Elevate Your Entertainment Experience with MDM Commercial’s LG Pro:Centric Catena TV Solutions

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience with MDM Commercial's LG Pro:Centric Catena TV Solutions 


LG Pro:Centric Catena TV Solution - Streamlined TV management for hospitality venues



















LG’s Pro:Centric® Catena platform simplifies the management of multiple TVs simultaneously, enabling hospitality venues to effortlessly enhance their guest experience, ensuring they remain entertained, engaged, and eager to return. Now, venues such as fitness centers, hotels, hospitals, sports bars, and retail stores can offer a diverse range of channels with muted sound, while keeping patrons engaged by allowing them to select live TV shows and listen to audio through their smartphones and earbuds. One significant advantage of the Catena platform is its ability to save businesses money by reducing hardware requirements and overall operational costs, all while enhancing patron satisfaction. Additionally, it streamlines content delivery through a commercial 

video headend, saving time and minimizing frustration by reducing complexity and boosting reliability. The platform includes a budget-friendly upgrade path for integrators and end-users and supports headend IP input sources for secure access to premium content. Catena’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows effortless brand customization, enabling businesses to advertise and stay top of mind with guests through personalized content. Additionally, staff can change channels or volume instantly upon guest request using mobile devices, eliminating the need for multiple remotes. Another user-friendly feature: Catena brings together all available content into a channel map, making it convenient to select from one central location. Its web-based user interface allows for control of every display individually or in groups. 


Catena TV System Installation - Professional setup for seamless entertainment



















At MDM Commercial, our seasoned team of pros assists your business in navigating the decision-making process for a seamless Catena installation. We address your unique concerns, including potential security risks associated with using a single login across multiple TVs. Unlike consumer-grade TVs, where the absence of a secure mechanism to wipe or remove credentials poses a risk, our Catena solutions prioritize the security of your business. 

We can also tailor your Catena solution for your hotel or hospital patient TV systems or commercial space. Choose MDM Commercial for Your Catena Solution Elevate your entertainment experience with MDM Commercial's expertise in Catena platform solutions. Contact us today, let our team guide you towards a future where your business effortlessly delivers the streaming experience your customers expect. 

Are you searching for a premium hotel grade Smart TV to complement your Catena system? 

Look no further than MDM for all your commercial-grade television and accessory needs. With our significant purchasing power, we offer competitive pricing on a wide range of top-notch LG equipment from leading TV system suppliers. This ensures you can select the ideal size and type of system that fits both your requirements and budget. 

We provide valuable guidance on selecting the appropriate mounting equipment, hardware configurations, and professional installation services, guaranteeing a top-tier viewing experience for your guests. Enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge by allowing our expert team to assist you in selecting the perfect commercial TV system. 

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