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Journey PX Digital Whiteboard Solution Eases Uncertainty During COVID-19

21 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled the healthcare industry and caused uncertainty among the public. Protecting those most vulnerable is the number one priority for healthcare workers and facilities. Industry leaders are looking to technology to reduce patient anxiety, allow easy communication between staff, and disperse accurate information. Journey PX’s Digital…

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Are your Hospital Air Conditioners Up to Par?

28 Mar 2013
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What has the world come to when Punxatawney Phil gets indicted for fraud? The unseasonably frigid weather in many parts of the country has people everywhere railing against the rodent who traditionally predicts the onset of spring by whether he sees his shadow on February 2. The Groundhog Day prediction…

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MDM Commercial offers Tips for Spring Break Preparation

05 Mar 2013

March means the beginning of the spring break season. And for hospitals in popular spring break destination cities, that can mean a busy few months. Among the most common spring break-related injuries and illnesses are: Slip and fall injuries Alcohol poisoning Sun poisoning Dehydration Car accident injuries Balcony fall injuries…

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Community Engagement Can Help Boost Your Hospital’s Bottom Line and Much More, Study Shows

19 Feb 2013
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Want to boost your hospital or healthcare facility’s quality of care, satisfaction scores and revenue? Pick up the phone and get connected with your community, say researchers with the American Hospital Association. Recent studies show that engaging community players can significantly boost not only your hospital’s image, but many of…

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Biggest Trends Affecting Hospitals in 2013

02 Feb 2013

A month into 2013, no doubt you’re seeing certain trends at play in your hospital or healthcare facility. According to the American Hospital Association and Hospitals & Health Networks these 10 key themes will mark much of the hospital and healthcare industry this year: Associations: Membership in hospital and healthcare…

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Flu Season Continues – Here’s How to Protect Your Employees

30 Jan 2013
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Seal Shield antimicrobial and fungistatic products by MDM Healthcare can help keep your employees healthy all year. The 2013 flu season has been particularly harsh. And according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans have another month to go before it’s over. The news poses a…

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Hospital TV Systems Help Reduce Stress, Boost Efficiency

22 Jan 2013
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Virtually any job has some amount of stress. But hospital workers are at a particularly high risk for job-related stress and tension simply because of their environment. Luckily, there are ways to help healthcare employees manage. Many hospital workers must face patients battling life-threatening injuries and illnesses every day. That…

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Holiday Content Ideas for Hospital Digital Signage & TV Systems

11 Dec 2012
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Holidays are meant to be a joyous time. But when they’re spent in a hospital bed, it can be a stressful time of year for both the patient and those who love him or her. To help ease that stress and lift spirits a bit, MDM Healthcare offers a few…

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Use Digital Signage to Improve Patient & Visitor Experience – Top 10 Content Tips

21 Nov 2012
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Digital signage by MDM Healthcare is affordable, easy to operate and can improve the experience for patients and visitors at your hospital or healthcare facility, plus take a burden off your staff. By posting carefully selected, helpful content, you can inform your patients and their visitors of all sorts of…

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