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Curbell remotes are designed for heavy-duty use in hospital room settings and contribute to an overall positive experience for patients while freeing up hospital staff because of a patient’s ability to independently handle tasks. Curbell medical TV remotes can go far beyond simply helping patients to change television channels, though, and options include the following.

Pillow Speaker Remotes for Hospitals: Maximize Patient In-Room Experiences

Pillow speakers offer plenty of functionalities with basic models typically giving patients the ability to call a nurse and to change television channels. More complex models add more functionality to entertain patients and to give them more control over their in-room environment. These durable remotes are constructed with ease of use, which is a key part of the pillow speaker system, and each of the Curbell medical TV remotes that we offer fits that description. Plus, they are designed for oxygen-enriched environments.

We offer a selection of Curbell pillow speaker remotes and accessories that are designed specifically for hospitals. To decide which is best for your facilities, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Curbell Gen 4 Digital

This pillow speaker for TV navigation comes with a remote with large, easy to find, simple to press buttons, laid out like home remotes for intuitive patient usage. The keypad allows for direct navigation to certain channels and comes with mute buttons and the ability to return to previous channels.

The case is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it easy for patients to use and for staff to quickly clean and sanitize for greater infection control. Plus, your facility can request customizations, including cable length and buttons.

Curbell Gen III Analog

This baseline unit is easy to install and offers foundational services, including nurse calls, and is a smart choice of Curbell medical TV remotes if your facility has a small number of channels available. Buttons are large, raised, and colorful, making them easy for patients to understand and navigate and can be customized for your needs and applications.

Curbell Gen III DirectAccess

This is the recommended remote when your facility wants the ultimate pillow speaker for TV navigation. Consider this model if your hospitals offer a variety of cable or satellite channels for your patients to enjoy. Patients can choose a channel without cycling through the options, making it similar to home remotes. The easy to read keypads are also simple to use with audible clicks letting patients “hear” their actions, as well. The case material is three times stronger than other options—with longer-lasting micro switches and overlays. Your hospital can customize the design to support up to four auxiliary functions.

Curbell Gen III DPS

Designed for multi-channel television systems, patients can cycle through channels with ease with closed captioning features included. Large, raised, colorful buttons and audible clicks make operation straightforward. Note: this remote is configured to mesh with existing wiring in patient rooms.