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Sports field digital signage allows your organization to broadcast game-related information to a large outside audience—from baseball scores to remaining time in a football quarter—along with paid advertising, promotional blurbs, and much more. In short, you can educate and engage attendees with relevant real-time content. For more information about outdoor stadium digital signage to to fit your unique needs, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Benefits of Sports Field Digital Signage

Numerous benefits exist for your athletic teams as well as your overall school or professional organization.

Fully Customizable

Provide exactly the right content for your fans, players, coaches, and more. From the words to a high school athletic fight song to seventh inning stretch images for a minor league baseball team, you can intersperse fun pieces of trivia next to player numbers, provide game information at a glance, and otherwise enhance the entire experience.

Through the use of our content creation tools and easy to use templates, personalizing information is seamless. To make usage even more convenient, MDM Commercial offers digital display content solutions.

Real-Time Changes

In many sports, seconds matter. Fractions of seconds matter. To let fans know information down to its smallest detail, use high quality outdoor LED displays in your stadium digital signage to share precise 100m dash finish times, seconds remaining in the fourth quarter in the championship football game, and more.

Concerns about impending weather? Post alerts. Celebrating homecoming? Broadcast names of the king, queen, and court. Drawing a big 50/50 raffle? Post the winning numbers. Then, once it’s time, return to game time coverage without a hiccup.

Facilitate Information Absorption

Sure, people attending outdoor sporting events could simply keep track of scores and other important metrics themselves or a school or organization could hire personnel to manually update each important change. The first solution, though, isn’t fan friendly and takes away their ability to simply enjoy the game while the second comes with ongoing personnel costs and doesn’t provide much satisfaction for event attendees.

Modern sports field digital signage, meanwhile, provides comprehensive information in real time, allowing fans, players, coaches, and more to glance up and get the data they need in a glimpse—and it isn’t a stretch to say that engaged, satisfied attendees are far more likely to return for more sporting events at your venue.

You can also show maps and provide directions to restrooms, concession stands, ticket sale windows, and much more.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

Go above and beyond static ads found in program guides with interactive digital advertisements. This eye-catching form of marketing allows you to promote your own in-house events and products in real time, encouraging people to head to concession stands for food and drink and to buy apparel. You can broadcast ticket sales at the point of sale venue, sales that surely go up as fans celebrate wins and record-breaking performances.

As advertising messaging changes on the scoreboard, it can capture a viewer’s attention all over again with interactive content causing event attendees to look up and engage with what’s new. You can quickly and easily modify content in real time to adapt to a new audience; for example, you can change what you broadcast in a football stadium when it’s a track and field event being attended and cheered.

Sports Field Digital Signage by Event Type

Baseball Field Digital Signage

In a baseball stadium, you can provide fans with batting orders, complete with player names, numbers, batting averages, and other key stats through baseball field digital signage. Show diagrams of the outfield so it’s easy to reference where they’ll play on defense, indicate balls and strikes, show the inning, stream the words to “”Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the seventh inning stretch, and much more.

Football Field Digital Signage

In a football stadium, identify players by name, number, position, and impressive stats: touchdown passes thrown and caught, tackles made and quarterback sacks, receiver yards run, and more. Remind fans via football field digital signage of the down and let them know how much yardage exists until the next first down; list penalties called; run the clock down; and more to keep fans ultra-informed.

Track and Field Digital Signage

Let fans know who is running in what lane and who they represent. List the race about to be run by name and number, monitor lap numbers, and then show finish times, race rankings, and more. You can highlight shot put measurements, heights jumped, total team scores, records broken and set, and whatever other information that will inform and engage attendees.

If you are interested in more information about how digital signage and DVLED technology are revamping athletics facilities download our ebook which outlines specific applications and more detailed information about how our state-of-the-art technology will transform your program.

MDM: Highly Effective and Engaging Stadium Digital Signage

When your organization selects MDM for your outdoor LED displays, you can count on today’s best, most in-demand hardware and software with a menu of services at your fingertips. Services our expert team offers include signage installation and integration, ongoing support, content and graphics creation, and more. Plus, you’ll benefit from competitive pricing, thanks to our bulk buying power.

To get started, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741. We can recommend exactly the right products and services for your needs, goals, timelines, and budget.

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