MDM Commercial Announces Partnership with ArtRepublic Global to Bring Museum Quality Digital Art to Public Spaces

MDM Commercial, the country’s largest dealer of LG commercial products, is excited to announce its partnership with ArtRepublic Global, a premier digital art curation platform. This collaboration aims to transform the way art is incorporated into commercial environments, offering clients curated art experiences and exhibitions.

MDM Commercial has built a reputation for excellence in providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of commercial spaces, including corporate offices, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, and more. With a focus on creating inspiring and functional environments, MDM Commercial is constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere of its clients’ spaces.

ArtRepublic is driven by a vision that public spaces should be used to storytell, inspire and create states of wellbeing.  Since 2016 ArtRepublic has told the stories of cities, organizations, brands and visionary companies. As an early adopter of digital art, they saw the medium’s unique ability to captivate people of all ages and walks of life. ArtRepublic helps organizations turn their spaces into dynamic, inspiring environments that create wellbeing and reflect contemporary culture.

In the evolving landscape of urban and built environment design, the concept of placemaking has taken on a new dimension. The proliferation of digital displays has transformed placemaking from static design to dynamic adaptation. Digital placemaking is the most efficient, sustainable way to remain culturally relevant.  This shift requires a solution to keep these displays populated with quality content that engages audiences. ArtRepublic solves the problem of providing fresh, dynamic content with three options: bespoke commission artworks, license and subscription models, all of which minimize the management conversations internally and reduce the number of design reviews that need to be held throughout the year.

Through this partnership MDM Commercial and ArtRepublic Global have created a best-in-class solution to help organizations seamlessly integrate digital art into commercial environments, enhance their brand identity, foster creativity and innovation, and create memorable experiences for employees, customers, and visitors.


“We are excited to collaborate with MDM Commercial to introduce our curation services to a wider audience,” said Jessica Santiago, Founder at ArtRepublic Global. “Together, we are a premium solution for client’s seeking to be on the leading edge of innovation.”


"LG digital signage featuring Art Republic artwork"