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Utilizing the Right Digital Signage Content Elevates the Experience

Modern electronic displays allow endless opportunities for presenting digital signage content. And, depending on the needs of your business, digital signs can serve multiple purposes. By making the most of your digital signage, content you display can engage customers and patients in new ways and allow for a faster, more efficient presentation of what you offer.


Your Content Is Only Limited by Your Imagination

Since digital signage is, at its heart, an adaptable display, the possibilities for content are endless. Some of the exciting things you can display on your signs include:

  • Attractive, modern menus, that you can instantly adjust as needed

  • Promotional videos and entertainment in waiting areas

  • Digital, interactive wayfinding portals to engage customers while they move through your facility

  • Important information and bulletins that require immediate circulation

  • Interactive touch panels that allow for countless opportunities — from customers ordering products and services to edutainment to customized experiences for groups

  • Tailor-made designs from our own team or other top nationwide service providers like EngagePHD

  • Televised programming, such as what is offered through DirecTV or specialized services like FitnessOnDemand

Everything You Need in One Place

MDM Healthcare has everything you need to accomplish your vision for digital signage and content. We can provide it all, from the signs – Ultra HD and OLED monitors, fully-enclosed outdoor LEDs, massive video walls, and everything in between – to what goes on them. Our dedicated and talented team offers a full range of services for graphic creation if you don’t have a graphic designer. We also offer a variety of services to get your equipment up and running, including delivery, installation, and debris removal. Contact us today to learn how you can take your signage experience to the next level.


Partnering with the Brands You Know & Trust

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MDM Healthcare

At MDM Commercial, we strive to be true partners as we provide the equipment and services you need to keep your healthcare or hospitality facility running smoothly. Founded in 1990, we have decades of experience developing solutions that suit your unique needs, no matter how large or small your facility may be. You can count on us for:

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    Prompt And Efficient Equipment Installation And Setup

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