What’s Included With our Hospital Television Systems?

High-quality hospital television systems are proven to boost patient satisfaction, which can be a significant factor in better outcomes for patients and improved business for your hospital or healthcare facility. But what patients see on those flat-screen TVs is crucial to the success of your TV systems.

MDM Healthcare offers multiple programming packages that include:

  • Prescribed In-Room Patient Education: Our on-demand, integrated patient education feature allows doctors to prescribe in-room educational content tailored to a particular patient’s needs. Customized content mixes are chosen from your TV distribution system’s Patient Education Library. Plus, interactive controls allow patients to answer questions, with responses automatically added to the patient record system.
  • Digital Healthcare Channels: Upon turning on his in-room TV, your patient will see a Welcome Channel, which delivers a video greeting tailored to your hospital or healthcare facility’s branding. Patients and their guests can get information about meetings, group sessions and other hospital activities.
  • Entertainment: Let’s face it; being in the hospital is no fun. A little entertainment can help create a more homelike feel, reduce stress, make a patient’s stay more comfortable, and maybe even contribute to a better medical outcome. Entertainment options via our hospital TV systems include a variety of satellite or cable TV programming, digital movies, interactive games, server-based games, off-air programming, local television channels, XM Music and broadband Internet service.
  • In-Bed Patient Services: Right from their beds, patients can request services and communicate with healthcare providers via MDM’s interactive TV systems. Offering many more capabilities than the traditional nurse’s call button, our systems allow patients to select meals, read about their caregivers or complete patient surveys.

To make your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility more comfortable for patients, pleasant for your employees and profitable for you, contact MDM Healthcare today. Our specialists can help create a tailored hospital TV system that’s perfect for your facility, workers and patients.