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Using digital signage for educational purposes allows you to supercharge your teaching and learning environment through your ability to seamlessly dovetail engaging content with current needs. From providing test days to lunch menus and assembly scheduling, and from offering wayfinding information for parents and other guests to listing room changes and much more, school digital signage provides a robust yet flexible solution. To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Schools

Here are overviews of just some of the many benefits available for your educational system.

Fully Customizable

No two school systems—or one building within a single system—have the exact same scheduling. With digital signage, your content can provide teachers, parents, and students with precise information about testing dates, field trips, parent-teacher conferences, fire drill testing, and more. Is the cafeteria menu changing? Seamlessly provide this information through digital signs.

Thanks to easy to use templates and content creation tools, you can personalize your information with ease. If you’d like to offload its creation, MDM Commercial offers
digital display content solutions.

Real-Time Changes

From weather alerts to emergency bulletins, you can easily broadcast this information in far-reaching ways. When a student captures the district-wide spelling bee crown or the college’s sports team wins the big game, you can share the exciting news in text, image, and video so that everyone can celebrate.

When a district-wide teacher’s meeting or a parent-teacher event will have a last-minute room change, create a hassle-free experience by announcing it on digital signage. Schools can provide directions to ballot boxes when you provide space for the board of elections, to school assembly guests when they’ll perform in the auditorium, and so forth.

Enhance Information Absorption

Students of all ages understand and remember information in different ways with digital signage for educational institutions having the capacity to effectively address each learning style.

For students who learn visually, maps and diagrams of the school can help them navigate a new building and charts can help them to visualize the messaging provided. Videos with sound will help visual learners and auditory learners alike as they process information by what they hear.

Students who learn by reading and writing can see written text and, as needed, write down important dates and times. Kinesthetic learners, meanwhile, will appreciate how engaging, changing material allows them to absorb info—and, if you embed interactive capabilities into your signage, this will significantly enhance everyone’s experiences.

Reduced Personnel Costs

As teachers, parents, and students find answers to their questions through digital signage, your staff will spend less time in repeatedly answering them—which gives everyone more time to focus on providing or receiving a world-class education. Digital signage for schools provides great flexibility in how you conveniently deliver information with interactive options enhancing the possibilities exponentially.

You can forget about creating and printing endless paper signs and flyers that you manually need to tape to walls and pin to cork boards. You can forget about needing to replace those pages when they get torn, scribbled on, or outdated.

Reduced Stress

When someone (child or adult) doesn’t know where they’re supposed to be or when they’re supposed to arrive, this can create significant stress. Students are told to ask for help when they need it, but this can be especially hard in a bustling environment. You can help to reduce or even eliminate this stress though one single solution: digital signs. For students, this can be especially important when they transition from elementary school to middle school and then high school and a college campus.

Visual Appeal

Digital signage for educational facilities helps to engage students. Studies suggest that the human brain can put its attention on a piece of content most effectively for eight to twelve seconds—but, when you rotate pieces of information, this can help to continue to hold people’s attention as you impart useful news.

School Digital Signage Placement

Consider how people will enter the school buildings and place signs there as well as by locations where people may often gather: gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums, and libraries. As you plan more specifically, take the location of electrical outlets into account along with places where glare will not interfere with maximum readability.

MDM: Digital Signage for Educational Facilities

By choosing MDM Commercial for your digital signage, schools benefit in multiple ways. We offer a complete menu of services, helping educational facilities like yours to plan their upgrade and select the best products and placements for each building. During this part of the process, you’ll benefit from competitive pricing because of our bulk buying power.

Then, our expert team can install and integrate your signage; handle your project management; offer support; and even provide content creation services. Our one-stop shop—for both products and services—will provide exactly what you need to reach goals, doing so within your timeline and budget. To get started, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

School Digital Signage FAQs

Digital signage for schools and universities streamlines communications with students, parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders. Content can be seamlessly updated to meet real-time needs such as promoting events, celebrating accomplishments, and providing information to help keep everyone safe and fully informed in your facilities. School digital signage can also be used for wayfinding purposes so that everyone can find where they need to be: on time and without stress.

Absolutely! This is one of the key benefits of digital signage for schools. Using content management software, you can seamlessly schedule and update your content remotely from a central location. The process is fast, convenient, and secure, and the person updating the content does not need to be a technology expert to take full advantage of the scheduling and updating capabilities of digital signage for educational facilities. When you get your digital signage for schools from MDM, you can be assured of having the optimal content management system for your needs.

Yes—and there can be excellent reasons to integrate social media feeds into your digital signage. First, it streamlines the creation of messaging and eliminates the need to repeatedly do so. You’ve already crafted your information for the social media platforms that your school uses and, by integrating them into your digital signage, you’re saving time (and, therefore money) while ensuring consistent messaging across platforms. Because students, parents, and teachers are so accustomed to engaging with social media feeds, having them integrated into your digital signage in educational facilities will create a seamless method of imparting information in ways that your targeted audiences are comfortable with consuming.

School digital signage is an ideal venue for broadcasting emergency alerts and notifications thanks to your ability to rapidly change content to provide real-time news and updates. You can provide specific information about the current situation and offer steps for people to take to protect themselves. If, for example, you’ll need students to evacuate a school building, you can provide clear instructions about how to safely do so, where to meet once outside of the building, and what other steps they should take.

First, you can create targeted content that will be relevant to students and smoothly deliver the information to them in ways that are easy to consume and engage in. As needed, you can seamlessly update content—to announce, for example, registration deadlines, scholarship winners, sports scores, library exhibitions, changes in the cafeteria menus, and so forth. Guide students, parents, visitors, vendors, and more through the buildings by using wayfinding digital signage for schools. There is also the possibility to benefit from reduced personnel costs. When visitors and students find the information they need digitally, the time your staff will need to spend answering questions and the costs associated with creating endless paper signs and flyers will be reduced.

MDM offers a wide range of digital signage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. These include wayfinding kiosks, video wall solutions, touch displays, menu boards, media players, and more. Thanks to our deep industry connections and big buying power, we will work with your organization to source what you need.

When you get your digital signage for schools from MDM, you can count on fully customizable solutions that carry your schools’ branding and provide messaging that’s totally targeted to your specific needs. Our expert team will be happy to share more specifics about your solutions of choice.

The MDM team will work with you on concept creation to develop a comprehensive plan about how to effectively deliver your messaging. We can also train your staff to optimally deploy and manage the schools’ content, including guidance on the specific software and tools used and on recommended best practices. In short, we’ll provide everything that you need to get set up for success, which can include ongoing support as desired.

You can display text, images, logos, other graphics, and more; stream audio and video; integrate social media feeds; and broadcast emergency bulletins. You can assemble them in uniquely targeted ways to engage your audiences and, with video wall solutions, you can even show multiple types of content simultaneously. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us online or call (800) 359-6741.

At a high level, think about where people will enter and exit your school buildings; those would be good locations for school digital signage. Also, consider where they gather—auditoriums, libraries, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and so forth—and those would also be useful places to impart information.

We do! MDM is a one-stop shop for your digital signage in educational facilities. Our experts will help you choose the right technology and provide installation services to efficiently get the digital signs in your chosen locations. MDM also provides technical support, content and graphics services, and more.

To get started, simply reach out to MDM: online or by calling (800) 359-6741. Our expert team will promptly respond with the information you need to implement digital signage for educational facilities in your organization.

The core purpose of school signage is to communicate with teachers, parents, students, and the community, providing relevant information to them. This can range from preschools through colleges and universities and every type of school in between, communicating crucial dates and times, special events and meetings, menus, and much more.

With digital signage, schools leverage the power of electronic connectivity to provide engaging, real-time communication—a significant upgrade over static paper signs that can quickly become outdated. Digital signs for schools consist of hardware, including screens, and content management software that connect to the internet to stream and update relevant information.

Digital signage for educational institutions provides powerful benefits as they capture the attention of students and parents and deliver relevant information in highly engaging ways. Digital signage meets the needs of people across the entire spectrum of learning styles. To find out more, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.