Healthcare Facility TV Systems Boost Patient Satisfaction, Study Shows

Patient satisfaction is a prime goal for healthcare facilities. Not only does a patient’s outlook often contribute to better heath out comes, but word-of-mouth advertising is still king when it comes to driving business. That’s why medical and healthcare providers increasingly are installing interactive television and patient education systems in hospitals, clinics and other related facilities.

Studies show that patients who stayed in hospitals with TV and patient education systems reported higher overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience than were patients who stayed in hospitals without such systems. In fact, savvy patients have come to expect easy access to educational and entertainment features such as television programming, medical and hospital information and meal menus. After their stay, these patients are shown to be more likely to seek out and receive patient education on post-hospitalization care, which helps better maintain healthcare results.

In-room TV and patient education systems benefit healthcare facilities, too. Studies show that patients with access to these systems are less likely to trouble nurses with non-clinical requests. And they’re more apt to recommend hospitals and other facilities with interactive systems to others needing healthcare.

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