How Patient Engagement Technology Can Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

patient engagement technology

Written with contributing author Linda Robinson, MSN, CPXP, RN, Vice President of Clinical Excellence, MDM Healthcare The costly effects of hospital readmissions have a significant impact on hospital organizations. According to an article published in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, “a significant portion of the expense incurred within the US healthcare system can be attributed…

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Get to Know MDM Commercial

MDM Commercial is happy to release our corporate showcase video series featuring insights from our CEO Steve Austin, EVP of Technical Sales Chase Natoli, and Creative Services Manager Keila Del Valle and business partners Mike Kosla, Vice President of Hospitality Sales at LG Electronics USA Commercial Displays Division, and Chris Zappanti, IT Manager of Implementation…

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Why Choose Digital Signage for Sports Facilities

Digital signage is an increasingly popular and effective tool for the sports industry, offering a range of benefits that make it a valuable investment. Some of the key reasons why digital signage is a smart investment for the sports industry include:  Enhanced fan experience: Digital signage can be used to create a more immersive and…

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