Are your Hospital Air Conditioners Up to Par?

Your patients’ comfort doesn’t have to cost you exorbitantly. MDM Healthcare offers hospital air conditioners designed for both comfort and savings.

What has the world come to when Punxatawney Phil gets indicted for fraud? The unseasonably frigid weather in many parts of the country has people everywhere railing against the rodent who traditionally predicts the onset of spring by whether he sees his shadow on February 2. The Groundhog Day prediction was that springtime weather would come early this year, but wintry conditions continue nearly two months later.

All the weather talk has many considering whether their air conditioning and heating systems are up to par. If it’s time your hospital or healthcare facility upgraded, take a look at MDM Healthcare. We offer top-of-the-line hospital air conditioning systems designed for ultimate comfort for your patients and employees, and savings for your business.

Our top seller is the GE 4100 Series PTAC, considered the most energy-efficient PTAC in the industry. Digital controls, two fan motors and electronic temperature limiting all help deliver a comfortable climate while saving you money. Plus, Heat and Freeze Sentinel technology protects unoccupied rooms from excessive heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.

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