Revolutionizing Healthcare Infrastructure: Private LTE and Innovative Technology Solutions

As hospitals look to the future, they are increasingly inclined toward digitizing their infrastructure. Hospital executives recognize the profound influence that technology wields in today’s post-pandemic landscape. They understand that the contemporary healthcare system leans heavily on an optimized network solution to sustain the extensive array of connected digital health technologies integral to modern hospitals. In this era, healthcare heavily relies on internet-connected devices and software, and a private LTE network emerges as a pivotal element in bolstering these intricate digital ecosystems.

hospital technologyCost-Efficiency, Superior Signal Quality, and Enhanced Security

Private LTE presents a cost-efficient alternative for relieving devices from healthcare organizations’ Wi-Fi networks. According to a recent article  in Health Tech magazine, healthcare organizations could potentially reduce wireless connectivity costs by 30 to 40 percent by transitioning devices from Wi-Fi to private LTE networks. This technology offers numerous advantages to organizations seeking enhanced network management solutions. LTE networks empower healthcare organizations to provide superior signal quality while requiring fewer access points. In addition, this network solution supports HIPAA compliance, ensuring the security of patient information. Another advantageous feature of private LTE networks is their capacity to prioritize traffic.

Elevate healthcare operations, improve connectivity, and enhance the patient experience with MDM Healthcare’s LTE Network Solution which is tailored to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. Our solution offers hospitals a comprehensive suite of features and benefits including Seamless mobility, deployment, enhanced security, and privacy.

hospital kioskHospitals are rapidly embracing technology, exemplified by the emergence of smart hospitals which are hospitals that leverage cutting-edge technologies, spanning from registration to imaging, encompassing AI, IoT, 5G networks, and other innovations, across the entire spectrum of edge-to-cloud infrastructure. This integration enhances connectivity and ensures the secure exchange of data, ultimately leading to enhanced patient experiences, optimized workflow processes, and cost reduction.

As a leading technology provider in the healthcare industry, MDM Healthcare offers healthcare organizations a comprehensive range of technology solutions to modernize their facilities. In addition to our LTE network solution, we provide a diverse array of technology products, including LG surgical and diagnostic medical monitors, both smart and non-smart healthcare grade TVs, and digital signage solutions. Digital signage offers endless possibilities for hospitals looking to modernize, from digital kiosks for patient check-ins and wayfinding to real-time updates on entry and hallway signage to communicate vital real-time information communication, digital displays are an essential part of the makeup of the modern hospital. They are also beneficial for advertising, donor recognition, and digital art. Signage can also boost cafeteria revenue by displaying food menus and more.

patient digital whiteboardsIn-room Patient Technology Solutions

The potential for innovation extends into patient rooms as well. As the leading provider of healthcare technology, MDM Healthcare offers cutting-edge solutions. Our innovative cloud-based patient engagement platform, Journey PX,  equips hospital patients and care teams with a range of in-room technology solutions designed to enhance the patient experience, bridge communication gaps, and facilitate healthcare team interoperability.

Elevate Patient Care With Digital Whiteboards

We also offer state-of-the-art digital whiteboards. The Journey PX My Day, Today digital whiteboard streamlines communication between care teams and patients by ensuring that essential patient care information is always visible, eliminating the need for manual updates during shift changes. Our Journey PX Connect   platform facilitates video calling for patients and families, providing a secure connection for virtual visits and rounding by providers, nurses, clinicians, and authorized staff, all through the patient’s in-room TV.

in room patient technologyTransform Your Healthcare Facility With MDM Healthcare

Partnering with MDM Healthcare guarantees a one-stop shop that delivers all the products and services you need at competitive prices, backed by unparalleled customer service. Reach out to one of our healthcare technology experts today for a comprehensive consultation about your needs and to discover how our Private LTE Network Solution can transform your healthcare facility.