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Digital Signage Solutions: From Wayfinding Signs to Kiosks and More

Broadcast important information, educate visitors and guests, share directions around facilities, convey marketing messaging, provide entertaining high-definition television content and more through interactive digital signage solutions. MDM Commercial specializes in providing this technology to healthcare facilities—such as hospitals, senior living centers, and more—and to lodging and hospitality locations, including hotels, motels, resorts, and more.

Digital signage technology allows facilities to easily create and effectively manage their content from any internet-connected device, from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices. Content can include text, as well as images, audio, video, animations, logos, and more.

As a cost effective way to keep people informed, from guests to employees, and from visitors to vendors, all while providing a high quality, interactive experience for them. Plus, you can free up your staff from needing to repeatedly provide basic information, which allows them to focus on more urgent or important tasks while saving your facility time and money.

This type of signage—the kind that people engage with at restaurants, retail locations, airports and much more—can strengthen your brand and support your success as you offer an improved experience at your facilities. When choosing MDM Commercial for digital signage needs, you can count on the latest technology, such as LED and LCD hardware, and outstanding software, as well as expert planning, setup, and installation services. Each is provided with premiere levels of customer service.

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For a free consultation about your healthcare or hospitality digital signage needs, please contact us online or by calling 800-359-6741.


Digital Wayfinding Signs

Digital wayfinding signs are a key part of modern facilities that have a large number of daily guests, and they can be used in numerous ways to meet your goals at your healthcare or hospitality facility. This type of signage can efficiently and effectively welcome people to your facilities and provide maps and directories to guide visitors and guests. This signage can also do much more including to:

  • Deliver timely announcements of important information
  • Generate revenue with carefully crafted marketing messaging
  • Share helpful information about your facilities
  • Break in with emergency alerts
  • Train staff and provide them with educational materials
  • Display news, live weather reports, sports updates and more
  • Entertain people during wait times with engaging programming
  • Highlight gift shop services and special offers

While a key purpose of digital wayfinding signs is to provide directions and guidance, they can also be used in much broader ways.

MDM Commercial offers plenty of options and our experienced team will help you to choose exactly the right products for your unique needs. We’ll professionally install the hardware and offer technical support and account management services so that you can optimize your facility’s digital messaging capabilities. From start to finish, MDM Commercial will provide everything your facility needs to benefit from our digital wayfinding signage, from a commercial-grade HD kiosk to a media player that supplies graphics and video to the screen. We can even create the content you’ll display.

Healthcare Kiosks and Hotel Kiosks

MDM Commercial offers a wide range of options from the Peerless brand for nearly any application your facility may have. Here are more specifics.

From the time when the first digital signage kiosk was designed in 1977 at the University of Illinois until today, incredible advancements have taken place, allowing you to truly harness the power of technology to interact with your target audiences. Available for a broad range of industries and usages, digital kiosks come with a range of crucial benefits, including how they:

  • empower users (your patients and guests) to seamlessly receive the information they need, interact with you, find their way through your facilities, conduct online transactions, and much more
  • allow your organization to connect with a wider yet still targeted audience in ways that free up your staff to manage other important priorities; gain important insights into what your audience desires and requires and engage them in ways that can build more loyalty
  • improve their overall experience, saving them time as they interactively get the assistance and information they need

At a high level, digital signage kiosks consist of hardware, software, and their interface. Before choosing the physical kiosks that you need for your facilities, analyze what you need and why along with what placements could streamline processes most efficiently and bring out the optimal benefits for your organization and the people you serve.

Then, you can reach out to our expert team for digital kiosk hardware recommendations. Here are examples for two different industries.


Healthcare Kiosks

MDM Commercial offers high quality medical kiosks, enclosures, mounts and more to meet your medical facility needs, both indoors and out. Outdoor kiosks for medical facilities come in a range of sizes and features with dust and humidity protection and the ability to operate under high temperatures. Indoor healthcare kiosks come in all-in-one models; with in-wall enclosure construction; and with models designed for lobbies in hospitals, medical facilities, senior living centers and more.

Types of digital signage kiosks for healthcare facilities include:

provides the best of today's technologies for an incredible display in a large format with no need to install or manage separate equipment: audio or video.

contains a built-in TV tuner to simultaneously and affordably broadcast TV programs and deliver advertisements.

We’ve listed just one example of the superior products we offer from each category. Explore our site further or contact us online or call 800-359-6741 for more information and customized recommendations.

Hotel Kiosks

A wide range of hotel kiosks are available for flawless viewing in attractive designs, crafted to hold up under public use. There are all-in-one models that are ideal for hotel and motel lobbies; ultra-thin kiosk enclosures that can be integrated into new construction or retrofitted into already existing walls; portrait and landscape options; models that are especially well suited for interactive usage; hotel kiosks that can be one-, two-, three-, or four-sided; and more.


Types of digital signage kiosks for hospitality facilities include these examples and much more. Enclosures can be landscape in orientation or portrait—and can also be in-wall. The Peerless-AV PeerAir™ Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System allows you to stream wirelessly when cables aren’t a good option, and MDM has the mounts and more you need for seamless installation.

With our powerful content management system, you can remotely operate and change up your content with just a few clicks. Well designed interfaces allow you to interact and engage with your target audiences, enhance your exposure, promote your brand, boost your revenue by making interactions more convenient, and otherwise meet your business and organizational goals.

Digital signage kiosks are the holistic solution for broadcasting content and engaging people, consisting of text, images, audio, video, and animation. You can use your signage in incredibly flexible ways, too to inform, promote, educate, entertain, and more. You don’t have to choose just one. Instead, you decide what’s important and then integrate it into the digital experience.

To brainstorm possibilities, simply reach out! We’d love to talk about ways to leverage digital signage kiosks to connect and communicate. Contact us online and let us know what you’re envisioning, and we’ll share recommendations. Or call 800-359-6741.

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Video Wall Solutions

MDM Commercial also offers high quality video wall solutions for the hospitality and healthcare industries. These models come in different sizes, with each one having eye-catching visual appeal. These can be used in lobbies, waiting rooms and more to entertain, engage, and inform people during wait times and more.

Video wall solutions are really digital display boards that allow facilities to communicate and engage with people in public spaces. Depending upon available space and your organization’s needs, you can start small (perhaps two to four screens) or go big with 100 screens to engage with large numbers of people. Additional benefits of products sold by MDM Commercial include your ability to:

  • Change what’s being shown on the the screens in just seconds through our web-based software solution; this empowers you to quickly deliver important messaging
  • Split the digital wall to show both your message and live programming at the same time
  • Share targeted advertising to help boost revenue

Organizations are increasingly use wall displays, such as LG Supersign, to effectively communicate information in reception areas, and we offer a wide variety of options, along with technical support and comprehensive customer service. MDM Commercial offers unique content management software for fully integrated video wall solutions that show every moment of action in high definition for the ultimate in memorable viewing experiences.

Graphics and Content Creation Services

After choosing your signage technology and investing time and money into growing your brand, you’ll want to present the most engaging messaging possible—but it may be challenging to find time during your busy schedule.

To help, MDM offers a full range of digital signage graphics and content creation services to maximize the delivery of your messaging. Our talented team can take your vision and then transform it to share your information in a compelling way. We’ll help you to improve your customer/patient experience in a customized way that doesn’t add more work to your marketing team.

The look and feel of your on-brand messaging will help to engage and inform people in your facilities while improving customer outcomes. MDM Commercial can create graphics and content for a comprehensive range of digital signage needs, including for:

  • Patient education systems
  • Touch displays
  • Media players
  • Menu boards
  • Digital wayfinding signs
  • Healthcare kiosks
  • Hotel kiosks
  • Video wall solutions

While your needs may vary, one thing will be consistent throughout: our expert team will seamlessly be with you, from start to finish, from the initial consultation to full implementation.

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More Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions

When people immerse themselves in experiences, they feel more engaged and connected and enjoy the experiences more fully. As people engage with your content through digital technology, they can feel more connected with your brand and feel more satisfied with their experiences.

  • Digital technology allows people to find information quickly and easily themselves, satisfying them through their ability to get their questions answered without a frustrating wait. Accurate information can be made available to facility visitors, 24/7/365, and experts believe that people will increasingly want the ability to have self service options.
  • In today’s fast-paced world, people also want the latest information, and digital signage allows facilities to rapidly update information on their screens. This can include news updates, short-term special deals, emergencies bulletin broadcasts, and so forth.
  • Information that is regularly broadcast can be more easily remembered by guests and visitors in your facilities. If they have a question about the information, they can see it rebroadcast, confirming their understanding of the information or correcting the details.
  • A good percentage of people are visual learners and the ability to see information can give them the best understanding of the information being presented, reinforcing what they’re hearing.
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For a free consultation about your healthcare or hospitality digital signage needs, please contact us online or by calling 800-359-6741.

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Choosing MDM Commercial for Digital Signage

You can count on us as true partners throughout the selection, implementation, and management processes as we provide the equipment and services your healthcare or hospitality facilities need to run smoothly. Our decades of experience (we were founded in 1990) allow us to find and develop solutions for your unique needs, no matter the sizes and number of your locations.

Our large product catalog contains the systems and products that hospitality and healthcare facilities need, with our buying power allowing us to offer your facilities competitive pricing. You’ll have our time and attention from your initial inquiry on, including as we help you to design the system that will serve you best—and you can proceed with confidence, knowing that we only offer leading trustworthy brands.

When it’s time to install and set up your equipment, you’ll receive prompt and efficient service with ongoing system maintenance and ongoing account management available. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, you can rely upon knowledgeable professionals who offer unsurpassed customer service.


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MDM Commercial

At MDM Commercial, we strive to be true partners as we provide the equipment and services you need to keep your healthcare or hospitality facility running smoothly. Founded in 1990, we have decades of experience developing solutions that suit your unique needs, no matter how large or small your facility may be. You can count on us for:

  • technical-support

    A Large Catalog Of Products At Competitive Prices

  • tools

    Prompt And Efficient Equipment Installation And Setup

  • analysis

    Ongoing Account Management And System Maintenance

  • profile

    Knowledgeable Professionals Offering Unsurpassed Customer Service

Digital Signage FAQs

You can use digital signage kiosks for your business or organization in numerous, flexible ways—with possibilities being nearly endless with the right content management software. You could, for example, use them as wayfinding signage to help people seamlessly navigate buildings and destinations in stress-free ways. These could be large shopping centers, college campuses, hospitals and hotels, and any other venue with a layout of any complexity. As a related function, you could provide a directory so visitors could find the professionals they need to consult. Digital signage kiosks can streamline processes for checking in and checking out: at hotels, medical facilities, service locations, and much more. This empowers the users of the kiosks while freeing up time of employees for other important tasks. You can use kiosks to stream entertainment, display social media posts, broadcast advertisements and promotions, provide QR codes that allow people to follow through on your calls to action, and more. No matter what your business goals, you can target the appropriate audiences through strategic use of digital kiosks. To talk about your specific needs, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741. Our expert team can provide customized guidance.

Digital signage kiosks come with plenty of advantages along with a couple of disadvantages that can be addressed. First, poor quality kiosks—whether that means hardware, software, or both—likely won’t perform up to the standards you require and/or may need frequent repairs. You may also need to help customers who aren’t yet familiar with the technologies; this could happen, for example, with digital signage kiosks that are set up for people to enter information into, including for hotel check-in and check-out, insurance information at medical facilities, and so forth. A couple of years ago, a survey by PYMENTS found that 80 percent of consumers are interested in using self-serve technologies—but only 35 percent felt confident in using them in their recent transactions. This suggests the need for courteous assistance as you help your customers transition to a desirable technology. Think about the demographics of people who would use your kiosks. Ones from the millennial generation or GenZ might use the technologies without a second thought. If, instead, more Baby Boomers would need to transition, recognize that some will feel quite familiar while others will need more guidance. As your business or organization transitions to more tech solutions, in general, consider using some of that freed-up employee time to offer opportunities for human interaction.

Customers can use digital signage kiosks that are set up as online stores; they can seek the products they want and need, make selections, buy them, and list delivery information. Or, they could check in to pick up purchases that they’ve already made online. In other situations, they can enter information into a kiosk to streamline transactions, perhaps doing so while waiting in a line at a bank, medical clinic, vehicle rental facility, and so forth. Customers can scan in previously provided QR codes to provide special access to a gym or concert, receive discounts on your products and services, confirm their identities, and more—all part of their interactions with your business or organization. They can use them to open an account with your business, pay the money they owe to you, and otherwise engage with you. What’s most important is to have the right hardware for your digital signage kiosks and the robust software to handle your unique needs. If you have questions, our expert team is just a couple of clicks or a phone call away, happy to discuss your specific wants, needs, and goals. To get started, please contact us online or call 800-359-6741.

It depends! It will depend upon the quality of the equipment purchased as well as the climate in which it operates. Using a kiosk outdoors in extreme cold or hot—when that digital signage kiosk was not designed for that purpose—will almost certainly shorten its lifespan. Choosing the right kiosk for its intended purpose, meanwhile, will enhance the likelihood of extended use. So will keeping them clean, ensuring that vents aren’t blocked, and performing routine maintenance on them. If asked to give an average, we’d say that a well designed and maintained kiosk would last ten years. Software can be updated in the meanwhile, enhancing the capabilities of the kiosk system. At some point, the software could be improved beyond the mechanics of the hardware; at this time, it can make sense to update the physical kiosks for an even more powerful impact on your business. Ready to find out what’s right for you? Please contact us online or call 800-359-6741 for personalized guidance.