Robust and Versatile Pro-AV Hotel Digital Signage

Hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging facilities can guide, educate, and entertain guests, vendors, and other visitors through today’s cutting-edge technologies: hospitality digital signage.

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Hotel Digital Signage Uses and Types

When guests are coming to stay in your lodging facility, having signage that directs them to check-in desks, their room, in-facility restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and more significantly enhances the experience. Seamlessly getting in and out of the hotel and navigating the hallways with confidence allows guests to enjoy their time in your facility without stressing out about getting lost.

Besides using your hospitality digital signage for wayfinding purposes, you can use it in additional ways to transform your brand. You can provide monitors in your lobbies to welcome and entertain guests; offer video walls in your restaurants and bars that include information about menus, hours, specials, and more; and broadcast content that promotes your brand, local attractions, and much more. These audio visual solutions include the hardware (the signs themselves) and the software that’s used as a content management system to upload, change, and distribute your messaging and programming.

Hardware can range from full HD hotel TV monitors to interactive hotel TV monitors that empower guests to check in your facility and otherwise interact with your staff: reserving a time at your restaurant, for example, or a special spa treatment. Audio visual solutions can also include OLED hotel TVs; outdoor hotel TVs; SuperSign™ hotel TVs; ultra HD hotel TVs; ultra stretch hotel TVs; and hotel video walls.

Premium Placement of Audio Visual Systems

When choosing what type of AV solutions make sense for your facilities, consider where they’ll be placed. When optimally positioned, they provided the ultimate guest experience while freeing up your staff from having to keep repeating basic information. Staff can therefore spend more time meeting the needs of other guests. Popular placements include:

🡪 By the hotel concierge/front desk;
🡪 By gift shops, gyms, pools, spas, restaurants, and bars:
🡪 Directions to identify locations for special events such as a conference or wedding reception; by playgrounds;
🡪 At hallway intersections;
🡪 And by entrances, elevators, stairs, parking garages, and exits.

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Benefits of Audio Visual Systems in Your Lodging Facilities

When considering wayfinding uses of hotel digital signage, remember how there is a genuine fear of getting lost: mazeophobia. People with this phobia have emotionally unpleasant experiences when they end up in unknown places. Research suggests that 24 percent of people have a fear of being lost in places they aren’t familiar with while 46 percent of people say being lost is “unsettling.” However it’s described, you don’t want guests at your facilities having these frightening feelings—and wayfinding signage serves as a straightforward solution. When you have quality signage in your facilities, this represents you as a professional brand.

To create a placement plan for maps and other wayfinding signs, ask someone who isn’t familiar with your building to walk through it. Ask them to note where they felt confused and where they could have used more guidance.

When you offer interactive hospital digital signage, whether at the check-in counter or other places in your facilities, you allow guests to engage with you in practical ways. You can use signage to welcome people to your facilities and provide them with useful information.

Then, there’s a wide range of television sets that go far beyond allowing guests to watch programming. Nowadays, a TV is much more than a TV. You can provide entertainment, share information about your lodging and amenities, and describe menus, special deals, and more. With our audio visual systems, you can count on clear images and text along with compelling crisp audio to engage viewers. Here are even more benefits of hotel digital signage.

MDM Commercial for Your Modern AV Solutions

You can rely on our expert team to help you design the hotel signage plan that dovetails with your needs and facility layout. We can oversee your project from start to finish. You will benefit from our deep industry connections and big buying power because we can source the products you want and need at competitive pricing: the best prices possible.

Besides offering outstanding products, we provide comprehensive setup and installation services. This saves you time and stress as we seamlessly get your audio visual system up and operating quickly. If you need to update your current system, no problem. We manage these upgrades without a hassle. Throughout the process, you’ll have a dedicated project manager who is ready and willing to answer your questions. Plus, you’ll have access to our expert technical support team that can address your needs.

Your audio visual solution can strengthen and promote your brand with our graphic design and content creation team ready to help. We’ll craft messaging that uniquely positions your brand as the lodging destination of choice, bringing your vision to life. Plus, we’ll collaborate with your marketing team without adding work for your lodging facility.

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Hotel Digital Signage FAQs

Although the term “digital signage” is commonly used, there are other names for the technology. Some people call it “electronic signage” while still others give a nod to its versatility, calling it “dynamic signage.” This signage, no matter which of these names you use, is a form of narrowcasting where information is provided to a targeted audience that’s smaller than the general public.

If you’re referring to the hardware used, there are numerous types, including:

  • Full HD hotel TV monitors
  • Interactive hotel TV monitors
  • OLED hotel TVs
  • Outdoor hotel TVs
  • SuperSign™ hotel TVs
  • Ultra HD hotel TVs
  • Ultra stretch hotel TVs
  • Hotel video walls

If you’re referring to how they’re used, please look at the answers to these two FAQs: What is the purpose of hotel digital signage? and What are the main benefits of hotel digital displays?

Hospitality digital signage can be used to welcome, guide, educate, and entertain your guests, vendors, and visitors. You can craft uniquely branded welcome messages; guide guests to the check-in desk and, if desired, use interactive self check-in kiosks; direct them to find what they’re looking for: from their room to desired amenities to the parking garage and so forth; educate them by providing information about your amenities, weather reports, local attractions, and so on; and entertain them through engaging programming. How your hotel, motel, or resort facilities use AV solutions will depend upon how you want to connect and please your guests.

Outdoor signage can play a big role as drivers see welcoming messaging and describe the benefits of choosing your facilities. If you have multiple facilities, you can cross-promote them through your audio visual systems, sharing information about the attractions in the areas of each of your locations. When current guests are helped through your signage, this will make it more likely that they’ll leave positive online reviews and spread the news about your great facilities to other potential guests through word of mouth advertising.

They help guests seamlessly find locations within your facilities in highly flexible ways. Then you can welcome them with brand-specific messages. With self-check-in kiosks, wait times will lessen—or, at a minimum, guest perception of those wait times. They empower users to take control. When users feel empowered and can confidently navigate your hallways, this naturally reduces stress and provides a more pleasant guest experience. This signage can free up hotel staff from repeatedly answering basic questions, freeing them up to provide other guest services. You may be able to schedule your staff differently or merge jobs—or otherwise save yourself time and money. You can efficiently broadcast information and, as needed, change the messaging—perhaps to announce gift shop discounts or special menu items. You can promote your facilities, cross-promote with other ones owned by your brand, collaborate with nearby attractions with cross-promotions, and so much more.

Yes! Digital signage is flexible, efficient, and highly effective. It provides dynamic, versatile ways to educate, promote, and entertain—especially effective since most people are visual learners, taking in and absorbing information best through visual inputs. Research has suggested that people process visual information as much as 60,000 times faster than data that is text-based only. To discuss your specific needs and goals, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.