrong way, guests may find their television watching experience lessened as they strain their necks and get in less comfortable positions to watch the program.

Fortunately, MDM offers just the right hotel TV mounts for your hospitality facilities’ needs from trusted brands like Peerless. To discuss what you need to provide seamless enjoyment to your guests, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741. Our skilled team will listen to your needs and recommend the best options.

Hotel TV Wall Mounts

When you choose this design, your hotel television mount will be positioned on a room’s wall, freeing up valuable floor, dresser, or desk space. This provides more space for guests to place their belongings and creates a less cluttered appearance in the room. You can easily hide cables and wires.

You can position these mounts at the ideal angle to provide guests with the ultimate in comfortable viewing. To further enhance the guest experience, you can strategically position hotel TV wall mounts to lower glare from indoor lighting and windows alike; this can help to prevent eye strain. As the outdoor light coming in changes, these mounts can be flexibly adjusted for optimal viewing.

Now, here’s a bonus for your facilities. These mounts are securely attached, making it difficult to be damaged or stolen. Because of their placement, curious toddlers won’t be able to reach them, preventing injuries from tipped-over televisions.

Peerless offers numerous kinds of wall mounts and we’ll highlight just one of them here: the Peerless-AV® DesignerSeries™ Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount. Exclusively designed for ultra-thin displays, this model is in fact one of the thinnest wall arm mounts on the market today. Yet, this dual-arm mount is quite robust, able to hold larger landscape- or portrait-oriented displays firmly in position.

You can easily access the back because of an innovative l-shaped adaptor plate. The mount’s internal cable management allows for a clean professional look and its glossy black finish matches any décor. Its One-Touch™ tilt mechanism means that you can adjust its angle by +15/-5° without using tools. These are just some of the benefits of this hotel television mount—and just one of the many wall mounts available at MDM. In fact, we have hundreds of options from multiple vendors so, no matter what your lodging facilities need, we can help. Questions? Please call (800) 359-6741.

Hotel Lobby TV Mounts

As important as in-room televisions and their mounts are for guest satisfaction, television sets in shared spaces—for example, lobbies, restaurants and bars, and in-facility gyms—also please guests. MDM carries the perfect mounting systems for these televisions, as well. Strategic placement of the TVs allow you to entertain guests throughout your facilities, enhance your brand, promote your amenities, spread the word about gift shop specials, and much more.

Effective mounting of publicly-placed televisions allows you to share information with people beyond your guests, including visitors and vendors. You can leverage television placement and broadcast content to highlight your brand in highly visible, uniquely targeted ways.

The Peerless-AV SmartMount® Universal Ceiling Mount, for example, comes with integrated cable management with an Agion® antimicrobial* finish to protect against the spread of germs. This model comes with a 36 inch drop for flexible mounting and can display televisions in either a landscape or portrait orientation with a -5° to 20° adjustable tilt and 360° swivel.

Time-Tested Trusted Brands

No matter which of our hotel television mounts you choose for your facilities, you can count on them being from an outstanding brand. Peerless, for example, invented the first wall mount for television sets and, over its 80-plus years of innovation and service, they continue to craft top quality products, standing behind what they make.

MDM for Your Hotel TV Mounts

We provide in-demand hospitality supplies and equipment for the lodging industry, doing so since 1990. When you choose MDM for your hotel television sets, mounts, and more, you can count on receiving top-quality equipment and technology. Our team is fully committed to provide the finest levels of customer service and we leverage our big buying power so you never pay more than you should.

To select exactly the right hotel television mounts and more for your hotels, motels, resorts, and other hospitality facilities, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.