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An image of a hospital 5G private LTE network infrastructure, showcasing advanced wireless technology for enhanced connectivity and communication within the healthcare facility.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Infrastructure: Private LTE and Innovative Technology Solutions

27 Sep 2023
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Revolutionizing Healthcare Infrastructure: Private LTE and Innovative Technology Solutions   As hospitals look to the future, they are increasingly inclined toward digitizing their infrastructure. Hospital executives recognize the profound influence that technology wields in today’s post-pandemic landscape. They understand that the contemporary healthcare system leans heavily on an optimized network solution…

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young girl watching hospital tv

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Hospital’s TVs

25 Oct 2022

Hospital TVs play a significant role in a quality patient experience. To maximize the opportunities to satisfy yours and build their loyalty, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits of today’s modern healthcare TVs. If your healthcare facility is ready to upgrade or is in need of assistance with…

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do hospital tv matter to patients

Do Hospital TVs Really Matter to Patients?

23 Jun 2022

Here’s the short answer: yes. Having quality hospital grade TVs also matters to healthcare organizations—and here’s how they benefit patients and hospitals alike. Hospital TVs: Patient Perspective When people are in the hospital, their emotions can range from boredom to worry, anxiety, and fear. When there isn’t something to distract…

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types of hospital tvs and benefits

Different Types of Hospital Televisions and Their Benefits

09 Jun 2022

Although hospital grade TVs, at first glance, can look like consumer grade TVs, important differences exist. Hospital televisions are specifically designed for heavy use within a healthcare environment and they come with numerous benefits. Overall, hospital grade TVs: Are built to make them safe and easy for patients and clinicians…

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choose hospital grade tv

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Hospital Grade TVs for Healthcare Facilities

04 May 2022

Hospital TVs provide numerous benefits for patients and their families—from providing welcomed entertainment during difficult times to serving as the source of relevant health-related information and much more—as well as for your staff and facilities. To choose the right healthcare TVs for your needs, consider your goals, intended usage, and…

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types of hospital tvs and benefits

Hospital TV Systems for All Types of Healthcare Facilities

20 Apr 2021

MDM Healthcare provides cost-effective hospital TV systems and other networking equipment that can upgrade your healthcare facility’s existing television systems. Since 1990, our professional staff has been dedicated to creating customized solutions to suit the needs of all types of hospitals, senior living centers, and other healthcare facilities. In addition…

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Upgrading DirecTV from SD to HD

20 Sep 2018

MDM Healthcare Can Help Your Healthcare Facility Maintain Continuous DirecTV® Service Upgrading DirecTV from SD to HD Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are set up with DirecTV. However, not many are aware that if they are using standard definition (SD), their services will be coming to an end soon.…

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Hospital TV Systems Help Reduce Stress, Boost Efficiency

22 Jan 2013
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Virtually any job has some amount of stress. But hospital workers are at a particularly high risk for job-related stress and tension simply because of their environment. Luckily, there are ways to help healthcare employees manage. Many hospital workers must face patients battling life-threatening injuries and illnesses every day. That…

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Holiday Content Ideas for Hospital Digital Signage & TV Systems

11 Dec 2012
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Holidays are meant to be a joyous time. But when they’re spent in a hospital bed, it can be a stressful time of year for both the patient and those who love him or her. To help ease that stress and lift spirits a bit, MDM Healthcare offers a few…

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