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An LG Smart Hotel TV in action, seamlessly streaming television content through an advanced IPTV network to enhance the in-room experience for hotel guests. The television displays vivid images, showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technology to provide guests with an immersive and personalized entertainment experience.

A Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Consumer IPTV and Hotel IPTV Solutions

26 Dec 2023
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A Guide to Understanding the Differences Between Consumer IPTV and Hotel IPTV Solutions                                   The way individuals consume TV content has changed rapidly over the past decade.  According to Nielsen, streaming services overtook cable TV…

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MDM Commercial offers Tips for Spring Break Preparation

05 Mar 2013

March means the beginning of the spring break season. And for hospitals in popular spring break destination cities, that can mean a busy few months. Among the most common spring break-related injuries and illnesses are: Slip and fall injuries Alcohol poisoning Sun poisoning Dehydration Car accident injuries Balcony fall injuries…

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Hospital TV Systems Help Reduce Stress, Boost Efficiency

22 Jan 2013
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Virtually any job has some amount of stress. But hospital workers are at a particularly high risk for job-related stress and tension simply because of their environment. Luckily, there are ways to help healthcare employees manage. Many hospital workers must face patients battling life-threatening injuries and illnesses every day. That…

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Holiday Content Ideas for Hospital Digital Signage & TV Systems

11 Dec 2012
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Holidays are meant to be a joyous time. But when they’re spent in a hospital bed, it can be a stressful time of year for both the patient and those who love him or her. To help ease that stress and lift spirits a bit, MDM Healthcare offers a few…

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What’s Included With our Hospital Television Systems?

06 Nov 2012
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High-quality hospital television systems are proven to boost patient satisfaction, which can be a significant factor in better outcomes for patients and improved business for your hospital or healthcare facility. But what patients see on those flat-screen TVs is crucial to the success of your TV systems. MDM Healthcare offers…

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Informed Patients Mean Lower Costs – Interactive Patient Education Systems Can Help

31 Oct 2012
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Want to cut costs for your healthcare facility? The key is in better informed patients and improved management of medications, according to a recently released study by Harvard University. And the top solution is interactive patient education systems. The study showed that giving patients more information about their medical conditions…

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Healthcare Facility TV Systems Boost Patient Satisfaction, Study Shows

17 Oct 2012
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Patient satisfaction is a prime goal for healthcare facilities. Not only does a patient’s outlook often contribute to better heath out comes, but word-of-mouth advertising is still king when it comes to driving business. That’s why medical and healthcare providers increasingly are installing interactive television and patient education systems in…

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Digital Satellite Systems Provide Flexibility for Facilities and Patients Alike

30 Jun 2011
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MDM Healthcare offers flexible programming options that include the DIRECTV® Digital Satellite System. This system gives your hospital or long-term care facility the opportunity to tailor programming selections for your patients while providing them with on-demand choices. The digital headend system is designed specifically to bring your facility the advantages…

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