Healthcare Technology Solutions

Bringing the Healthcare Technology You Need to Your Hospital

MDM Healthcare is a complete healthcare technology solutions provider. Whether you need patient-focused hospital TV equipment, patient education resources, digital wayfinding solutions, or in-room entertainment systems, you can find the products and options you’re looking for with MDM Healthcare.

Some of the many healthcare technology products we offer at MDM Healthcare include:

  • High-definition headend systems and DirecTV®
  • Interactive patient education solutions
  • Hospital televisions and DVD players
  • TV mounts, brackets, and other accessories
  • Large screen commercial-grade TVs
  • Digital signage solutions

In addition to providing a complete line of in-room equipment and healthcare technology, MDM Healthcare is also proud to offer the professional services you need to take the worry out of upgrading or installing your new systems. You can count on our skilled and experienced team of technicians to take care of every aspect of the installation and implementation of your new technology, ensuring a seamless transition as you upgrade your hospital or other medical facility. What’s more, MDM Healthcare is available around the clock to help answer your questions or troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

At MDM Healthcare, our experience in healthcare technology products and HDTV systems, along with our unrivaled customer service and competitive prices, gives you and your healthcare facility an unsurpassed advantage. MDM’s professional staff will work with you to plan, implement, and manage your facility’s television, broadband internet, and other digital media and content initiatives.

To make MDM Healthcare your one-stop-shop for the products, systems, and consulting services you need for your healthcare facility, contact us today by calling 800-359-6741.

Healthcare Technology Solutions FAQ

What makes a TV “hospital grade”?

Because hospitals, senior-living facilities, and other types of medical facilities must provide safe and healthy environments, consumer grade equipment rarely meets their stringent needs. Hospital grade TVs are designed to include features that suit the healthcare environment, keeping the safety of patients and clinicians in mind.

Some of the differences between consumer grade and hospital grade TVs are related to durability. TVs that meet the healthcare grade standard are manufactured to safely operate under constant use and include advanced heat dissipation technology. At MDM Healthcare, we provide TVs that meet the UL safety standards set forth for use in patient rooms. These sets have improved sanitation features, and reduce the risks of fire, hazardous radiation, and electrical shock. Our hospital grade TVs also have features to support patients’ comfort and convenience, such as pillow speakers for TV that can be integrated with nurse-call systems.

What types of TVs and accessories does MDM Commercial offer its healthcare clients?

We have hospital grade TVs and accessories for every type of healthcare facility. These are just some of the options you have to choose from:

  • Long term care TVs: Our LG HD LED Commercial Lite TVs are created just for long term care environments. They include large display fonts and clocks to enhance ease of use.
  • LG Healthcare Grade TVs: We offer a range of UL-Hospital Grade listed LG TVs, including LG 4K UHD TVs designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Available sizes include 43”, 49”, and 55”.
  • PDi Hospital Grade TVs: From medTV arm-mounted patient HDTVs with personal displays for viewers, to bedside HDTV tablets with Journey Enhanced Patient Experience compatibility, our line of PDi UL-listed LED hospital TV products offer scalability, flexibility, and convenience.
  • LG Commercial Grade LED TVs: We have a wide variety of LG commercial grade televisions to enhance your patients’ viewing experience. Most of our LG commercial grade TVs are full high-definition, and are available in sizes from 49” to 86”.
  • Large Screen Commercial TVs: Designed just for hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities, our line of high-resolution screens meets your needs for digital signage, broadcasting live events, presentations, and more.

Our complete range of accessories includes swing arms, PDi mounts, and Peerless mounts. We also have hundreds of other brands available as well.

What brand of medical kiosk is available from MDM Healthcare?

We carry Peerless-AV’s kiosks which are designed for a variety of digital signage solutions, including those for healthcare. Choose from in-wall models, landscape digital signage kiosk enclosures, the full HD Peerless All-in-One Kiosk Powered by BrightSign, and more for your medical kiosk needs. Our kiosks are easy to set up via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cable, or microSD card. Your kiosk messaging can be easily updated with an iPad or iPhone and quickly link to any live data or media feeds you have available.

How can my healthcare facility use digital signage solutions?

Hospital digital signage has become one of the most effective ways to improve the experience of patients, staff and visitors in healthcare facilities. Our simple-to-use and cost-effective HD TVs and digital displays can be used to help patients and visitors find their way through your facility, broadcast informative and educational videos about the services you offer, provide entertainment in waiting areas, and much more.

At MDM Healthcare, we have a complete selection of hospital digital signage solutions and wayfinding signs, including:

  • Full HD monitors
  • Interactive monitors
  • Media players
  • OLED TVs
  • Outdoor displays
  • Medical signage kiosks
  • SuperSign™ TVs
  • Ultra HD monitors
  • Ultra Stretch displays
  • Video walls
Why should my facility buy healthcare technology solutions from MDM Healthcare?

In addition to our complete selection of top-quality, competitively priced hospital grade TVs, TV mounts and accessories, large commercial grade televisions, and digital signage solutions, MDM Healthcare provides start-to-finish technical services. Our professional staff will assist you in planning, implementation, and management of your facility’s MDM Healthcare solutions. You will enjoy expert support throughout and after the sale from a dedicated account manager on call 24 hours a day. We invite you to learn more about all of MDM Healthcare’s solutions for your hospital, long-term care facility, or other type of healthcare facility by calling 800-359-6741 or emailing us at