Pillow Speakers & TV Remotes

Hospital Grade Wireless Pillow Speakers and TV Remote Controls

MDM Healthcare’s patient-focused solutions include a wide range of pillow speakers for TVs and hospital TV remote controls, all of which are designed for the safety and durability that every healthcare, clinic, or long-term care facility requires. Our pillow speakers and television remotes are easy for your patients or residents to use.

Choose from a selection of wired or wireless pillow speakers for TV and hospital TV remotes with speakers:

BrightStar Remotes

  • Designed especially for healthcare and hospitality environments, the BrightStar Universal TV Remote has easy-to-use buttons and sturdy construction to withstand constant use. It is preset to work without setup or codes for LG, Philips, Magnavox, RCA/GE, Zenith, Panasonic, Visio, and Quasar brands. It can also be reprogrammed to work on more than 250 additional brands, including HDTVs and flat-screen TVs.

Curbell Pillow Speakers and Remotes

  • The Curbell Gen 4 Digital Pillow Speaker is one of the most advanced devices in the nurse call industry. UL-listed and oxygen-safe, the Gen4 provides the highest levels of regulatory compliance and safety for patients and residents.
  • When a simpler hospital pillow speaker/remote is all that’s needed, the Curbell Gen III Analog Pillow Speaker offers basic TV capabilities and nurse call functionality. It’s easy for most users to understand and operate, and can be customized for your specific application. The Gen III is ADA compliant and has a sealed overlay for safe use in oxygen-enriched environments.
  • If your hospital or long-term care facility offers a high number of satellite or cable TV channels to patients, the Curbell Gen III DirectAccess Pillow Speaker meets your needs. It operates much like the remotes that patients use at home, and has large buttons and an easy-to-read keypad. Custom designs are available to tailor the Gen III to your hospital’s unique needs.
  • Curbell Gen III DPS Pillow Speakers are designed to meet your hospital’s wiring requirements and can be configured to your existing patient room wiring. Choose these speakers for multi-channel television systems, both cable and satellite.
  • For patients who may have difficulties using pillow speakers or call cords, the Curbell Mechanical Call Pad has a large, sensitive surface area and can be activated from any point on the pad’s surface.

Clean Remotes

We offer the CR3BCB Clean Remote for TV Plus Cable Box, CR3BCB-H Clean Remote, and Original CR1 Clean Remote, all of which are compatible with more than 250 brands of retail and commercial televisions. These remotes have no menu buttons, so patients and guests cannot change settings.

If you have questions about any of our lines of hospital pillow speakers or our complete line of in-room TV equipment, please call us at 800-359-6741.

Pillow Speaker FAQs

Hospital remotes and pillow speakers with remotes play a key role in the overall experience of hospital patients. Many pillow speaker models come with the option for patients to call their nurse or healthcare team, control the hospital room lighting, and control the tv channels and volume.
Pillows are located right where patients are, providing exceptional convenience and ease of access. These pillow speaker remotes are intuitive to use, hospital staff can also quickly demonstrate to patients how to use them. The benefits include, connecting patients with their health care teams, entertaining them, and giving them control over some aspects of their room’s environment for added comfort. Not only is the sound quality excellent, plus, these speakers are specifically designed for heavy hospital use and constructed so that they are protected against fluids and dirt.
In general, the answer is “no.” Most of these speakers use something called “intrasound technology,” which doesn’t involve traditional hearing via sound waves in the air. Instead, the sound is transmitted through a person’s body tissue and bone and then passed through to the ear. This means that, overall, only the person using the pillow speaker in the hospital will hear the sound.
The pillow speakers we offer include a wide range of benefits, designed for the durability and ease of use for patients in any healthcare clinic, hospital, or long-term facility. Some key benefits include:
  • Sturdy construction with the ability to withstand heavy usage
  • Lightweight and comfortable for patients to hold
  • Can be easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Intuitive and easy for most patients to understand and use
  • Large, raised, colorful buttons
  • Simple to cycle through channels
  • Some remotes have an audible click, letting patients “hear” their actions
  • Can be customized for you facility’s needs and applications
  • Safe for use in oxygen-rich environments
MDM Commercial only partners with and carries top brands of hospital in-room equipment, which includes hospital room pillow speakers (wired and wireless) and remotes. We proudly offer and highly recommend BrightStar, Clean Remote, and Curbell. To discuss what’s right for your facilities, contact us online or call 800-359-6741.