Healthcare Technology Solutions

Bringing the Healthcare Technology You Need to Your Hospital
MDM Healthcare is a complete healthcare technology solutions provider. Whether you need patient-focused hospital TV equipment, patient education resources, digital wayfinding solutions, or in-room entertainment systems, you can find the products and options you’re looking for with MDM Healthcare.

Some of the many healthcare technology products we offer at MDM Healthcare include:

High-definition headend systems and DirecTV®
Interactive patient education solutions
Hospital televisions and DVD players
TV mounts, brackets, and other accessories
Large screen commercial-grade TVs
Digital signage solutions

In addition to providing a complete line of in-room equipment and healthcare technology, MDM Healthcare is also proud to offer the professional services you need to take the worry out of upgrading or installing your new systems. You can count on our skilled and experienced team of technicians to take care of every aspect of the installation and implementation of your new technology, ensuring a seamless transition as you upgrade your hospital or other medical facility. What’s more, MDM Healthcare is available around the clock to help answer your questions or troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

At MDM Healthcare, our experience in healthcare technology products and HDTV systems, along with our unrivaled customer service and competitive prices, gives you and your healthcare facility an unsurpassed advantage. MDM’s professional staff will work with you to plan, implement, and manage your facility’s television, broadband internet, and other digital media and content initiatives.

To make MDM Healthcare your one-stop-shop for the products, systems, and consulting services you need for your healthcare facility, contact us today by calling 800-359-6741.