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Clean Remote Controls for Hospital TVs

Clean Remote controls are in demand for hospital usage, especially now, because they’re clinically proven to be 99% cleaner than other brands—allowing your healthcare facilities to maximize the sanitation of remotes that your patients and their families will use while enjoying in-room entertainment.

For help in selecting the best hospital TV remote controls, contact MDM online or call us at 800-359-6741.

Benefits of Quality Hospital TV Remotes

Clean Remote controls resemble what your patients are accustomed to using with this ease of use freeing up your healthcare staff to focus on more meaningful patient care instead of troubleshooting the remote. Plus, they’re easy to set up, which reduces the amount of time spent on transitioning to their usage. Some models are universal, which means that you can move them from room to room, even facility to facility, confident that you won’t need to buy brand-specific remotes. This saves money and time.

Because patients and their families can easily use these remotes, this helps to eliminate any frustration over their operation. They can watch enjoyable programming, which boosts their overall patient experience. This in turn can increase loyalty to your healthcare brand, which can create a significant bottom line impact.

Televisions operated by these Clean remotes can provide patients with educational materials, brand-related messaging, information about the facilities, and more. This broadens the effect these hospital TV remotes can have with patient communication.

You can use your Clean remotes in other medical facilities, including in organizations that provide long-term care for older residents. When doing so, you enjoy the same benefits as you do when using them as hospital TV remote controls.

Clean Remote Controls for the Ultimate in Hospital Usage

You can choose from a variety of options:

  • Clean Remote CR3BCB Remote Control: Use this for 250+ brands of commercial and retail televisions while benefiting from simple one touch setup. The lack of a menu button means that patients can’t change settings.
  • Clean Remote CR3BCB-H Clean Remote: This remote offers multi-bed operation, which provides the ultimate in functionality and convenience while offering features that are similar to the CR3BCB model.
  • Clean Remote CR4 Remote Control: These remotes work with Pro-Centric Servers and are designed for LG and Samsung TVs.
  • Clean Remote CR4-B Remote Control: This model is the same as the one described above but in an attractive, sleek black.
  • Clean Remote Original CR1 Remote Control: This streamlined model has a simple one touch setup and you won’t need to use codes. To help prevent batteries from being removed, this remote comes with a hidden battery component.

Choose MDM for Hospital TV Remotes

Our experienced team is here to help you make exactly the right choices for your hospital TV remote controls based on your needs and the features of each of these Clean Remote controls. Whichever you select, we’ll leverage our big buying power to bring your competitive pricing. For prompt personalized service, please contact MDM online or call 800-359-6741 for personalized assistance.