Pillow Speaker Options for Healthcare Facilities Across the Nation

Pillow SpeakerHospitals and other in-patient healthcare businesses require the proper technology and equipment to keep their facilities running smoothly and efficiently, and this includes everything from large video wall displays to having a pillow speaker in each patient’s room. At MDM Healthcare, we can provide you with the solutions you’re looking for with our expansive catalog of healthcare-grade equipment and years of professional expertise.

MDM Healthcare offers top-of-the-line  speakers from Curbell Medical Products, including their Gen4, Direct Access™, and DPS™ digital models. These pillow speaker options:

  • Are streamlined, lightweight, and easy to grip and use
  • Feature crystal-clear sound
  • Have a proprietary design for infection control
  • Are reprogrammable for compatibility with different TVs
  • Can control lighting, temperature, and drapes
  • Make it easy for patients to call a nurse for assistance
  • Can come with optional headphone jacks and analog volume control
  • Have a keypad that is easy to read and control
  • Can be customized with different designs to suit your hospital’s unique needs
  • Have a sealed overlay and extremely durable cases

The experts at MDM Healthcare can help you select the pillow speaker model that is right for your healthcare facility, and we offer professional installation and ongoing technical support to ensure your hospital continues to run smoothly as it upgrades to new equipment.

If you’d like to place a pillow speaker order or have any questions related to our products and services, contact MDM Healthcare today by calling 800-359-6741. We will be happy to assist you with all of your healthcare technology equipment needs.