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Digital menu boards are the modern solution to provide diners with the information they need about what dishes are available to order, how much they cost, what’s on special that day, and much more. They consist of an electronic screen with information streamed to them through a content management software, and are then strategically placed for customer convenience.

With digital menu boards, you can engage with your diners in real-time, dynamically sharing which delicious cuisines are available right now. Restaurant menu signage can replace or enhance the traditional, static menu boards or hand-held menu, providing your restaurant, bistro, cafe, or other food establishment with remarkable benefits.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

Plenty of benefits exist and here are overviews of several of them.

Fully Customizable

You can seamlessly customize your digital menu boards that promote your brand and provide exactly the information you desire. Because of quality templates that are now available and convenient content creation tools, you can create branded digital menus that are uniquely and recognizably you. We also offer digital display content solutions where we collaborate with your marketing team, helping to bring your graphical design visions to life.

Increase in Orders

Using Prime Burger from the United Kingdom as an example, their CEO shared that, when they replaced their static printed boards with digital solutions, their sales increased by 50 percent—and he credits the convenience and visibility of digital menu screens for a significant amount of this increase in business.

By looking at how many popular chain eateries are now using restaurant digital menus, it’s easy to surmise that they’re switching to this technology because it works. Because you can program your digital menu board to share promotions and specials to customers, these automated upsells can also seamlessly increase order sizes, allowing you to more quickly realize your return on investment and then contribute to the bottom line.

Real-Time Menu Changes

Let’s say that your restaurant just received a fresh fish delivery. You may decide to take advantage of this incredible freshness and flavor—and so you add a special fish dish or two to your day’s menu and broadcast it immediately to the diners. On the other hand, if you run out of a popular dish or if today’s supply chain issues make an ingredient difficult to source, you can make real-time menu changes to broadcast substitutions.

Here’s another benefit of digital restaurant menus. If you have, say, a lunch menu that differs from your dinner offerings, then you can automatically switch from one menu to the other when the time comes, automating these changes. By doing this, diners will know exactly what’s available when they arrive to enjoy a meal.

Reduced Personnel Costs

If you select an interactive option in your signage, customers can order directly from the menu through touchscreen choices. By automating the process in this way, you can also send personalized messages to a customer, perhaps suggesting an appetizer or dessert that would go well with their entree.

Plus, when it’s time to change your menu content, perhaps doing so seasonally, you can choose options that cause the content to automatically update on your preferred schedule—and you no longer have to pay a vendor to re-do your traditional menu board. Here’s another benefit. This technology frees your staff from repeatedly answering routine questions, which allows them to maintain their focus on providing exceptional service.

Visual Appeal

Images of tasty appetizers, fresh salads, signature entrees, refreshing drinks, and luscious desserts serve as a mouthwatering enticement to diners, and it’s difficult to walk past a digital menu board that displays these dishes in their delectable glory. You can also include video to make the promotion even more irresistible.

Added Information

Depending upon your audience, you may want to include nutritional information by the description of a healthy yet still incredibly delicious dish or provide allergy-related information so diners can easily make informed choices. Or, let’s say that the eatery is inside of a hotel. You can list information about gift shop hours and amenities, such as a pool and/or gym. In other words, use the menu board to also advertise other benefits of your lodging facility.

Customer Friendly

With a digital menu for restaurants, you can create a fun experience for your diners while providing them with valuable information and sharing opportunities for upsells. Digital displays provide clear, easy-to-read information, making them quite user-friendly, and you can include details about the progress of the order so that diners can pace themselves with drinks and appetizers.

Restaurant Digital Signage

You’ll want to place your restaurant’s digital signage where it’s most convenient for your customers. Other considerations include how you’ll want them located near the appropriate electrical outlets and in a place that minimizes glare. Make sure that the signage is mounted on stable walls in a place where water, steam, and heat won’t cause a problem. Also make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi signal.

MDM: Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

When you choose MDM Commercial for your digital menu boards, you benefit from our competitive pricing, thanks to our big buying power. Plus, we offer a complete menu of services, helping your food establishments to plan your digital upgrade; advising on the best models to choose and offering placement advice; providing installation services and overall project management; offering content creation and graphic design services; and more.

We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to restaurant menu signage, an all-in-one product and service provider.

When you need help in selecting and designing a digital menu board, your MDM representative will provide the information and support you need to please customers and boost sales. From a straightforward restaurant digital signage solution for one location to a more complex strategy to promote a restaurant chain, MDM provides exactly what’s needed to dovetail with your goals and fit within your timeline and budget. To get started, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Restaurant Digital Signage FAQs

Menu boards display offerings at an eatery with restaurant digital signage electronically providing the information. Restaurant managers may decide to keep the information static or change and update it as new specials are added, ingredients sell out, and so forth. They can be used in fast, casual restaurants where speed is appreciated as well as other dining establishments where the flexibility and convenience adds value to customers (who are increasingly expecting to have this type of information right at hand).

Technologically, there are plenty of options, and what’s best for your dining facility may not be best for someone else. So, MDM experts will listen to your needs and make recommendations.

Overall, the best digital menu for restaurants will crisply and clearly list what dishes are available, providing the information that diners need to make an ordering decision. Depending upon whom you serve, this may include lists of ingredients, nutritional information, hours of operation, and so forth.

Restaurant digital signage uses software created to stream the information to specially designed pieces of hardware, and to change and update the info as needed. Today, there are quality templates and easy-to-use content creation tools to facilitate the process. It’s important to describe offerings in engaging ways that provide the info a diner wants and needs, and to appropriately highlight the brand in ways that are uniquely you.

There are plenty! First, a digital menu for restaurants is completely customizable to provide exactly the information you want to include. Plus, studies have shown that switching to restaurant digital signage can increase the number of orders. This technology allows you to make real-time menu changes when circumstances shift: when you get a shipment of an in-demand ingredient, when you run out of a certain dish, or when you’re switching from lunch to dinner or to new seasonal dishes.

Eateries can reduce personnel costs when diners are empowered with ordering information and you can upsell by suggesting a dessert on the signage. A digital menu for restaurants can be eye-catching and visually appealing, customer friendly, and designed to include helpful information, such as ingredients used, nutritional information, and much more.

There are numerous options, depending on size, technology, features, and so forth. Please contact us for a quote. You can count on competitive pricing with MDM because of our big buying power and deep industry connections.

Definitely, here are just a few:

  • Easier to communicate, such as daily specials or out-of-stock menu items
  • Boost sales by cross-promote and upselling more items
  • Digital menus provide easier visibility
  • Saves you time when updating the menu

Please contact us if you’d like to brainstorm possibilities and how you might use them in your facilities with our expert team. MDM offers content creation and graphics services to really bring the digital messaging to life in brand-appropriate ways.