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Lodging facilities, community centers, and other venues can generate a healthy stream of revenue by providing quality conference room space with today’s modern technology—including optimal conference room AV systems. If you’re ready to upgrade your AV conference system, please contact our experts online or call 800-359-6741 for a personalized consultation.

In-Demand Conference Room Features

When a company or community group needs to rent a room for a meeting, several features can make your rental space stand out. Or if your company’s board room or meeting room needs an upgrade, here are several non-tech issues to consider to maximize how attendees experience your second-to-none conference room AV solutions:

  • Size of the Room: For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you have one large room. You can use dividers to create a more intimate space for smaller gatherings and rent the entire room for large ones. If you have a fairly small room to begin with, right-size how you advertise the space and rent to groups that will appreciate its size.
  • Flow of the Room: Consider how the room will be used and then place tables and chairs for appropriate function and flow. Do groups find the tables and chairs to be the right size? Are the chairs the right height and comfortable to sit in during presentations?
  • Temperature of the Room: Although not everyone will agree on the ideal temperature, finding the right balance for a group can make a big difference on their productivity—and, therefore, their satisfaction of the space you rent.

Conference Room AV Systems

The best speakers and the most informative and engaging presentations won’t be effective if the person can’t be heard and the visuals can’t be seen. Conversely, audio visual solutions that are tailored for your specific conference room provide the stellar setups that will have organizers and attendees alike wanting to return for future events.

As you consider audio visual systems, think about what will please attendees in your space—and also ensure that people who call in virtually can remotely benefit from a quality AV presentation. When you provide a top-shelf experience, this can help to attract groups that need regular rental space such as those in search of monthly boardroom AV solutions.

Benefits of Conference Room AV Solutions

Benefits All Learning Styles

Four typical learning styles exist, and quality AV allows people from each group to benefit:

  • Visual learners retain information that they see, such as through the use of charts and diagrams. AV systems make it easy for presenters to engage these learners.
  • Auditory learners absorb information provided vocally, with AV systems making it simple for the speaker’s voice to project.
  • Readers/writers learn best by seeing written text (something easy to do with AV systems) and then by taking notes.
  • Kinesthetic learners want to engage in an interactive environment—and, once again, the possibilities with AV systems are nearly endless.

Allows for Bigger Audiences: In-Person and Remote

With conference room AV systems, presenters can easily share information visually and auditorily to everyone in the room while making it easy for people from around the country, even world, to click in to join from wherever they are. This means that, no matter where your facilities are located, you can provide services to people around the globe.

Provides a Professional Atmosphere

When you have a professional AV system, this automatically enhances the atmosphere in the conference room. The clear images and text and the crisp audio will assure attendees that their comfort and ability to learn is of importance to the presenting group as well as to your organization.

Promotes Your Facilities

You can use the same equipment that you provide to renters to market your own organization. Enjoy this win/win synergy!

MDM Commercial: Customized Audio Visual Solutions

Enhance the desirability of your conference rooms to maximize revenue streams from rentals with the latest Pro AV conference systems from MDM Commercial. Our expert team takes you from start to finish: from analyzing your needs to selecting the right equipment and software and then designing, installing, and integrating your system. MDM provides project management to create the most seamless experience possible with post-installation support available.

We’ll recommend just the right wireless AV conference system for your specific situation, which can include scalable video walls that seamlessly integrate audio and video from multiple sources for a truly modern solution. To get answers for your questions or to get started, please contact our experts online or call 800-359-6741.

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