Guide to Purchasing Healthcare TVs in 2024

Guide to Purchasing Healthcare TVs in 2024 

Close-up of the LG 32'' LN572M Series Pro:Centric® Hospital TV displaying personalized healthcare content designed by MDM Commercial, illustrating the seamless integration of advanced technology for an enhanced patient experience.


















State-of-the-art equipment holds immense importance in the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology. As we step into 2024, there’s a lot to consider when acquiring healthcare TVs. In the ever-evolving healthcare environment, the decision to invest in new healthcare-grade TVs this year is more than a mere technological upgrade—it is a strategic move that can positively impact patient care, staff efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness. 

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Understanding the Benefits of Premium Healthcare TVs 

Healthcare TVs are designed with specific features tailored to meet the distinctive demands of medical environments. These TVs play a crucial role in healthcare settings, finding applications in waiting rooms and patient rooms alike. Not only do they contribute to effective infection control, but they also boast exceptional durability. 

LG, known for its commitment to innovation, continues to push the boundaries in 2024. Explore the following technological trends that set LG healthcare-grade TVs apart: 

4K Resolution and HDR Technology 

LG’s healthcare TVs boast 4K resolution and HDR technology for excellent image quality, crucial for medical imaging, education, and patient entertainment. 

Smart Features for Seamless Integration 

LG healthcare-grade TVs have smart features that easily connect with other healthcare devices and systems, which supports efficient communication, patient monitoring, and education. 

Hygienic Surfaces and Materials 

LG’s healthcare-grade TVs feature surfaces and materials that are easy to clean, aligning with the focus on infection control. This enhances hygiene standards and prolongs the lifespan of the devices. 

Durability for Healthcare Settings 

LG makes TVs that can handle the tough conditions of healthcare settings, featuring robust casings and advanced shock resistance. 

Key Considerations When Purchasing New Healthcare-Grade TVs 

Patient-Centric Experience 

In 2024, hospital TVs contribute significantly to creating a patient-centric environment. LG’s innovative technologies, such as personalized content delivery and interactive features, enhance the overall patient experience, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety during hospital stays. 

Advanced Medical Imaging 

New LG healthcare TVs have improved image quality for medical imaging, crucial for telemedicine and remote diagnostics. The 32″ LN572M Series Pro:Centric® Hospital TV (32LN572MBUB) helps healthcare professionals with accurate visual representations for diagnoses. 

Infection Control Measures 

The ongoing focus on infection prevention in healthcare facilities places a premium on easily cleanable surfaces and materials. Upgrading to LG’s latest healthcare-grade TVs ensures that hospitals can adhere to stringent hygiene protocols. Models like the 55″ UN672M Series UHD Pro:Centric® Smart Ul Listed Hospital TV with webOS™ (55UN672M0UB) showcase LG’s commitment to infection control, providing both durability and advanced features. 

Efficient Communication and Training 

Beyond patient rooms, healthcare-grade TVs play a crucial role in communication and training within hospitals. Models like the 24″ LT572M Pro:Centric® Hospital TV provide compact communication and education solutions for different departments. 

Technology Future-Proofing 

As healthcare technology advances, the need for future-proof solutions becomes imperative. The 4K 75” UR762M NanoCell Hospital TV (75UR762M) exemplifies LG’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. Equipped with Pro:Centric® Hospital Management Solution and UL Hospital Grade Listing, it ensures hospitals are prepared for evolving healthcare practices and emerging technologies. 


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Front view of the LG 32'' LN572M Series Pro:Centric® Hospital TV showcasing a sleek design, vivid display, and integrated Pro:Centric® features for customized hospital content delivery.

















As healthcare technology evolves, so do the features and capabilities of healthcare-grade TVs. In 2024, LG leads in healthcare technology, offering innovative solutions that focus on functionality and patient satisfaction. By staying informed about the latest trends and considering key factors in your purchase decision, you can ensure that your investment in LG hospital-grade TVs aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. 

In conclusion, the decision to acquire new LG healthcare-grade TVs in 2024 is an investment in the holistic improvement of healthcare services. LG offers a variety of models for healthcare, like the 32″ LN572M, 55″ UN672M, 24” LT572M, and 75” UR762M. These TVs go beyond regular displays and provide reliable and advanced solutions for hospitals. Hospitals can improve patient satisfaction, simplify processes, and be leaders in healthcare technology by adopting these advancements. 

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